"Don't forget, Qiao Zijin sat for her college entrance examination this year as well."

It was already August. She should have known her results and decided on which university to enroll in.

Her mother might be capable enough to provide for Qiao Zijin through high school, but her mother would not be able to pay for her university's tuition fees all by herself.

Unless Qiao Zijin had a change of mind and decided not to go to college, Qiao Zijin would come asking her father for money.

Qiao Nan could not tell if Qiao Dongliang had really forgotten about it or was pretending.

Shi Qing relaxed slightly. "It turned out that you are worried about this. Relax. Let's adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation. If she really dares to ask for money, it's Uncle Qiao who has to deal with her. If she dares to bully you, I will not let her off. You don't have to worry about people like her."

"I hope so." Qiao Zijin was not someone who would be contented with one's lot. Therefore, Qiao Nan felt extremely uneasy at the notion that there was no news from her. It was as if she was plotting something.

Shi Qing tapped on Qiao Nan's forehead. "Why do you worry about so many things at such a young age? Whatever happens, someone else with the ability will be able to solve it. How are the five junior high students that you have been tutoring? How are their results? Their parents paid you to help their children in their studies. You must make sure they do well. If not, you will tarnish the reputation of 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' and nobody will pay you to tutor their kids anymore."

The tutoring session Qiao Nan conducted during the summer break was popular in the neighborhood. All the neighbors seemed to have heard of it.

However, Qiao Nan insisted to teach five students at a time and tutor them for a maximum of ten days.

Otherwise, Qiao Nan might not have any spare time for herself and she would have too many students.

The tutors who held jobs through tutoring students were not as highly sought after as Qiao Nan.

"You can rest assured. Even if I am not interested to be a teacher in the future, I won't do anything that will tarnish my reputation. I just don't wish to teach anymore. It's too tiring. I finally managed to gain some weight last winter, but I have lost a lot this summer." Qiao Nan felt gloomy. She did not set an ideal weight for herself and neither did she feel that she must be as thin as possible.

She simply did not want to lose weight. Instead, she wanted to gain weight. However, she had lost all the pounds that she gained last winter.

"You're not admitting that you have received a benefit. Many girls yearn to be like you." Shi Qing was one of them. Shi Qing gained weight easily. Her body would take in all the nutrients that she had, reflected in her body weight.

Luckily, Shi Qing liked to exercise and spent a lot of time exercising. If not, she would gain all the weight that Qiao Nan could not even begin to imagine having. By then, she would be a plump young lady.

Qiao Nan smiled at the jealousy in Shi Qing's eyes. "I know you are one of them. It's stressful to gain weight from whatever you eat, but it's equally upsetting to lose weight easily like me." Moreover, she still had to give tuition to junior high school students. She was losing weight at an alarming speed.

Shi Qing suddenly lowered her voice and knocked her shoulder against Qiao Nan's shoulder. "Hey, I heard that Wei De took on the mission that Brother Zhai suggested in the end."

After going around in circles and embarrassing himself in front of Qiao Nan, Wei De ended up not getting in through the back door and had to take on the mission. He had wasted his time for nothing.

"I am not surprised." Unless Wei De gave up his relationship with Sister Zhai Hua, this was the only way out. "But to be honest, I don't know what the outcome will be and I still don't think that they will make a good match. After talking to Wei De last time, I just feel that there is something strange about him."

"What makes you think so?" Shi Qing was amused. "You have not met many guys. How could you make such a judgment? I agree that Wei De is not a good man, but you said that Wei De is strange. Can you tell me in detail? Maybe we will be able to figure out what is strange with him and solve the problem between Wei De and Sister Zhai Hua. Let's put other things aside. It's a fact that Wei De already intended to make use of Auntie Miao's attitude toward you to threaten you to join hands with him the first time he met you. Moreover, there was Sister Zhai Hua's odd attitude toward you previously. All these are enough to prove that Wei De is a troublesome man, one who will only cause trouble."

With Wei De around, there would be endless trouble to deal with in the future.

"I can't say for sure. It is just a feeling, a woman's intuition. Wei De is not a good guy." Qiao Nan frowned, certain of the vibe that Wei De gave her.

After her rebirth, Qiao Nan had not met any stranger that gave her a bad and ominous feeling. Wei De was the first person to do that.

Qiao Nan felt uncomfortable and uneasy after their first encounter. She did not feel the same way when it came to Chen Jun.

But in the end, it proved that Chen Jun was indeed problematic. Qiao Nan was worried that Wei De would be a larger problem than Chen Jun. By then, Zhai Hua would be in serious trouble.

"Is it so difficult to pinpoint? Alright, anyway, Wei De has already gone to carry out his task. To put it bluntly, he may not come back this time." If so, they would not need to worry anymore.

Qiao Nan rubbed her forehead. "If so, I am afraid Sister Zhai Hua will never forget Wei De in her life and she will not accept other men. She may even hate Brother Zhai and me forever."

Therefore, she did not wish that Zhai Sheng became involved in this matter. If it turned out well, he would be upset. If it did not turn out well, Zhai Hua would be upset. There was no way that everyone would be pleased.

Shi Qing clasped her forehead in exasperation. "Is it so troublesome and difficult to find a solution?"

No matter whether Wei De came back alive or dead, it would spell trouble. It was no wonder that Qiao Nan seemed at a loss at the mention of Wei De.

Shi Qing knocked on her head all of a sudden. "This is not right. I am not related to the Zhai family, and I will not marry into the Zhai family as well. Wei De may be troublesome, but it has nothing to do with me, so why should I fret over it?" Wei De was trouble, but she would not be affected. Rather than being worried about him, she should be worried about Qiu Chenxi.

The Qiu family might have left Ping Cheng for the small town in the countryside, but the Qiu family's residence was still intact.

If given the chance, Qiu Chenxi would definitely not give up. She would make a comeback and treat the Zhai family and the Shi family as her enemies. Shi Qing already had a lot on her plate. She should not be worried about other people's affairs.



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