Zhai Yaohui curled the corners of his lips. His son was indeed crafty. "Right, the Zhai family does not have the habit of using their power to force others. What needs to be done shall be done."

"No, I… I have given the money to him!" Zhai Hua, who was still kneeling on the floor, refused to give in. She had given all her savings to the platoon leader. How could he take her money and go back on his word to insist that Wei De be responsible for what he did?

"Hehehe." Zhai Yaohui sneered. "Your boyfriend caused someone to lose his leg. Shouldn't you pay the money for that?"

Everyone in the army would rather have a pair of strong and healthy legs than to accept the money.

Zhai Hua was hesitant and unsure. "Dad, are you saying you do not object to Wei De and me?"

"No objection." Would she listen to him if he objected?

"Dad, thank you!" Zhai Hua never imagined that this would happen. Indeed, every cloud has a silver lining.

She had thought that once this incident was blown up, her father and her grandpa would never accept Wei De. Therefore, she requested Zhai Sheng to cover it up for her.

Initially, there was no way that she could reveal her relationship with Wei De. She did not expect that what happened this time would result in her father's implied consent to her relationship with Wei De.

Zhai Yaohui lowered his eyes. Hua Hua could never match up to Zhai Sheng. This had nothing to do with gender. "No need to thank me. It's good that you are happy."

"Dad, what about Wei De's matter" Zhai Hua was still worried about Wei De's situation.

"Zhai Hua, one should not be greedy. Since Wei De has made a mistake, shouldn't he bear the responsibility for it?" Zhai Yaohui asked coldly.

"Yes." Actually, Zhai Hua did not wish for the matter to blow up. However, her father finally gave his implied consent to her relationship. Zhai Hua was worried that if she asked for too much and provoked her father, he might go back on his word and object to her relationship. By then, she would lose more than she gained.

As for other issues, she had to leave it for the time being. As time passed by and after she married Wei De, the situation would improve.

"Go back to your room."

"Dad, thank you, thank you very much. Never were you so good to me since young. You are the best today!" Zhai Hua was moved. She had thought that they would break up in a heated argument, but it ended up being much cry and little wool. She had never expected her father, who was very strict and stern, to be so kind to her. He was like a caring father who was willing to forgive her every mistake.

She was wrong. Her father cared for her and loved her.

"Alright, go back to your room." Zhai Yaohui repeated twice for Zhai Hua to go back to her room. He had no wish to see her right now. She would only infuriate him further.

Hua Hua, who was overjoyed, did not notice her father's expression at all, thinking that he was worried because she had been kneeling for a long time. She left happily without realizing that something was amiss.

Zhai Hua did not feel that it was humiliating to kneel down. Since young, her grandpa would punish her to kneel down in front of the painting of Chairman Mao whenever she was mischievous. It was a tradition since ages ago.

Miao Jing watched on as her daughter left happily. She was not as relieved as Zhai Hua. "Will your father not do anything about this?"

They might be able to disregard the fact that the soldier, namely Wei De, came from a humble background, but they could not disregard the fact that he had committed a grave mistake during the mission, breaching the military codes of ethics and conduct.

Given her understanding of Zhai Yaohui, he would not accept Wei De unless hell froze over. Hua Hua had rejoiced too early.

"Is there any other way otherwise?" Zhai Sheng answered her with a question. "Zhai Hua is obstinate. She would not listen to our advice."

Zhai Hua only had Wei De in mind. No matter who gave her advice, she would not be able to take them in. Instead, she would turn angry at their criticism of Wei De and stood on his side.

"It's almost time. Miao Miao, you should prepare the meals." Zhai Yaohui sent Miao Jing away as well.

Zhai Yaohui agreed with what Zhai Sheng said. No matter how lousy Wei De was, Zhai Hua would not be able to take in any advice.

Zhai Yaohui did not mean to give his implied consent to their relationship. It was just that he knew Zhai Hua's temper very well and had no wish to waste his time to persuade her. "I have told the political commissar to go by the books. Wei De has to leave."

"I understand." Because it was impossible for Wei De to continue to stay in the army, his father acted as if he had given his implied consent to Wei De and Zhai Hua to calm Zhai Hua down.

Zhai Yaohui relaxed slightly. "Handle this matter well. Go back to the army early next morning. Make sure that everything is done properly."

"Yes." As long as they had the consensus on how to deal with Wei De, nothing else mattered to Zhai Sheng.

"Sly little fox!" Zhai Yaohui snorted in displeasure. He kept his silence previously as he did not want to expose Zhai Sheng in front of Zhai Hua. Of course, he had no wish for the siblings to quarrel and bear grudges against each other. Therefore, he took the responsibility for meting out punishment to Wei De.

However, now that Zhai Hua was no longer here, Zhai Yaohui was not as polite.

Zhai Sheng did not deny. "The sly old fox will only give birth to a sly little fox. Dad, are you insulting yourself or insulting my mom?"

Unless there was a problem in between, he could only be a sly little fox.

Zhai Yaohui's face turned black. "Don't think that you have grown up and I can no longer give both of you a thrashing!"

Zhai Sheng moved slightly to the side. He was not afraid of Zhai Yaohui's threats at all. "It's good that you still remember that you are our father. Aren't you the best person to deal with this today? As a father, you have been idle for more than twenty years. In the first two decades, you have no worries. Now is the time for you to be worried. Don't owe others too much. By the time you want to pay the debts, you may no longer have the chance. You should do so when there's still some time."

His father had never disciplined Zhai Hua and him. Given Zhai Hua's current situation, he would not have the chance to do that anymore if he did not discipline her at this point in time.

There was nothing wrong of him to let his father settle the problem between Zhai Hua and Wei De.

When it came to Wei De, Zhai Sheng would only go by the books. He would punish, reward, and reassure accordingly.

He would never cover up for Wei De or make use of this opportunity to leave the position of the platoon leader open so that Wei De would be able to be promoted to said position.

If he were to deal with it directly, given Zhai Hua's temper and personality, there would never be peaceful days in the future. He did not mind being at loggerheads with Zhai Hua. But if Qiao Nan was implicated, then the conflict between Zhai Sheng and Zhai Hua would only worsen.

It was inconvenient for Zhai Sheng to deal with Wei De's matter. However, Zhai Yaohui was the elder, the most suitable candidate.

Take for instance what happened just now. Zhai Yaohui wanted to go by the books to deal with Wei De. However, Zhai Hua did not dare to direct her anger or bear a grudge against Zhai Yaohui. She would not direct her anger at her father for not helping her. Instead, she was overjoyed as Zhai Yaohui had given his implied consent to her relationship. She was not the least unhappy with her family.



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