Director Shi was indeed a good director. She believed Ping Cheng would have better developments under his leadership than in the previous life.

In the next decade, China would undergo rapid development and growth. Qiao Nan began to understand why the children of the retired teachers would show interest in the Chinese market even when they had good developments abroad.

These businessmen had good foresight and knew how to seize opportunities.

Only when one had good foresight would they be able to succeed earlier than others.

She fully understood what Brother Zhai meant when he talked about building up the image previously.

"Will this work?" Shi Qing had not thought of such a method, but it seemed that it might work. "Qiao Nan, you must have similar experiences to come up with such brilliant ideas. If my dad doesn't want me to keep calling him, he will have to listen to what I say. I will give him multiple phone calls. Let's see how he will deal with it!"

"Rest assured. You are the only one who is by your father's side. He will listen to you." Qiao Nan was amused. As long as the director was in good health, the residents in Ping Cheng would then be able to have good days ahead of them.

Shi Peng, who was still working overtime, did not know that his daughter had been plotting against him. She listened to what others said and planned to use the tactics to make sure that her father listened to her.

Shi Peng, still in the office, sneezed loudly. He rubbed at his itchy nose and flung his head.

"Director, have you caught a cold? If you have a cold, you have to take the medicine now. You must take care of yourself." The secretary was worried about Director Shi's health.

Shi Peng smiled, unconcerned about his health. "It's okay. It's just a sneeze, not a big deal. We must work overtime to finish this project. It concerns the development of Ping Cheng and the interests of the residents. We must speed up and work hard for their future."

Usually, one would make drastic changes to an organization upon taking charge. This was not the case for Shi Peng. However, as a newly appointed director and someone who had career aspirations, Shi Peng certainly hoped to be promoted to other positions.

However, he would need results and good performance in order to be promoted. He had to work hard to get the results, and he had to make sure that the people in Ping Cheng led better lives and their living standards were improved.

Therefore, he was busy since the first day of his job.

If not for the people around him who kept reminding him, he would be so busy that he would skip lunch.

"Director, no matter how busy you are, you have to take care of yourself. You have to be in good health to work on projects to improve Ping Cheng." The secretary could feel Shi Peng's enthusiasm and passion to make Ping Cheng a better place for its people. Ever since working with Shi Peng, he was reminded of the days when he was at school and was dedicated to serving the society, the country, and the people. It reminded him of the times when he was sincere and passionate about contributing to society.

"Yes, you are right." Shi Peng smiled.

"In this case, Director Shi, it's already late. Should you be going home now? You said that your daughter is alone at home and are worried about her being by herself at home. If there's other work to do, we can do it tomorrow. The project that you have in mind will take some time to complete. It will not be completed right away. We can continue to work on it tomorrow. What do you think?"

"It's seven o'clock now? Oh, right, they must be waiting for me to start dinner." Shi Peng realized that it was very late and packed his things quickly. "Xiao Liu, come to work at an earlier time tomorrow. I want to have a meeting at half-past eight in the morning. Make sure that everyone is present and punctual. For those who fail to turn up, it will be reflected in their performance evaluation."

After leaving the army, Shi Peng noticed a character flaw in the government officials. They would not fulfill their duties and were slipshod in their work. They would procrastinate and try to delay the instructions that were given by the higher-ups. They would also come up with all sorts of excuses to not complete their tasks. This was an eye-opener for Shi Peng.

Back when he was in the army, everyone followed instructions well and nobody dared to disobey the officers. They would be punished otherwise!

If they still refused to obey the orders, more severe punishment would be meted out until they relented.

One could not do that in the government sectors.

"Sorry to keep all of you waiting." Shi Peng rushed to the Qiao family's residence. He felt bad that the three of them were waiting for him. "If I am late again in the future, all of you should have dinner first. You can leave aside some food for me. I have been busy with my work recently and tend to lose track of time." Shi Peng could not bear for his daughter to go hungry while waiting for him.

He felt even worse for the Qiao family to wait for him.

"No. If you aren't back, I will wait until you are back. When I was in Mo Du in the past and you are in Ping Cheng, we only got to have meals together a few times in a year. Now that both of us are in Ping Cheng, and I am on summer break, how can we not have a meal together at least once a day? Dad, you are too much." Shi Qing did not preserve Shi Peng's dignity. She refused to listen to him and stated clearly that she would wait for him to have dinner.

Since they were having dinner with the Qiao family, Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan would have to wait with her if she insisted on waiting.

Shi Peng looked at Shi Qing, feeling somewhat unhappy. "You are too insensible. Are you doing this on purpose?"

"Did you just realize that I am doing it on purpose?" Shi Qing had been worried that Qiao Nan's suggestion would be going overboard and whether she should really keep such a close check on her father.

But looking at the current situation, Shi Qing was certain that she had to do that!

It seemed that Qiao Nan knew her father better than she did. If she did not keep a close watch on her father, he would not have any self-awareness.

Her father's lifestyle might be even more disorderly than when he was in the army.

"You…" Shi Peng did not know whether to smile or to cry. However, he could not reprimand his daughter, knowing that she was concerned for him. "Alright, it's late. Let's eat."

Shi Peng was starving. He did not realize it when he was at work just now, but when he reached the Qiao family's residence, his stomach started to grumble when he took in the smell of the delicious dishes.

He was already starving and did not need anyone to urge him to have dinner.

Shi Peng finished half a bowl of rice in no time. Shi Qing's heart ached at the sight of it. "Dad, have more of the dishes." He should not be having his rice only.

"Alright." Shi Peng responded, feeling hungry.

Qiao Nan frowned. "Director Shi, don't bring your habits in the army to our house. In our family, we are used to eating slowly. Eating too fast will not be good for the stomach and is not good for digestion. Director Shi, are you sure you will be able to digest well at the way you are eating?" Director Shi was not in good health. His eating habits would be another burden to his health.



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