"The mission was quite difficult. There're so many comrades. Many suffered injuries and one of the comrade's life is still in danger. If I were truly capable, I should not have let my comrades bleed and suffer injuries." Wei De was seemingly guilt-ridden. He displayed a sense of self-righteousness and empathy with the pain and suffering of his comrades.

The young nurse was so pleased with and stunned by Wei De's words. "You have such high moral values and self-awareness. Nevertheless, injuries are unavoidable when you carry out such missions. It also depends on one's luck and ability. You shouldn't bear all the responsibility alone. Why don't we do this? If you need any help, ask for me. I'll help you."

She could take more care of a hero with military achievements.

"Young comrade, thank you." At the sight of the tender and young face of the nurse, Wei De felt extremely soothed at heart.

Women—it was true that the younger they were, the better. They were akin to fruits. When you picked fresh fruit from a tree, it was fresh, tender, and juicy. The taste was delicious.

An old woman was like dehydrated fruit. The skin was wrinkled and the flesh rotten. Consuming such fruit was akin to chewing wax. It would be tasteless.

After the young nurse left, Wei De glanced at the injury in his leg. His situation was different from that of his platoon leader. His platoon leader lost a leg. At most, he just had some bruises and would be able to get up from the bed and walk with a crutch after a few days of rest.

He did not know if Zhai Hua had managed to settle that issue.

No, he was being paranoid. Zhai Hua was the chief's daughter and Regiment Commander Zhai's biological sister. Zhai Hua would certainly be able to settle the manner properly.

As long as Zhai Hua could settle this, he would be recognized as the hero after he returned to the camp. He could just wait for his promotion to platoon leader.

The three major things that he did right in his life was joining the army, having connections in his hometown, and having wooed Zhai Hua and made her his girlfriend.

"I'm burning at the sight of his complacent behavior. Don't tell me that the army belongs to Wei De alone, that he can have no regard for laws and regulations!" Two soldiers who were attending to the injured platoon leader coincidentally walked past Wei De's ward and overheard Wei De whistling and humming songs in a good mood. He looked so complacent and relaxed. The two soldiers were so furious that they very much felt like ignoring Wei De's injuries. They simply wanted to open the door, enter the ward, hold Wei De down, and beat him up.

They had also heard the rumor that Wei De might possibly replace the platoon leader who would be stepping down.

The more that was the case, the more they felt the injustice.

How could there be a situation whereby one, after committing a mistake, would be rewarded instead of receiving any punishment? There was no law and justice in this world then.

"Don't be anxious. He won't be pleased for too long." Another soldier stopped his comrades.

"What do you mean?" The person who had been held back was stunned. "Isn't he going to rise up in the ranks rapidly?"

Wei De's girlfriend was the army's Battalion Commander Zhai, Regiment Commander Zhai's biological sister.

With the protection of these two prominent characters, Wei De could really have his way in the army.

The soldier who had been questioned laughed. "We've been in the army for so long. Don't we know what kind of person Regiment Commander Zhai is? Regiment Commander Zhai is not one who can't differentiate between work and personal matters. I heard that Regiment Commander Zhai had already openly expressed that Wei De's matter has to be dealt with by the books. Punishment should be meted out accordingly even if the party involved is Wei De. In fact, they should be stricter if that's the case!"

"However, Battalion Commander Zhai is Regiment Commander Zhai's biological sister."

"So what? Everyone is equal! Regiment Commander Zhai is very fair and will definitely not condone a villain like Wei De. There are no siblings in the army. There is only a supervisor-subordinate relationship." Wei De wished to rely on his relationship with Battalion Commander Zhai to fearlessly have this way in the army. He would be better off dreaming about it.

"Is it true?!" The platoon leader was such a good person and he was now in such a pitiful state because of Wei De. If Wei De were to really take over the platoon leader's position, then he would also lose confidence in the army and the country.

"What's the hurry? If you don't believe me, wait and see. After he can get out of the bed, I want to see if his mood will still be as good as today."

"That's good then. I feel more assured now. Come on, let's go and see the platoon leader. I think the platoon leader will feel happy when he hears about this." Regarding the sum of money that they wanted to give the platoon leader, the two soldiers started to feel bad again.

The platoon leader deserved that sum of money.

However, that sum of money was in exchange for one limb of his. It was not worth it!

"Hello, good day?" In the house of the Qiao family in Ping Cheng, just as Qiao Nan sent her students off, the phone in the house rang.

At the sight of the unfamiliar phone number, Qiao Nan hesitated for a while. However, the phone rang continuously. Qiao Nan then picked it up.

"Hi, good day, Teacher Xiao Qiao."

After a long time, Qiao Nan almost could not recognize the voice.

However, when a mature man addressed her as Teacher Xiao Qiao, he could only be people from the army in Ping Cheng. Amongst these people, there were not many who would have the ability to find out the telephone number of her house and called her at this hour. "Wei De?"

"Teacher Xiao Qiao is very blessed and busy. You can still remember my name. It's not easy." Wei De sounded very complacent and arrogant.

Qiao Nan shrugged her shoulders, feeling very helpless. "So you made this call just to confirm if I still remember you?"

It was difficult for her not to remember a 'talent' like Wei De.

"Surely not. We're also considered as old acquaintances. I encountered something good recently and wish to share my joy with Teacher Xiao Qiao."

"Is that so? What's the good news that made you so happy?" Qiao Nan was a little sullen. Shouldn't Wei De feel depressed and angry at this point in time?

Wei De raised his voice. He could not hide and control his joy and arrogance. "After hearing your views, I participated in the mission this time. Fortunately, I did not lose my life and I did not let down Teacher Xiao Qiao's expectations and hopes on me. I consider myself returning in glory. I'm not well-educated and I don't know if I've put it across correctly. As a gifted student, you have to guide me if I make a mistake, Teacher Xiao Qiao."

He was going to be a platoon leader soon, then a company commander, or even a battalion commander. His literacy and cultural standards certainly had to improve as well.

"Hahaha, you're too modest, Comrade Wei. What you said is correct and you have a good gift of gab. I admit that there's nothing that I can teach you. As for the happy matter that you mentioned, I would like to congratulate you." Did this mean Wei De had been hospitalized all this while and did not know what was going to happen next?

Congratulations. She really wanted to congratulate Wei De and his whole family.

"Thank you." Wei De, who was high-spirited and thinking that his life was going uphill, did not sense the oddity in Qiao Nan's tone at all. "What I have today is all thanks to Teacher Xiao Qiao. I didn't know that I could also have such results if I work hard properly."



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