"There's so much that we have to worry about. After you help me with my problem, I will help you with yours." Qiao Nan was amused by Shi Qing's behavior. She could be so funny at times.

Shi Qing gave her a disdainful look. "Thanks but no thanks. I don't need your help to deal with Qiu Chenxi. When Qiu Chenxi finds out that you are the 'vixen' that she has been looking for, we shall see who the one who needs help is."

"Then, you will have to render your help to me." Qiao Nan did not mind that she needed help from Shi Qing.

"There you are at it again, not admitting that you have received a benefit. Alright, aren't you suffering because of the summer heat?" Shi Qing blushed shyly at Qiao Nan, who leaned close to her, and darted to a side.

Qiao Nan straightened her body and sat up straight. Shi Qing was indeed firm in speech but soft at heart.

Last year, Shi Qing was very furious at Zhai Hua's behavior. However, it was also because she treasured her that she was angry at her.

Now that Wei De was such a big trouble, Shi Qing was concerned about the problems that Zhai Hua would face in the future more so than anyone.

Man would marry a woman for her virtue, and it was the same for women as well. There was a saying that when a woman was married to a man, it was tantamount to going through reincarnation again.

Shi Qing was very worried about Zhai Hua. However, the Zhai siblings had the habit of keeping their relationship from their family.

The relationship between Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan was an open secret, while Zhai Hua's relationship with Wei De was kept a secret from everyone.

Shi Qing felt that it was necessary for Zhai Hua to keep it a secret. Wei De did not have a good temperament and any discerning person would not be able to accept him.

Therefore, in a way, Zhai Hua was aware of that as well.

"Alright, the tuition class will end here today. All of you can go home now." Qiao Nan had finished the lessons for today and she dismissed the class and her five 'young students'.

All of her students were as tall as her. In fact, some of them were taller than her. Qiao Nan looked at them and felt helpless. She was busy with her studies, yet she had to give them tuition.

Fortunately, she had set the rule that she would not teach too many students and the class would not be too long, only a few hours at most. If not, her time would be packed with work.

"Thank you, Teacher Xiao Qiao." Qiao Nan had become 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' at the army, her school, and at her house.

"See you later."

Qiao Nan yawned after watching the five students leave her house. She was getting ready to take a shower and do some reading before going to bed.

It was too hot during the day and Qiao Nan could not stand the heat. She felt that the students must have felt the same way. Therefore, she arranged the class to be around seven to eight o'clock.

The news broadcast happened to be around the same time.

Nowadays, few children were interested in the news. After the news, the drama would start at eight o'clock. The students would be back home just in time for some entertainment.

After finishing the tuition and leaving Qiao Nan's house, one of the students threw his schoolbag to a side upon reaching his house. He took half a watermelon and ate it while sitting down to enjoy the television shows.

The student's mother witnessed the scene and frowned in anger. "Qiao Nan didn't give you homework for today again?" Her child had been going for tuition for a few days. Aside from spending an hour at the Qiao family's residence, the teacher did not prepare any homework for her son. After the lessons, her child would watch television as usual. She was worried that she had wasted the money to send her child to tuition.

"My son, tell me, do you think that the tuition is useful? Your tutor may be a young lady and a high school student, but her tuition fee is much higher than that of the teachers at your school!" The tuition fee was way too high. The mother regretted signing up for the lessons. She should not have believed in the gossip and hired a high school student to tutor her son.

She had to pay a huge sum and she was worried that it would be useless, spending the money for nothing.

"Mom, don't say that. Since she is my teacher, you should not address her as some young lady. You should address her as 'Teacher Xiao Qiao'. Teacher Xiao Qiao is a good teacher. She may not have a loud voice, but we are able to take in what she says. She has taught us everything during lessons. Therefore, she does not need to give us homework. Teacher Xiao Qiao said that as long as we are able to grasp the content of the lessons within an hour, there is no need for homework."

Look, she was such a good teacher.

Since they had already grasped the content, it was unnecessary to do homework.

If every teacher was as good as Teacher Xiao Qiao, he would not be sick of studying.

"Alright, stop making a ruckus. You have already paid for the tuition. Are you having second thoughts?" The child's father came out and heard the conversation between the two of them. He reprimanded his wife. "I feel that it's good for our son to learn from a young teacher."

"Good? Crap!" The mother widened her eyes in anger and glared at her husband. She was all ready to give him a lecture.

The father pulled his wife, stopping her from shooting her mouth off. She should not spout nonsense in front of their child.

It was obvious that their son liked the teacher. If she bad-mouthed the teacher in front of their son, he would definitely end up in a quarrel with his mother.

The son stretched himself after watching the television drama and went to take a shower.

The mother kept a check on her temper for the whole night. She noticed that her son was tired and showered him with concern. "You should go to sleep after your shower while you are still feeling cool."

"No, Teacher Xiao Qiao said that one would feel fresh and alert after taking a shower. I have to make use of this time to do some of my summer break homework. In this way, I will be more accurate in my work and it will leave a deeper impression."

Her son turned on the lights and spent more than half an hour on his homework. He switched off the lights and went to bed slightly before ten o'clock.

The mother showed her displeasure and argued with her husband as soon as her son went to bed. "Why did you stop me from saying what I want to say? That is my son. Am I wrong to be concerned about him? I am very worried as he is full of praise for Teacher Xiao Qiao. Our son is still young, and the teacher is at a young age as well. Do you know that there is something called puppy love? The young lady is pretty-looking and has good results. If our son…"

She wanted her son to go for tuition so that he could have better results. If his son fell for the young lady and did not focus on his study, she would have wasted her money and destroyed her son's future.

"Look, you can't deny that you have been thinking too much. You are our son's mother. You should know him well. Our son keeps addressing her as 'Teacher Xiao Qiao'. Why does he use this form of address? He is full of respect for her. Our son treats her as his senior. Look at how narrow-minded you are. You turn jealous just because our son listens to what the teacher says. What a sight you are."



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