"I know myself better now. Teacher Xiao Qiao, thank you for making me discover myself again. I believe that I will become increasingly better in the future. I'll definitely not let down that previous 'well-meaning intention' of yours."

Didn't 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' refuse to help? No issue. He did not need it anymore.

He had succeeded this time and he would certainly continue to succeed in the future.

Without the help of 'Teacher Xiao Qiao', he succeeded all the same. When he openly stood in front of the Zhai family with the identity of Zhai Hua's other half, 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' might not even have graduated from school yet.

He wanted to see how 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' would then repent and plead for his help!

Qiao Nan was amused as she could tell that Wei De was deliberately boasting to her. "Is that so? Then, I have to congratulate you once again. Congratulations to you for having such progress and results. Comrade Wei, do you still have any other matter?"

How much assurance did Zhai Hua give Wei De to make him so arrogant?

There was no place for Wei De in the army anymore. He had not even known the situation that he was in before giving such an arrogant phone call. When Wei De knew the truth of the matter, she did not know how Wei De would take the conversation between them today.

"Then, I will also say it again. Thank you, 'Teacher Xiao Qiao'. You're the one who made me realize that I can actually have such a different life." He no longer needed Regiment Commander Zhai to pull strings for him. He was capable. It was just that he lacked luck and had not met the right opportunities earlier.

This matter was sufficient to prove that he was, in fact, a sturdy horse that previously had no opportunity to showcase his talent.

Fortunately, with the spur of the momentum of this matter, the road ahead of him would still be smooth sailing without the help of the Zhai family and Zhai Hua.

"Then, I'll congratulate you on having a second 'life'," Qiao Nan said as if she was implying something else. "It's late. I remember that you're injured. I won't disturb you from your rest. Goodbye."


After hanging up the phone, Wei De laughed scornfully. This was just a woman who relied on her beauty to succeed and she dared to be so arrogant and boastful to him.

Just wait and see. Three years later, his status in the Zhai family would become firmer. Three years later, he wanted to see what Qiao Nan, who would have lost some of her youth, could rely on to hold on tightly to Regiment Commander Zhai's heart.

With a heart filled with ambitions, Wei De limped back to his ward and lay on the hospital bed as he fantasized about his grand plans for the future.

He did not rely on women or connections. He only relied on his own pair of hands as well as motivation and effort to build a splendid and glorious life!

"Wei De?" Shi Qing, who was by Qiao Nan's side, blinked when she heard the conversation. "He's showing off to you? Is he an idiot? Isn't it true that he won't be able to remain in the army anymore?"

"Obviously, he has been staying in the hospital and no one has notified him about it. Hence, he doesn't know anything yet." Qiao Nan pursed her lips and smiled. She was not bothered.

"How about Sister Zhai Hua?" Sister Zhai Hua had not told Wei De the situation. If this were to drag on longer, Wei De would most likely feel worse.

"I'm not sure. I didn't contact Brother Zhai after he left for the army camp yesterday. Brother Zhai was the one who gave Wei De this opportunity, and Wei De got into such serious trouble. Although he can no longer remain in the army, Brother Zhai still has to clean up the mess that he had created, right?" Hence, he had not received a call from Brother Zhai until now. Instead, she got a call from Wei De.

Shi Qing's lips curled. She doubted once again how blind Zhai Hua was to be able to take a liking to Wei De. "I guess Sister Zhai Hua will probably visit Wei De at the hospital. Do you think she will tell Wei De the truth immediately?"

"No." Qiao Nan yawned. "Sister Zhai Hua is someone who's straightforward and she doesn't drag her feet. However, in the face of love, a woman will always become undecided. Regardless of the severity of Wei De's injuries, he won't be discharged from the hospital in these few days. Seeing that Wei De is in such a good mood, do you think Sister Zhai Hua could bear to tell Wei De such a mind-blowing truth?"


There was only expulsion for Wei De.

This was basically the difference between heaven and hell.

Shi Qing shook her head. "Don't think about these matters anymore. Wei De is Sister Zhai Hua's boyfriend and not someone that I have blindly taken a liking to. This big worry belongs to Sister Zhai Hua, no matter if she tells him or not. But according to what Brother Zhai told you yesterday, Chief Zhai is prepared to be in for a good show? Until when? He already saw Wei De's true colors. He can't possibly continue to let him be together with Sister Zhai Hua or even let him marry her and give birth to his child, right?"

It would be too late if that truly happened.

Also, Sister Zhai Hua was twenty-seven years old this year.

Not to mention other matters, Sister Zhai Hua would be twenty-nine and thirty years old respectively in two and three years' time respectively.

Shi Qing had not seen anyone who was not married at that age.

Wei De was a man and could afford to delay marriage, but not Sister Zhai Hua.

"He won't," Qiao Nan said with certainty. "Given the family rules and situation in the Zhai family, they will not accept Wei De. As to when, I can't be certain either. Sister Zhai Hua is very stubborn and at the peak of her temper now. If the Zhai family objects to the relationship now, the effects will be counterproductive. Therefore, Chief Zhai quietly acquiesced first. After Wei De is expelled from the army, Wei De will realize that he may be able to gain as much as he expected from being together with Sister Zhai Hua. With many conflicts happening at the same time, as time goes by, the relationship between the two of them may deteriorate. Now, Wei De fully believes and hopes that he can rise through the ranks with the help of Sister Zhai Hua's connections. Hence, Sister Zhai Hua is enjoying a treatment akin to that of a princess from Wei De. Tell me, which woman doesn't like this kind of treatment?"

"Princess treatment?" Shi Qing was now a little enlightened about why Zhai Hua chose Wei De.

"You should know a little about the situation of the Zhai family. When they were children, Sister Zhai Hua and Brother Zhai were under Old Master Zhai's care without their parents by their sides. Such children will more or less have some flaws in their characters. The only difference is the degree of severity. When Sister Zhai Hua was a child, she did not get to enjoy the feeling of being doted on by her parents. Hence, when she's older, she especially cherishes the affection and love from her partner. When Sister Zhai Hua can't feel this kind of love from Wei De anymore, they will break up sooner or later without the need for others to advise her. The only thing that I am worried about is when and in what circumstances will Wei De give up completely on Sister Zhai Hua and choose another target to replace her."

The status and power of the Zhai family were too enticing.

Wei De was quite street smart. It would not be easy to make Wei De completely give up on Sister Zhai Hua.



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