Zhai Sheng hurried back to the camp to settle this matter early next morning.

Before he left, he made a phone call to Qiao Nan to inform her of his whereabouts.

Although it was not a perfect outcome, Qiao Nan could finally rest assured that the matter had been resolved.

Qiao Nan had no idea that she was the main reason for Zhai Sheng to do all these to deal with Wei De. Zhai Sheng allowed the political commissar to escalate the problem to Zhai Yaohui and made sure that Wei De could no longer stay in the army on account of his relationship with Zhai Hua.

Ever since Zhai Hua made known that she was dating Wei De and wanted Zhai Sheng to help him get in through the back door, Zhai Sheng had been keeping an eye on Wei De.

Zhai Sheng had to find out everything about Wei De since he was the boyfriend of his only sister.

Furthermore, from his investigation, Zhai Sheng had only bad impression of Wei De.

He made use of the chance when Wei De was away to carry out his mission to conduct a thorough check on Wei De's life in the army.

Zhai Sheng grew to dislike Wei De as he learned more about him. In the end, he could no longer tolerate this person in the army.

Wei De and Zhai Hua were only in the dating stage, yet he had started to interfere in the Zhai family's affairs through Zhai Hua. Particularly, what infuriated Zhai Sheng the most was that Wei De had meddled in his private affairs.

It was under Wei De's influence that Zhai Hua used different attitudes on Qiao Nan when she met her.

Wei De did not come from good family background, yet he despised people who were of a similar background as him.

He heard from Zhai Hua that Zhai Sheng was in a relationship and that his girlfriend had a similar family background as his own.

If Zhai Sheng was able to marry the young lady, the Zhai family would agree to Zhai Hua's relationship with Wei De as well.

Wei De was pleased that his marriage with Zhai Hua would be able to proceed smoothly.

But Wei De was unhappy at the thought that his promising and capable brother-in-law would marry a lady who could not offer any help to the Zhai family and his career.

Furthermore, everyone had believed that Zhai Sheng would choose Qiu Chenxi, the daughter of the Qiu family, back then.

He must be out of his mind to marry the daughter of an ordinary family instead of the daughter of the established Qiu family.

On one hand, Wei De hoped that the relationship between Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan would help him get the consent of the Zhai family to be with Zhai Hua. On the other hand, he did not wish for Qiao Nan to be the daughter-in-law of the Zhai family, leaving the Zhai family with one less powerful connections like the Qiu family. Therefore, when he was discussing Qiao Nan with Zhai Hua, he would reveal his doubts and worries, remarking that he was worried that Zhai Sheng would be hurt as there was a huge gap between the two of them.

Zhai Sheng was stubborn. Back then, he did not fall for Qiu Chenxi. Now that he was with Qiao Nan, he must be serious about her.

If there was anything wrong with Qiao Nan, Zhai Sheng would be the only one who was hurt in the relationship.

It was not surprising that Zhai Hua would be wary of Qiao Nan when she heard that Qiao Nan might hurt her brother.

Fortunately, Zhai Hua knew her limits. Although she was doubtful of Qiao Nan, she did not make a move against Qiao Nan since the latter did not do anything to hurt Zhai Sheng.

But for that alone, Zhai Sheng was unable to forgive Wei De.

Wei De was the kind of person who would abandon one's benefactor upon achieving one's goal.

"Regiment Commander Zhai, you are back. Have you decided on how to deal with Wei De's matter?" The political commissar was not surprised that Zhai Sheng was back at the army camp.

"Go by the books. Everything will be done according to the regulations. Go ahead and do whatever that is necessary. There is no need to be concerned about other matters." Wei De had implicated his revolutionary comrade, causing the latter to lose a leg because of his individualistic course of action. This was a serious matter. It was not difficult to kick him out of the army because of the grave mistake that he committed.

If Wei De realized his mistake, the army could give Wei De another chance.

However, judging from Zhai Hua's attitude, Wei De had not realized his mistake.

It might be true that Wei De had no intentions for the platoon leader to lose his leg.

But after learning that the platoon leader had lost his leg, Wei De was keen on his promotion and made use of Zhai Hua to try to accomplish that.

There was no way that Zhai Sheng would give Wei De another chance.

"Are you sure?" The political commissar was quite surprised. Did the Zhai family really intend to go by the books this time?

He heard that Zhai Hua liked Wei De very much and that both of them had been discussing marriage. Did the Zhai family have no intention to protect their son-in-law?

"I am sure. If not, I wouldn't have to come back." Since Wei De wanted to be with Zhai Hua and marry her, not only would he not be given special treatment, but the army would also be stricter to him than to the rest of the soldiers. This was the price he had to pay to be related to the Zhai family.

This was the usual working style of the Zhai family.

If Wei De had other thoughts, he could only say that he must be dreaming.

"Alright, I will make the necessary arrangements." Without another word, the political commissar worked to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.

Within half a day, the people in the army knew that Wei De had received a serious demerit and was removed from the army as he had committed a grave mistake.

As soon as the news was released, those people who were indignant felt much better.

The army could not be lenient to Wei De just because he was related to the Zhai family.

While most people knew about the news, the party concerned was lying in the bed, completely oblivious to what was going on in the army. He was humming a tune, biding his time for the platoon leader to leave the army so that he could be promoted to platoon leader because of the military achievement from his latest mission.

This year, he would be promoted to platoon leader, and in less than two years, he would be a company commander!!

"It's time for meals." A young nurse, pushing a trolley, delivered meals to Wei De.

The young nurse gave him a strange look. "Everyone who was sent here will have someone to take care of them. Don't you have anyone to take care of you?"

The other patient who was admitted to the hospital with this patient was seriously injured. He had people around to take care of him, though all of them were men.

"I…" Wei De wanted to say that he did not need anyone to take care of him. Yesterday, he had told his girlfriend to go home. Even if he really needed someone to take care of him, he did not want to be taken care of by the rough men in the army. "It doesn't matter. My hometown is far from Ping Cheng, and my parents can't rush their way here. I also feel that making a trip here will be too tiring on them. If they know that I suffered serious injuries during the mission, it may give them a big shock. They did not expect me to have military achievements or to be promoted to a senior position. Their only hope is that I will be safe and sound."

"Did you manage to gain military achievements?" The young nurse was shocked. "Your injuries are quite serious. Are you sure you don't need anyone to take care of you?"

"It is nothing much. I have yet to receive the notice."



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