This was a serious matter. Once the people from the Zhai family, especially Chief Zhai, knew about this, regardless of whether he knew of the relationship between Wei De and Sister Zhai Hua, Wei De would be blacklisted by the Zhai family without another word.

The Zhai family disliked it the most when people practiced individualism and selfish heroism when they were in a team.

"Zhai Hua has been carried away by love. Therefore, Wei De becomes fearless." Zhai Sheng sneered, pushing all the responsibilities to Zhai Hua.

Zhai Hua was too devoted to Wei De. She would do things that she would never do in the past for his sake. Because of this, Wei De was confident and had become emboldened!

To Zhai Sheng, nobody was to be blamed other than Zhai Hua.

Without Zhai Hua, what happened with Wei De would not have happened. "Not only has she been carried away by love, but she is blind as well."

Zhai Hua was his only sister, yet she was in love with such a man. Zhai Sheng felt frustrated that he could do nothing to stop it. He was like a panther that was congested with anger and kept pacing around. There was a ferocious glare in his cold eyes.

This time, Zhai Sheng was going to direct his anger at both Zhai Hua and Wei De.

Both of them had to be held responsible this time.

"What does Sister Zhai Hua mean by that?" Qiao Nan could not think of what to say to comfort Zhai Sheng. If she were him, she would not be able to stand it as well.

"Her?" Zhai Sheng felt anger bubble up inside him. "Ever since we started earning money, the family no longer controls us. Given our lifestyle, we seldom spend money. She has decided to give the platoon leader all her savings."

"Does Sister Zhai Hua want to use the money to buy the position of platoon leader?" Qiao Nan understood right away what Zhai Hua's real intention was.

The platoon leader had broken his leg, but he would still be awarded military achievements. However, there was no way that he could stay in the army. The army might arrange a job for him as compensation so that his life would not be a problem now that he had broken his leg.

If this matter was investigated, Wei De would be unable to bear the consequences of failure.

If the platoon leader and his family accepted Zhai Hua's money, it would mean that they had expressed implied consent toward the army's arrangement and would not bring up what Wei De did in the future.

As long as the parties concerned kept silent and nobody made noise about it, Wei De's mistakes would be covered up and nobody would find out about it.

What Zhai Hua did might be expensive, but it was indeed useful.

The platoon leader had lost his leg and he could no longer stay in the army. Rather than offending people to seek justice—though it would not be helpful to his situation—he might as well choose to accept the money so as to solve the problem of livelihood.

Qiao Nan looked sullen. "This is similar to using money and power to force others to give in."

It was no wonder that Brother Zhai said that Sister Zhai Hua had changed ever since she dated Wei De.

Judging from the fact that Sister Zhai Hua had adopted all the bad habits after dating Wei De, she only had dislike for Wei De. "It is lucky if she does a clean job. If there is anything that is not well taken care of, the reputation of the Zhai family may be affected. Has Sister Zhai Hua thought it through? Is she going to take such a big gamble?"

The platoon leader was definitely not the only person who was sabotaged by Wei De. If he received compensation, then what about others?

Once someone heard of this, they might be displeased that they were shortchanged. The platoon leader might not say anything, but if there was a chance, the rest of the soldiers might escalate it to Chief Zhai. By then, the consequences would be severe.

Zhai Sheng drank some tea. He felt so infuriated that his voice seemed to have turned hoarse. "Of course she has thought of it. She knows of this problem, hence she wants me to help cover it up for her. Apart from the platoon leader, the rest of the soldiers are in better condition."

Zhai Hua only had enough money to appease the platoon leader and his family. She was unable to take care of other people.

For those that were beyond her abilities, she could only rely on Zhai Sheng's authority to cover it up. By taking the two-prong approach, she would be able to cover up the mess that Wei De created.

Qiao Nan tapped her fingers on the table, forming a fast and urgent rhythm. "Brother Zhai, under Wei De's influences, Sister Zhai Hua has grown to turn to money and power to solve her problems." It was too terrifying.

Qiao Nan had no need to ask and she knew what happened thereafter.

It was impossible for Brother Zhai to agree to Sister Zhai Hua's request. They were bound to break into a quarrel for this matter.

In order to settle Wei De's problem, Sister Zhai Hua would keep on pestering Brother Zhai. Brother Zhai was unwilling to stay at home and face her. Therefore, he came to her house to take refuge.

"If I allow the two of them to be together, my name will be written backwards!" Zhai Sheng always thought that Zhai Hua knew her limits. He knew long ago that Zhai Hua was in a relationship and had been keeping it from her family. He never intended to investigate or keep a check on them.

Zhai Hua was an adult. She should have her own private life.

But right now, Zhai Sheng had no choice but to be strict toward Zhai Hua.

Wei De's problem had grown beyond one's imagination.

Zhai Sheng could no longer trust Zhai Hua to know her limits. She might behave with propriety in other circumstances, but when it came to Wei De, she would lose her rationality.

"But it's impossible for you to stay here. I suppose Sister Zhai Hua will not give up if she is unable to get you to help her. Wei De is already awake, and he knows very well what is most important at the moment. Wei De may be the one who told Sister Zhai Hua not to stay by his side but to pester you all the way to the Zhai family's residence." Qiao Nan was anxious for Zhai Sheng. This matter seemed to be never-ending.

Zhai Sheng smirked. "Zhai Hua and Wei De no longer have that chance."

"No chance?" Qiao Nan was baffled.

"This will come to a conclusion in a short while." Zhai Sheng leaned against the sofa. He closed his eyes to rest. Today, he came to the Qiao family's residence not only to see Qiao Nan and to calm himself down, but he was also giving some time for things to develop on its own. It seemed that it was about time.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang loudly. "Hi, hello. Yes, Auntie Miao… Yes, he's here."

Miao Jing breathed a sigh of relief when she heard that her son was indeed at the Qiao family's residence.

"Auntie Miao, should I put Brother Zhai on the phone?"


"Oh, okay, I will tell Brother Zhai right now… You are welcome. Auntie Miao, goodbye."

Qiao Nan hung up the phone. "Auntie Miao seems to be very anxious. She wants you to hurry back home. Chief Zhai is blowing his top. Now he knows about Wei De's incident?" Otherwise, why would Chief Zhai be so angry that he wanted Auntie Miao to make a phone call to get Brother Zhai to go back home?

Besides, Zhai Sheng just told Qiao Nan that there was no more chance, and the phone call came right then.



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