At this juncture, Qiao Nan would be too silly not to take the money. In fact, she would be an idiot if she did not do so.

Shi Qing dared not let Qiao Nan had the chance to be so silly. She grabbed over the money and tucked them into Qiao Nan's hands. She made the decision for Qiao Nan first and then said, "Why are you standing there in a daze? Quickly put away the money in the room. If you lose it, do you deserve the well-meaning intention of Uncle Qiao?"

After it was stored away properly and deposited in the bank tomorrow, this sum of money would really belong to Qiao Nan.

This would not do. Tomorrow, she would come and look for Qiao Nan early in the morning and accompany her to the bank to deposit the money. This was in case Uncle Qiao decided to change his mind.

Also, she should go home later today. If not…

Shi Qing's bright eyes rolled a few times. "Qiao Nan, we've not had late chats for some time. Why don't I stay here tonight so that we can chat? We can hat about the students that you are giving tuition to or chat about your study plan for the next semester. I want to use your study plan as a reference to decide on my own study plan, can I?"

As long as she was around, she did not believe that Uncle Qiao would have the shame to take back the money that he had given out and leave it for Qiao Zijin.

Qiao Nan could not help smiling. "No need. I suffer from summer ailments. I feel hot even when I sleep alone. I'll shun your presence."

Her father gave her this sum of money in front of Director Shi and Shi Qing because he did not want to give himself a chance to regret it.

Once her father took out the money out in front of others, he would definitely not take it back regardless of the reason.

This time, it was truly strange. In the past, Qiao Zijin would definitely appear as long as there was money to be taken. There was such a good opportunity and excuse but why didn't Qiao Zijin appear at all?

"You're sure?" Shi Qing pouted to express that she was concerned if Qiao Nan alone would be able to deal with the situation of Qiao Dongliang regretting.

Qiao Nan nodded with certainty. She had never been crafty toward her father. It was rare that this sum of money would go into her pocket. She, too, wanted to be the mythical creature in ancient China for once, which would only receive and not give out wealth.

Given her understanding of her father, her father would not take this sum of money back regardless of the reason.

However, if there was a possibility of it happening, Qiao Nan expressed that she also had a way not to return the money.

"Fine, then I'll keep a watch on my dad."

"Why are you keeping a watch on me?" At the sight of the two ladies hinting to each other, Shi Peng was initially happy to watch the show. Suddenly, his name was called. Shi Peng had not come to his senses and realized what mistake he had committed that his daughter had to use 'keep a watch' to describe him.

"Keep a watch on you. You have no self-awareness. Alright, it's already half-past eight. Let's go home. Fortunately, Qiao Nan did not need to attend classes at school today. Otherwise, you'd have not only affected Qiao Nan's meals but also her tuition classes which she needed to conduct to earn money. Dad, see, just because of you, so much of Qiao Nan's time was taken. Don't you feel ashamed?" Shi Qing pulled Shi Peng home, chiding him along the way. Those seemingly impatient words of hers were filled with her concern for Shi Peng.

"Dad, it's late. You rest early too. The weather in summer tires people out. You still have to go to work. I'll clean up." Qiao Nan asked Qiao Dongliang to go to bed. She had already almost finished cleaning up.

"I'll help you put away the table first. You can wash the utensils when you wake up tomorrow . You didn't have it easy today either." In this home, he was only afraid that it was never easy on Nan Nan.

Earlier, Shi Qing had been fighting injustice for Qiao Nan. How could Qiao Dongliang not sense it? It was just that he tolerated it and did not speak out. Of course, he was ashamed to say anything.

"Okay." Qiao Nan agreed.

The father-daughter pair quietly cleaned up the table of utensils. Thereafter, Qiao Dongliang returned to his bedroom without a word.

Qiao Nan pursed her red lips. She was frowning so much that her brows were wrinkled.

After some time, Qiao Nan sighed sadly. After she soaked the utensils in water, she bathed and calmed down. She then continued to study.

If you lean against a hill, it will collapse. If you lean against a person, he will run away. The only one that she could really rely on was herself.

As such, regardless of the situation, she could do away with anything except for her studies. She must not give it up.

As for Qiao Zijin, she could appear as she wished. If she did not appear, it did not have anything to do with her. If there was anything troublesome, her father should be the one feeling troubled.

At ten o'clock, Qiao Nan went to bed as per her usual routine.

"Hi, is this the house of the Qiao family?" The early morning of the next day, someone visited the Qiao family before Qiao Nan and Shi Qing left the house to deposit money.

"Yes, this is the house of the Qiao family. May I know who you are?" As Qiao Nan opened the door and looked outside. She saw a male stranger.

"You're little sister-in-law?" The man had a look of surprise. She was really young, much younger than he had imagined. Zhai Sheng was really too much. This was a student, a child!

He wholeheartedly wanted to look at how beautiful his future little sister-in-law was. When he saw the answer, the surprise in his eyes was more apparent than his words.

"Little sister-in-law? You are?" Brother Zhai did not have a younger brother. Was he at the wrong place?

The man perked up. She was young but very pretty. Since ancient times, when the emperor was already in his 70s and 80s, he still had to marry a few sixteen or seventeen-year-old teenagers as concubines. Men would typically not mind women for being young. "Little sister-in-law, good day. I'm considered a childhood friend of Zhai Sheng. In the past, I lived in that quad too. Thereafter, we left Ping Cheng for about five to six years because of my dad's job. This is our first time meeting. My name is Zheng Liang. I'm sending some information to you on behalf of Zhai Sheng."

"Oh, Zheng Liang. Good day." Upon hearing that he was Zhai Sheng's old friend and that he was sending something here on behalf of Zhai Sheng, all of Qiao Nan's doubts disappeared. "It's been tough on you. Do you want to come in and have some tea?"

"No need." Initially, Zheng Liang did have this intention. He wanted to understand what kind of woman would enlighten Zhai Sheng, this huge block of ice and wood.

However, when he looked at Qiao Nan and Shi Qing's dressing, he knew that the two of them were preparing to go out.

"Right, little sister-in-law, can you tell me how old you are this year?" Before he left, Zheng Liang asked in a busybody manner.

In fact, he could ask Zhai Sheng about it but his sixth sense told him that Zhai Sheng might not be willing to answer him. He might as well ask Qiao Nan in person. That would be more effective.

"…Twenty." And this was even a false age. "Is there a problem?"

"There isn't any problem…" Zheng Liang laughed slyly. "I just feel that it's not typical of Zhai Sheng to do this."

Such a tender and soft young girl, how could the King of Demons Zhai bear to do that? He was so shameless.

In the past, Zhai Sheng did not like women. This time, when he took action, he actually targeted such a young lady who had not even grown up.



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