These children were not taken aback by Brother Zhai's cold demeanor. Instead, they were all the more interested in the army.

Brother Zhai was indeed charismatic.

In the future, the army should send Brother Zhai to recruit new soldiers. They might have an unexpected outcome.

"Goodbye, Teacher Xiao Qiao."

"See you tomorrow." Qiao Nan went looking for Zhai Sheng after she finished the last half an hour of the class. "Brother Zhai, what brings you here today?"

"I don't want to stay at home. I want to see you." Zhai Sheng sounded slightly annoyed. This feeling of annoyance and unease could only go away after seeing Qiao Nan.

"Let me pour you a cup of tea first." Qiao Nan thought hard. Brother Zhai was definitely not feeling vexed because of the army. The only thing that would unsettle him must be…

Qiao Nan placed the tea in front of Zhai Sheng before sitting down. "Is it because of Sister Zhai Hua?"

"What else could it be?"

"What's the problem?"

Zhai Sheng had a sullen expression on his face at the mention of Zhai Hua and Wei De.

Though he was hurt, Wei De carried out the mission and returned in glory. However, it was through this mission that Zhai Sheng realized that Wei De was indeed not a good man.

He was only an outsider, but he kept on encouraging Zhai Hua to interfere with the Zhai family's affairs.

This happened three days ago.

Wei De failed to form an alliance with Qiao Nan and was helpless. Therefore, he could only treasure the chance that Zhai Sheng gave him and carried out the anti-drug mission.

Zhai Sheng had set a few conditions for Wei De for this mission. First, the mission required teamwork. He must not be individualistic.

If Wei De did not obey the command and undermined the unity of the group, he would be penalized for that.

Second, since it was a group mission, Wei De had to work together with the team and serve with distinction if he wanted to be promoted.

Wei De did not have to worry about this. After the mission, Zhai Sheng would find out from other teammates about Wei De's performance. As long as he contributed to the team's success, even if it was a minor effort of his, Zhai Sheng would not let it go unnoticed.

This was the best leeway that Zhai Sheng was able to promise Wei De.

Zhai Sheng had made himself very clear. Unless he was hard of hearing or could not understand simple words, Wei De should know very well what was required of him.

It was a pity that although Zhai Sheng might have made himself very clear, he did not take into account that Wei De was unreliable.

In group missions, one must not be individualistic and there was no room for selfish heroism. Zhai Sheng had stressed its importance time and again to Wei De. Yet, when they were carrying out the mission, Wei De still committed this crucial mistake.

In order to take the credit and prove himself, Wei De disobeyed orders at the crucial moment and rushed to the fore.

In the end, not only was he injured, but he also implicated one of the comrades who carried out the mission with him. He was still in critical condition. Even if he managed to survive, one of his legs had to be amputated. He had to wear a prosthetic leg henceforth.

How was it possible for a soldier who had to wear a prosthetic leg to stay in the army?

In other words, Wei De sacrificed the future of others to gain military credit.

Zhai Sheng flared up because of this.

Given that things had turned out to be like this, it was without a doubt that Wei De had committed mistakes and should be given a warning.

However, Wei De came back injured as well and was still recovering in the hospital. However, his injuries were not as serious as those of the other soldier. His condition had stabilized and he had regained consciousness.

Zhai Sheng wanted to give Wei De a demerit, but Zhai Hua refused. She insisted that Wei De was injured as well.

Zhai Hua could not accept that Wei De was not given merits but had to be given demerit instead after risking his life.

In the end, the siblings ended up in a quarrel.

Qiao Nan massaged her temple. "I have heard a lot about Wei De. What about the platoon leader who was implicated by Wei De and has lost a leg? Is he still receiving emergency treatment? What do you intend to do with the platoon leader? What is Sister Zhai Hua's view on this?"

Sure enough, Wei De did not deserve any chance at all.

Wei De was eager to make contributions and achievements and to be promoted as soon as possible so that he could marry Sister Zhai Hua. This attitude of his made it such that he was unsuitable to carry out risky missions. He would only jeopardize the situation at hand, resulting in a serious disaster.

"What thoughts does she have?" Zhai Sheng sneered. "Zhai Hua knows that Wei De is in the wrong, and she dared not bring up the platoon leader. After being with Wei De, not only has Zhai Hua gone against our family's code of conduct, but she is also without any principles now. Wei De is just a man. It's just a relationship, but she has gone crazy for that man!"

"Dared not bring it up? This is a joke. Even if she keeps silent, does it mean that nothing happened? Does it mean that she can ignore it?" Qiao Nan was speechless. "We have implicated the platoon leader."

Qiao Nan did not push all the responsibilities to Zhai Hua and Wei De. If she and Zhai Sheng did not interfere, Wei De would not have the chance to participate in this mission and implicate the platoon leader.

Wait a minute, platoon leader?

"Brother Zhai, according to Wei De's situation, he must be promoted to platoon leader first. It is impossible for him to be promoted to company commander directly. From what I heard, there is no opening for Wei De at all. Do you think he did it on purpose?"

Since the platoon leader was injured and had to wear prosthetic limbs, he could no longer be a soldier.

After the platoon leader left, there would be vacancies in the army. If Wei De performed well, he would have a higher chance of being promoted.

"Would he go to that extent?" Zhai Sheng frowned. He might have said so, but he was deep in thought.

Zhai Sheng wanted to believe that his soldiers had been of high caliber all these years. But no matter what, it proved that there were people like Wei De in the army.

In order to be promoted, Wei De indeed had the motive to implicate the platoon leader on purpose.

If the platoon leader was not injured, it would be a long time before there would be any vacancies.

Once the platoon leader left the army, the position would be open. As long as Wei De performed well, and with Zhai Hua's influence, it was possible for him to be promoted to platoon leader within this year.

Qiao Nan knitted her eyebrows. If this was the case, Sister Zhai Hua would be plotted against by Wei De in the future. "Brother Zhai, since you think it may be possible, should we remind Sister Zhai Hua? Wei De seems to be a very dangerous person."

He was capable of doing anything in order to succeed.

Previously, she had thought that Wei De was a coward, and that he would not dare to participate in the mission. Even if he did, he would return empty-handed.

To her surprise, he created such big trouble.

"Brother Zhai, isn't Wei De worried that he would be blacklisted after what he did?"



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