"Hahaha…" Shi Peng was amused. Certainly, he had received much inspiration from Qiao Nan. This was a fact that he did not deny. "When can you let the two children feel assured? Don't tell me you want to let your son and Qiao Nan continue to keep their relationship in the dark."

"Does it make a difference? That lad of mine is already enjoying himself." Zhai Yaohui was not anxious at all. "Qiao Nan is only in her third year of senior high school. If she really goes to college, she will need at least four years to graduate, not including doctorate and master's studies. Telling them so soon is not meaningful. Her current mission is to do well in her studies."

Fortunately, Qiao Nan had been clear of her priorities all this while. Despite being with Zhai Sheng for over a year, he had never seen Qiao Nan's grades slip.

Having seen Qiao Nan's self-discipline and self-control, Zhai Yaohui was more than satisfied with her.

Shi Peng glanced at the time. "Alright, I've already reported the situation to you. How you wish to manage this is the business of your Zhai family. I'm going to bed."

"Okay." After a short acknowledgment, Zhai Yaohui hung up the phone before Shi Peng.

At the sound of the beeping tone, Shi Peng was speechless as he looked at the phone. He then hung it up properly.

Shi Qing, who had been enduring for some time, finally could not take it anymore. She grabbed her father's hands and asked, "Dad, what's happening? Why did you tell Chief Zhai about Qiao Nan's matters? You betrayed Qiao Nan?!"

"Child, don't talk nonsense. Am I betraying her? I am helping her." Shi Peng looked at his daughter from the corners of his eyes. It was fine that she was not as smart as Qiao Nan but she did not even know how to talk nicely. "Zhai Yaohui knows that our house is situated near the house of the Qiao family. He thus specifically asked me to observe Qiao Nan."

"Are you sure this is a request and not an order?" Shi Qing expressed her doubt.

"…" It was so annoying when his daughter's words were sharp. "Zhai Yaohui is paying so much attention to Qiao Nan. It can only mean that he's quite satisfied with her. That's why he wishes to have a deeper understanding of Qiao Nan and confirm her character. What I did is not considered as a betrayal but a helping hand. As long as Zhai Yaohui finds out more about the outstanding qualities of Qiao Nan, will anything go wrong for Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng?"

If Zhai Yaohui did not take a liking to Qiao Nan, he would not even spare this effort.

Just take Wei De's matter as an example, Zhai Yaohui only needed to express that work should be separated from personal matters. All the little tricks up Wei De's sleeves had been destroyed by Zhai Yaohui.

Zhai Yaohui and Shi Peng had seen many people like Wei De.

Wei De wished to rise in the ranks but he did not even have the opportunity to try now. This was the biggest punishment for him.

It was thus true that, sometimes, people like Zhai Yaohui could make a person disappear before his eyes with just one word if he could not see eye to eye with him.

"Dad, you're saying that Chief Zhai wished to have a deeper understanding of Qiao Nan because he starts approving of her?" If that was the case, it was good news.

"Otherwise? Do you think I have so much spare time to make frequent calls to Zhai Yaohui and tell him about Qiao Nan?" He was a busy man who found twenty-four hours a day insufficient. How could he waste his time to report to Zhai Yaohui about Qiao Nan? "I'm helping them so that Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng can take some shortcuts."

"Dad, you're so good!" Shi Qing's eyes lit up as she clung to Shi Peng's arms. "Dad, I know that you're the most sentimental person in this world. Based on the current situation, does it mean that Chief Zhai will not object to the marriage of Qiao Nan and Brother Zhai? Instead, he'll agree and help them convince Auntie Miao?"

"Why are you bootlicking me? Qiao Nan is the one who will be having in-laws, not you. Qing Qing, you really don't like Zhai Sheng and have no feelings for him at all? When you hear that things will be smoother for Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng, do you sincerely feel happy for them?" One year ago, his daughter was so infatuated with Zhai Sheng. As the father, this often made him jealous.

Qing Qing had feelings for Zhai Sheng for many years. It was just one year. Could Qing Qing really forget about Zhai Sheng completely and feel happy for Zhai Sheng and another woman, congratulating them wholeheartedly?

"Dad, don't underestimate my thoughts and self-awareness. Brother Zhai is still my idol. It's just that he's beyond my reach. As for Qiao Nan, she is already at a stage where I can't reach. There's no one more compatible than the two of them. Now, I'm good friends with Qiao Nan, and I see Brother Zhai as my elder brother. I no longer have any feelings for Brother Zhai." When Shi Qing said this, a determined face flashed across Shi Qing's mind.

During her entire second year of high school, Zhu Baoguo rarely mentioned Qiao Nan in front of her. Instead, he was more focused on improving his own abilities.

Could it be that Zhu Baoguo had sorted out his thoughts and did not like Qiao Nan anymore?

"Qing Qing, I'm talking to you. Why aren't you responding to me? What are you thinking of?" At the sight of Shi Qing not budging for some time, Shi Peng frowned. "Do you feel unwell or tired?"

Shi Qing was surprised when she realized that she was lost in her thoughts about a young man in front of her father. She blushed instantly. "No, my health is quite good. No, it's just… I'm just a little tired. Qiao Nan said that the National Day holiday is coming to an end. She asked me to prep myself in case I have difficulty adjusting when school reopens."

"Qiao Nan is right. You should certainly do that." After a short holiday, Shi Peng knew that it was not uncommon for many children to have excessive fun during the holiday.

Shi Peng was not from the education sector. Hence, he could not discipline other people's children. However, he was very strict with his only child. "Alright, quickly go to sleep. Don't pick up the bad habit of sleeping late, in case you can't change it when you return to school."

"Okay, I know. Dad, I'm going to bed. Don't stay up late. Quickly go to bed."

"Okay." Shi Peng smiled bitterly. Did he dare to stay up late when Qing Qing was at home?

"Right." Shi Peng called Shi Qing back. "I need to discuss something with you. Can you take back the sound tape that you gave to my secretary?"

He had been hearing various versions of voice recordings which requested him to have lunch for a month. Now, to Shi Peng, Shi Qing's voice was simply akin to a demon's haunting. He did not wish to listen to it again starting next month.

Shi Qing raised her brows. "You don't want to listen to it anymore?"


"If you don't, then be more self-aware. As long as you take your meals on time, will the secretary have the chance to play the tape? Dad, try harder next month. I believe you can definitely cultivate the good habit of taking your meals on time. Before long, that sound tape of mine should be able to retire." Shi Qing patted Shi Peng's shoulders and then happily returned to her bedroom.



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