Qiao Nan gestured for Shi Qing to let go. "If I didn't go, would I be back later than usual? Of course I had to go. If not, I wouldn't know what kind of person Wei De is and whether he is as what I have guessed."

"So what's the result? How is he?"

"Results? It is the same as what I have guessed. He does not have a good temperament. I suppose Sister Zhai Hua only told him that Auntie Miao doesn't like ladies from a background similar to mine, but she didn't tell him that Auntie Miao likes me very much. He thought that I would be pinned down by him because of that. He wanted to join hands with me and work together to become one family with the Zhai family."

As a woman, Qiao Nan knew the reason why Zhai Hua did not tell Wei De that she had a good relationship with Miao Jing.

Given that the Zhai family was an established and prominent family, Wei De had no hopes of marrying Zhai Hua.

Although she was the most typical example, Wei De was in a worse situation than her. It was most likely that the Zhai family would object to their relationship.

In order to encourage Wei De so that he would not lose his confidence and give up their feelings, Zhai Hua certainly did not dare to tell Wei De everything about Qiao Nan.

If Wei De knew that there was a girl like Qiao Nan who wanted to marry Zhai Sheng and be one family with the Zhai family, but faced some difficulties, he would not feel that he was worse than her or that it was impossible for him to marry Zhai Hua.

If Wei De was given the impression that Qiao Nan had no hope of being welcomed by the Zhai family, he would feel hopeless at his own situation.

On the other hand, if Qiao Nan had no problem in gaining the acceptance of the Zhai family, Wei De would feel pressured as well.

Zhai Hua had gone to great lengths to be considerate of Wei De's feelings. However, as soon as Wei De met up with Qiao Nan today, Zhai Hua's efforts went down the drain.

Shi Qing seemed to be at a loss. "Wei De does not have a good temperament, so why does Sister Zhai Hua like him so much and did so many things for him? Qiao Nan, now that you have told Wei De about it, Sister Zhai Hua's efforts must have been in vain. Aren't you worried that she will be upset with you? Don't you sympathize with Sister Zhai Hua?"

"Don't be foolish. If Wei De is a good man, I won't be sympathetic because I will try my best to help Sister Zhai Hua secure her happiness. Brother Zhai treasures his sister. He has done a lot for me. Whatever I do will be to repay his kindness. I will not sit back and do nothing about it. However, it is obvious that Wei De is not a good man. Even if I did not make things clear today, given his temper, he would definitely quarrel with Sister Zhai Hua."

"What about that?" They would always make up after their quarrel. Did it mean that they wasted their time quarreling?

"What about that? After talking to Wei De today, I feel that as he does not have a good temper, he will not be considerate toward his girlfriend. We still do not know if he is comforted by the fact that Sister Zhai Hua is so considerate of his feelings. If he feels that Sister Zhai Hua lied to him on purpose, causing him to be humiliated by me, how do you think he will treat Sister Zhai Hua?" Wei De would break out in a fierce quarrel with Sister Zhai Hua.

"It can't be. He is dating Sister Zhai Hua because he wants to have a connection with the Zhai family. If he wants to rely on the Zhai family to be promoted, he will have to please Sister Zhai Hua. He will only be able to achieve his motive if she still loves him." Therefore, Wei De would treat Sister Zhai Hua well.

Qiao Nan had a deep smile on her face. "You don't understand. Some people, when spoiled, do not know their own limitations. Although he is at a disadvantage and has to depend on others to be able to lead a good life, he has no self-awareness. Wei De has been spoiled by Sister Zhai Hua. Sister Zhai Hua should be the first person to suffer from her wrongdoings."

"Do you want Sister Zhai Hua to fall out with Wei De?" She believed that the two of them might quarrel because of what happened, but she did not believe that they would go their separate ways because of that.

Sister Zhai Hua could not bear to break up, and neither could Wei De.

Both of them could not part with each other. However, they might use breaking up as an excuse to force the other party to compromise.

"Although they will not break up right away, this can create misunderstandings between the two of them at least, resulting in cracks in their relationship. Over time, these cracks will deepen and affect their relationship. By then, we don't have to do anything and they may break up because of minor misunderstandings and issues." This time, she might have sowed discord between them, but they would not break up so easily.

They needed to go slowly with regard to Sister Zhai Hua and Wei De.

"Aren't you worried that Sister Zhai Hua will be angry?" Qiao Nan was scheming blatantly against Sister Zhai Hua.

"She won't. She has an agreement with Brother Zhai." Sister Zhai Hua had already promised Brother Zhai that she would not pick on her anymore. "If Wei De could stand the test, then everyone will be happy with the outcome. If not, we have to think of ways for Sister Zhai Hua to see things clearly."

Shi Qing looked at Qiao Nan, feeling puzzled. "Qiao Nan, aren't you angry at Sister Zhai Hua who treated you badly previously? Why are you so worried about her now?"

"I am not worried about Sister Zhai Hua. The person I am concerned about is Brother Zhai all along. Do you think that now that Brother Zhai has agreed to help Wei De on account of Sister Zhai Hua, everything will be over? After Wei De is promoted to company commander and marries Sister Zhai Hua, will everything be okay? I am afraid that Brother Zhai will have to deal with endless trouble and requests. I am helping Brother Zhai get rid of this trouble by making sure that Sister Zhai Hua forgets about Wei De as soon as possible."

Qiao Nan tapped Shi Qing's forehead, reminding her not to oversimplify things.

Shi Qing looked disappointed but broke into a smile. "Qiao Nan, you can go ahead and put up pretenses. You are firm in speech but soft at heart. I am a pig if I fall for your lies!"

"You are not much smarter than a pig." Qiao Nan made a dig at her.

Apart from Shi Qing, Qiao Nan never told anyone that she had seen and talked to Wei De.

Upon Qiao Nan's request, Shi Qing did not mention a word about Wei De to other people as well. The two of them pretended that he had never appeared before them.

"Qiao Nan, why do I feel that you have been acting strange these days? You don't look good. Are you losing appetite because of the summer heat?" Ever since the day Wei De had a talk with Qiao Nan, he never appeared before her again. Shi Qing was unable to direct her pent-up frustrations and anger at him.

She had thought of all sorts of colorful swear words to use on him. It was a pity that she never saw him again.

Qiao Nan propped her head with her hand, looking lethargic. "Yes, there's something troubling me. I could not buck myself up."

"What is it that you are troubled with?"

Qiao Nan sneaked a glance at Qiao Dongliang, who was busy in the kitchen. She lowered her voice and whispered to Shi Qing.



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