Calling her little sister-in-law was really appropriate. "Little sister-in-law, this is my name card. I live in Ping Cheng now. If you encounter any trouble in the future, don't hesitate to look for me. You know Zhai Sheng's situation too. He has too little time to spend with you. As his brother, I can't help much in other things but I certainly can't let you be bullied by others in my territory."

"Alright, thank you." Having been addressed so many times as little sister-in-law by Zheng Liang, Qiao Nan felt quite embarrassed.

"Little sister-in-law, I'm on very good terms with Zhai Sheng. His matter is equivalent to mine. Then, I'll be leaving first." Zheng Liang was quite a straightforward person. Having said his words, he simply left.

Shi Qing leaned over. "Your jump in progress is really fast. Clearly, that man is much older than you, yet he still has to address you as little sister-in-law respectfully. Won't he feel shortchanged?"

"How will I know?" Qiao Nan replied smilingly. "Regardless, do you want to take a look at his name card? It's quite interesting."

"What name card is so interesting?" Shi Qing did not believe her as she took over and read it. "This…" This place… She recalled that Qiao Nan had mentioned it to her before. Where was it?

Qiao Nan took back the name card. "Have you forgotten? This position is the former role of Chen Jun's father. It's a little less senior than the police commissioner role." If Chen Jun had not met Wang Yang and been spurred on by him to deal with her, then the Chen family would not have suffered such a great set back.

"Ah, is it?" Shi Qing had previously heard about Chen Jun's matter, but today was the first time she really came into contact with Chen Jun's matter. "Do you think Brother Zhai did it on purpose?"

He made Chen Jun and his family move away, and then let his childhood friend return and take over the role of Chen Jun's father. This had caused Chen Jun and his family to lose the opportunities to turn the tables.

"Should be." The return of the Zheng family this time had filled the previous roles of the Chen family. Not to mention the position of the police commissioner, it would not be possible for the Chen family to seize back even the position of the deputy commissioner. "Zheng Liang is a childhood friend of Brother Zhai. He seems to be of a similar age to Brother Zhai. He's so young and already in the second-top position in the police station. Isn't he capable? Most likely, he's another perverted young talent like Brother Zhai. Do you know what I am most curious about?"

"What?" Shi Qing asked naturally.

"Zheng Liang has taken over the previous role of Chen Jun's father. Logically, Zheng Liang's father can't possibly have retired. What do you think is the career path of Zheng Liang's father?"

"This…" At this juncture, Shi Qing's curiosity was also aroused. "This won't do. After you deposit the money, I have to give a call to my dad. He surely knows." It would be much better to ask him directly than guess blindly.

"Aren't you silly? I asked you to keep a watch on your dad so that he would have his meals on time. You want to make a call now? You should simply send the lunch box over to your dad and then 'conveniently' ask him about this situation." Qiao Nan expressed that the position Zheng Liang's father took over was certainly a more dazzling one.

With the appearance of Zheng Liang, Qiao Nan's fear of Chen Jun greatly lessened. It would be safer in the future.

"But I don't know how to prepare meals."

"I know. I'll prepare them. You just need to take them to your dad." Qiao Nan handled the entire matter of preparing the lunch box. She first deposited all the earnings from her tutoring and the money from Qiao Dongliang yesterday into her bank account. She then led Shi Qing home and cooked a meal for Shi Qing and herself. Thereafter, she prepared a nice, fresh, and nutritious lunch for Shi Qing to bring out. "Remember, watch after your dad and ask him to finish it soon. Now, the weather is hot and food can't be left out for too long, unless your dad wishes to eat spoiled food."

"Don't worry, I know." Could she let her father eat something spoiled? What a joke!

Holding the lunch box prepared by Qiao Nan, Shi Qing arrived at Shi Peng's office building soon after.

The good thing was that when the reception found out Shi Qing's identity, a quick phone call was made and Shi Qing saw Shi Peng within five minutes.

"Dad, this office of yours is much better than the previous one at the army camp. It has many more facilities." Shi Qing started to remark once she stepped into the office. "Not bad. Your working environment has changed for the better."

"Alright, why did you come? Speak if you have any matter. I'm busy. There's nothing for you to play with here. Quickly go back. If you want to have fun, look for Qiao Nan." Shi Peng was having a little headache. After the meeting at noon today, Shi Peng then realized that it was, in fact, quite difficult to meet his expectations. He had a pile of work on his hands. He very much wished that he was a superhuman with three heads and six arms, and also had forty-eight hours a day.

"It's already eleven o'clock. Have you taken your meal?" Shi Qing sat down and refused to leave.

"I'll eat later."

"No need to wait. Eat now." Shi Qing opened the lunch box and pushed it in front of Shi Peng. She then crossed her arms and stared at Shi Peng.

Watching helplessly at the lunch box, Shi Peng smiled bitterly. "Qing Qing, can you wait a while? Dad is busy with decent matters now!"

"Taking a meal is the most important matter of all. I'll go back after you take your meal. If you don't… Anyway, your office environment is not bad. Why don't I keep all my homework in your office from tomorrow onward so that I can keep you company when you're working?" It was already so late and he still refused to take his meal. Was her father prepared to take his lunch and dinner together?

Shi Peng rubbed his face. "Fine, you're more merciless than me. Wait for me. I'll go and wash my hands. I'll eat when I'm back."

Having known that Shi Qing would not give up if she did not achieve her objective this time, he would rather finish his meal instead of wasting his breath with her. That would do. "Qiao Nan was the one who prepared this lunch box?" Although Qing Qing had been getting along with Qiao Nan for so long, she had not picked up the culinary skills to date.

"Yes, Qiao Nan was also the one who reminded me to come today. Dad, you're too boring. Qiao Nan's predictions about you are so accurate. Can you not let Qiao Nan guess it right occasionally and give me a surprise?"

Shi Peng was amused. "The two of us are alike. Are you qualified to talk to me about this? When can you be more meticulous and care about me, this father of yours, without the need for Qiao Nan to remind you? I will then be able to give you a surprise."

"Uncle Qiao is really so blessed to have such a good daughter like Qiao Nan," Shi Qing said, feeling bad. She could not be compared to Qiao Nan.

Shi Peng finished the fragrant and tasty food. His tummy was full and he felt warmer and relaxed. He then said, "I'm afraid that someone doesn't realize how fortunate they are. Really, one can't choose his next of kin."

Unfortunately, Qiao Nan also encountered such biological parents. She could not change this fact.

"Same situation." Shi Qing leaned back on her chair. The situation in her family was not any better than that of the Qiao family. They were all unlucky.



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