During the last ten days of the summer break, Qiao Nan had followed Elder Lin to an occasion and put her knowledge and skills into practice.

A few foreigners who saw the potential to develop their businesses in Ping Cheng visited the place.

The mayor in Ping Cheng considered this occasion as one of his priorities and specially invited Elder Lin to help. Elder Lin simply brought Qiao Nan along to be the on-site interpreter.

As such, while Qiao Nan's classmates were unaware, Qiao Nan had already gotten to know and interact with the mayor in their town for some time.

"I'm not talking to you about this. You're clearly aware that I'm most afraid of Elder Lin. If Elder Lin finds out about my earlier conversation with you, he'll definitely think of a way to torture me till I die." At the thought of how Elder Lin dealt with her in the past, Shi Qing was so frightened that she could feel chills down her spine.

Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. "Obviously, you're very scared of my master. Then, why do you keep poaching me? What's wrong with you?"

"I just can't control my mouth." Shi Peng, who rarely knocked off early, was home earlier today. When he heard the conversation between his daughter and Qiao Nan, he interrupted and made use of the opportunity to chide her daughter. "You're so scared of Elder Lin and yet you dare to test his limit. Qing Qing, you've grown bolder recently."

"Dad, you came back so early? You're deriding your own daughter once you're back. Is that appropriate?!" Shi Qing was angered. This father must be an impostor. "You didn't work overtime today?"

"Of course, it's the National Day. I also wish to take a break and rest." Drinking the cup of tea prepared by his daughter, Shi Peng found it flavorful even if it was bland. "Recently, most of the proposals for the major projects have been put up on the agenda. Progress has been quite smooth currently. My hard work for the past six months has not been in vain. After a few years, Ping Cheng will definitely be able to develop well."

At the mention of this, Shi Peng was in an extraordinarily good mood.

"A few years?" Qiao Nan was more sensitive to this figure. "I heard that some places will develop quite quickly." A few years is considered slow?

Shi Peng took a sip and said smilingly, "You youngsters nowadays are a little too impatient. Take a step at a time. It's better to be slow and steady in certain things. If the foundation is not good, there'll be more repercussions in the future. We can't just focus on the short-term interest before us and ignore the rest. Ping Cheng's sceneries are very beautiful. Its hills are green and waters are clear. If we ruin the environment and disrupt ecological equilibrium for the sake of developing the place, we will eventually receive retribution from mother nature."

"…" Qiao Nan was taken aback as she looked at Shi Peng.

Of course, Qiao Nan knew what Shi Peng was referring to.

In her previous life, after the 21st century, the various cities in China developed very quickly at a rapid pace. Amidst this, environment protection and ecological equilibrium were the major areas that were most often neglected.

The consequences were reflected in the future, when the greenhouse effect worsened, resulting in problems such as global warming, air pollution, ozone hole, and many others.

As someone who was reborn, Qiao Nan knew that not only China but also all the countries in the world faced severe environmental pollution issues.

However, this was a macro issue. Qiao Nan alone would not be able to change anything.

In particular, everyone in China was thinking of ways to develop and grow during this period. There was an advocate of economic efficacy. If the city did not develop as quickly as expected, the officials might lose their jobs.

As such, it only focused on rapid but not balanced developments.

Qiao Nan knew that if she were to voice out any views in public at this point in time, it would be lost in the sea. There would not be any impact. This behavior might even be perceived as anti-socialism.

How could Qiao Nan not feel surprised and shocked by that advanced foresight, scientific knowledge, and incremental thinking of Shi Peng?

If China had more people like Shi Peng, then at the very least, the environmental pollution issues in China would be better controlled. The situation of the government focusing on development initially before dumping huge sums of money to treat the side effects of development, such as environmental pollution, thereafter would not even occur.

"Director Shi, you'll definitely be the best director in Ping Cheng." In this lifetime, Ping Cheng had a Director like Shi Peng. Could they avoid the unhealthy cycle of rapid development and prevent pollution as best as they could?

"Hahaha! Qiao Nan, did I just receive high praise and affirmation from you?" Shi Peng laughed. "Thanks for your affirmation. I'll definitely work harder and strive for Ping Cheng to develop well and let all the citizens in Ping Cheng lead a good life. Economic growth is important but Ping Cheng is our home. All the more we should protect it well. Qiao Nan, don't you think so?"

"Yes!" Qiao Nan nodded vigorously.

Shi Qing knitted her brows. She looked at her father and Qiao Nan, feeling puzzled. "Aren't you talking about the development of Ping Cheng? What did it have to do with environmental protection? If I don't remember wrongly, the leaders of the country are now looking at production efficacy as well as economic growth and its benefits. Dad, you doing this is like subjecting yourself to endless days of hard work only to remain as a director in Ping Cheng, isn't it?"

Her father's concerns and priorities were different from and not aligned with those of the country.

Qiao Nan smiled mysteriously. "Manage the economic development in one hand and environmental protection on the other. Both have to be managed in strong ways."

"What Qiao Nan said is right. We can't be content with staying where we are now. We need to have foresight when viewing every matter. Environment protection will become one of the priorities in the political arena sooner or later. Economy ranks first and the environment second. Simultaneously, we have to advocate a change of mindsets." At the mention of Ping Cheng's future progress, Shi Peng went on enthusiastically. That excited manner of his seemed as though he was in the office and meeting room and not the house of the Qiao family, a place for resting.

"…" Shi Qing tugged the corners of her lips. "Don't you think that the topics of your conversation are getting strange? Qiao Nan, do you really understand them?"

"I have asked you to learn more from Qiao Nan. Do you think I said it just for the sake of chiding you?" Shi Peng looked at his daughter in a disapproving manner.

Logically speaking, Qing Qing grew up in the Shi family and received much more influence in politics than Qiao Nan. Most importantly, with the situation of the Qiao family, Qiao Nan would not have any chance to be exposed to such political matters.

Why was it that Qiao Nan understood this but Qing Qing had absolutely no idea what they were referring to?

Shi Peng certainly would not admit that the family education of the Shi family had failed. Shi Peng was well aware of the kind of people and elders in the Qiao family.

That mother of Qiao Nan whom he had not met before could not possibly have such influence on her.

Qiao Dongliang was quite a good person, but besides his passion for the army, he did not have many thoughts and ideas regarding the development and progress of the nation.

As such, the two elders in the Qiao family could not guide Qiao Nan in the right direction at all. Then, how did Qiao Nan 'grow up'?

Sensing the curiosity and probing from Shi Peng, Qiao Nan's heart jumped. She felt that she had been too complacent earlier.

She was not Shi Peng. Hence, she could not possibly possess that advanced foresight of his. All that she knew was based on her experience in the 'future'.

Given her situation, it would certainly arouse suspicions if she seemed to know too much.



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