"That's right. Please let our children do their homework by your side so that they will not fool around or play dangerous games." During the seven days of holiday for the National Day last year, their child insisted on learning to cycle from his classmates and master drifting.

And what was the final outcome?

He had a bad fall and broke his leg. His leg had to be encased in plaster and it took a few months before he recovered.

The parents were more than willing to spend money for their children to study at the Qiao family's residence rather than spend it at the hospital. At least, their son would not be in pain.

Shi Qing touched her chin, deep in thought. She did not lack money, but it seemed to be easy money.

If Qiao Nan had no intention to conduct the class, she could be Teacher Xiao Shi and conduct classes during the seven days of the National Day holiday.

Qiao Nan was not really eager to conduct a class, but the parents were very persistent. They crowded around her such that she could not even get close to her house. "Well, why not let me think about it? During the summer break, it was my first time to conduct classes. All of you must have known that I did not take in a large number of students. Therefore, I have to consider whether to conduct a class. I have to think about how many students to take in. How should I select the students so that it will be fair to everyone? There are so many of you here, while there are only seven days of holiday. I can only have one class in this short period of time."

Qiao Nan decided to come up with an excuse to dismiss the parents. Otherwise, she would never be able to get inside her house.

"You are right." The parents agreed. It was true that many parents had the same idea as them—to ask Qiao Nan to tutor their children. Hence, it was better to leave first for Qiao Nan to think it through. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, the National Day is a week away. You have to let us know as soon as possible."

All the parents could not bear to leave Qiao Nan's house. They turned back several times on their way back. They were hoping that Qiao Nan would be softhearted and decided to agree to their request right away.

"Hey, I finally reach the doorway of your house. It is too tiring." Shi Qing let out a long sigh. She was about to enter the house when she noticed that there were fruits, health supplements, and a chicken outside the door.

The old hen flapped its wings around the courtyard of the Qiao family's residence. Shi Qing could not help but laugh at it.

"Qiao Nan, you don't have to buy any food or fruits." Shi Qing bent down to take one of the apples and took a big bite unabashedly.

Qiao Dongliang was in a difficult position. "Nan Nan, I refused to accept their kind intentions, so they left them on the ground. I intended to give it back to them, but they have all left." Since Nan Nan had accepted the food, did it mean that she had to start a class during the short break for the National Day?

Qiao Dongliang was full of regrets. Had he known things would turn out to be like this, he would not have agreed to let Qiao Nan conduct classes during the summer break.

He did not care that those students would be sitting for their middle school examination or college entrance examination. What was important was that Nan Nan's studies must not be affected.

"Nan Nan, listen to me. You are still young. You are a student, and your most important task is to study hard. As a father, I will be responsible for making money. Don't worry. I promise you that I will be able to pay for your college tuition fees. If you are interested in making money, you can wait until you graduate. By then, you will have the time and opportunity to earn money. Right now, you just need to do a good job, studying hard and maintaining your standard."

"Dad, you can rest assured that if I really start a class, I know what I am doing. It will not affect my studies."

She had been through rebirth. It was impossible for her to lose herself in making money. Initially, she was worried that Qiao Dongliang would be affected. Now, she realized that she did not need to worry about that.

"It's better if you don't hold any more classes." Qiao Dongliang waved his hands again and again. If this continued, Nan Nan would not have enough time for her studies. "Nan Nan, you have to consider carefully. Once you hold a class during the seven days of the National Day holiday, you will have to do so during the winter break as well. You will be sitting for your college entrance examination in the coming summer break. Nothing is more important than the college entrance examination. Do you understand?"

"I understand. Dad, let's go in. If we don't enter the house now, Shi Qing will eat all the food." Shi Qing would not stand on ceremony with them. She did not care that all the food was given by the parents. She was such a foodie and a glutton. She would eat anything that was edible.

Qiao Dongliang jumped up anxiously. "Shi Qing, don't eat it all in one go. How can you behave in such a manner? You are a young lady. If you have all the food, your body will not be able to take it!"

If Tang Mengran was the funny girl at school, Shi Qing would be coined the foodie.

In fact, aside from Shi Qing, her father, Shi Peng, was a foodie as well.

Otherwise, both of them would not be coming to the Qiao family's residence for meals.

Qiao Dongliang was worried that Shi Qing would stuff herself with food and get a stomachache.

Shi Qing was about to reach for another fruit when she was stopped by Qiao Dongliang. Shi Qing looked at the fruits that were before her yet out of her reach. She was dying to have more of them. "Uncle Qiao, as I have said, I am young and I exercise a lot. Therefore, I will digest the food well. I am really hungry. I can have them just well. I will not have indigestion."

"You have eaten enough." Nan Nan did not eat as much as Shi Qing, yet she did not feel hungry.

The amount of food Shi Qing consumed all by herself was equivalent to two to three meals of Nan Nan's portion.

As a result, Qiao Dongliang would be very mindful of the amount of food Shi Qing had at his house. If she had too much and was way over her limit, he would stop her right away.

"Dad, do you know why those people crowded outside our house?" Qiao Nan helped Qiao Dongliang bring all the food that was piled outside into the house. As for the chicken, she would ask her father to slaughter it and prepare some chicken soup.

It was impossible to return the food that the parents left for her.

Instead of letting them go to waste, Qiao Nan decided to take it as a form of gratitude from her students.

"I heard that there was a monthly exam recently. I suppose the children had good results, so all the parents came looking for you." Qiao Dongliang sighed. Having an extremely capable daughter was also a headache.

Nobody would have expected that a student like Nan Nan would be able to teach the students well and help them improve their results. Hence, all of them gave money and food to Nan Nan, hoping that she would continue to tutor their children.

Qiao Dongliang fully realized the true meaning of the saying that knowledge could change one's fate.

As long as she had the knowledge and ability, even though Nan Nan was only a high school student, she was as good as grown-up men when it came to earning money.

While the children in other families only knew to spend the money earned by their parents, his child was able to earn money in a relatively easy way.



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