"Since the sources of water supply are critical, at the very least, the future developments in Ping Cheng must not affect water supply and cause water pollution. Once such projects appear, we must ban and put an end to them. Regarding the loss of soil, the crux of this problem is with the trees and plants. As long as deforestation is controlled and Ping Cheng's greeneries are protected, none of these problems will occur in the future."

The current ecology system of Ping Cheng was fine. It was not as bad a situation as the time after the year 2010.

The difference in ten years was not only the economy but also the environment.

As long as Shi Peng paid attention to these issues at this point in time, Ping Cheng could definitely become one of the most unpolluted places in China.

In short, it was necessary to prevent those issues from occurring.

Solving the problems after occurrence would be difficult. In comparison, it was easier to ensure good management and control practices.

"Right, I'm so muddleheaded!" She had been thinking about what to do if the problems were to occur but had forgotten that these issues had not even materialized. "Then, I'll go and tell my dad…"

"No need. Your dad doesn't need your reminder. He'll be able to think of it himself." Director Shi was a qualified and outstanding party member. He would do all he could for the country and the people.

With Director Shi as a government official in Ping Cheng, she felt quite assured.

Each time Shi Peng had a meal at the house of the Qiao family, he would derive a sense of satisfaction. Today, he felt extraordinarily satisfied in both psychological and physiological aspects.

"Dad, what are you doing? Quickly go to bed." Shi Qing, who had just finished bathing, was drying her hair and yawning at the same time. She then searched out the hairdryer at home and was prepared to go to bed after drying her hair.

"Nothing. Rest assured. I won't sleep late. I'm just going to make a call before I sleep." Shi Peng picked up the phone.

"Who are you calling?" Shi Qing sat down, feeling curious. "It's already so late. You have not slept but others may be sleeping."

"Don't worry. I'm sure they haven't gone to sleep yet." Shi Peng dialed a phone number swiftly. Before two rings, the other side picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Old Zhai, it's me."

"I know." Zhai Yaohui's aloof voice could be heard from the other side of the phone.

Shi Qing, who was sitting by his side, widened her eyes. She mouthed, "Why did you call Uncle Zhai?!"

At the sight of his daughter, Shi Peng laughed. "There's something about Qiao Nan today which I feel the need to tell you to deepen your understanding of her. After all, this is the mission that you assigned to me. I can't let down the trust that the leader placed on me, right?"

"…" Shi Qing's face turned black. Her father actually became Chief Zhai's spy. Moreover, it was to specifically spy on Qiao Nan.

Wasn't her father being too much by doing this? Uncle Qiao and Qiao Nan were so good to them and her dad still wanted to tell on Qiao Nan.

Shi Peng was amused when he saw the anger in his daughter's eyes rising. He was not telling on Qiao Nan. He was helping Qiao Nan to improve Zhai Yaohui's impression of her. "This is what happened… Old Zhai, your family is so blessed. Zhai Sheng's judgment of character is better than yours."

"…" Zhai Yaohui, who was on the other side of the phone, was silent for a while. However, he did not agree readily with Shi Peng.

If the woman that Shi Peng was referring to was Qi Minlan, then he would admit that his sense of judgment was not better than that of his son. But if he was referring to Miao Miao, he did not think so.

Both Miao Miao and Qiao Nan had their own merits. Moreover, they would become mother and daughter-in-law in the future. Hence, there was no need to compare them.

"Qiao Nan, this lady, is incredible. Your previous fears are completely unfounded. She is certainly qualified to take on the role of the daughter-in-law of the Zhai family. She won't make the Zhai family lose face. Maybe your Zhai family will even rise further in your reputation with such a capable and forward-thinking daughter-in-law."

The hero's origin did not matter. Since ancient times, the emperor had the habit of giving high regard to his people with humble backgrounds. It was the same situation in China now.

The more ordinary one's background was and the more successful one became, they would be highly regarded by the country and leaders as role models.

Qiao Nan, this young lady, was truly incredible.

"Unfortunately, Qing Qing is also a lady. Otherwise, Zhai Sheng wouldn't stand a chance." Perhaps this was Zhai Sheng's blessing too. When Qiao Nan was still a plain and unpolished jade, he had already taken a liking to her.

When Qiao Nan was polished, she would be shining in dazzling splendor and exuding inner grace and charisma. Countless gentlemen who noticed Qiao Nan's positive qualities would be more than willing to woo the fair lady.

It was a matter of timing and opportunity.

Zhai Yaohui snorted. "The problem is that you only have one daughter." Regardless of whether it was a pity, it was impossible for Qiao Nan to become part of the Shi family. She belonged to his son.

If not for Zhai Sheng, the Shi family might not even have an opportunity to meet Qiao Nan in their entire lifetime.

At the end of the day, Zhai Sheng was the only person with a good sense of judgment. The father-daughter of the Shi family owed it all to Zhai Sheng.

"Do you mean that you're more approving of Qiao Nan and are agreeable to their relationship now?" This was the first time that Zhai Yaohui spoke to Shi Peng in such a proud and complacent manner. Therefore Shi Peng did not dispute him. He even allowed Zhai Yaohui to gloat about it.

He was returning favor with favor.

"Qiao Nan is certainly not bad." As his understanding of Qiao Nan grew, he also agreed that Qiao Nan was becoming more and more outstanding and dazzling. She was completely worthy of Zhai Sheng.

One of Zhai Yaohui's requirements for the future daughter-in-law of the Zhai family was for her to have some sensitivity to political issues. At the very least, she must not be an idiot in politics.

This was also the reason that Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing wanted to find Zhai Sheng a wife with a similar family situation as the Zhai family.

Given the reputation and status of the Zhai family, they needed to have certain considerations and reservations.

Love was, of course, important, but not as much as suitability.

If they could meet one that their son loved and was also suitable for the Zhai family, that would be a happy ending for all.

Thinking about that stubborn character of Zhai Sheng now, Zhai Yaohui let out a huge sigh of relief. Fortunately, Zhai Sheng was lucky and Qiao Nan was outstanding enough. There was nothing that he could pick on regarding her. This was the fortune and luck of both the Zhai family and Qiao Nan.

"But you have not settled your wife's end, have you?" Shi Peng was laughing at Zhai Yaohui. Clearly, he had acknowledged Qiao Nan as his daughter-in-law but this matter was still stuck at Miao Jing's end.

"It's not an issue." Zhai Sheng was good at nothing except for smoking his way through others.

Given Miao Miao's temper, it was really not difficult to let Miao Miao accept Qiao Nan as long as Zhai Sheng put in some good words and both he and Qiao Nan worked on it together when the time came.

Shi Peng laughed. "How was it? Have I completed my mission beautifully? It's fortunate that I did not fail."

Zhai Yaohui snorted at Shi Peng's claims. "Didn't you gain much from this as well?"

All of what Qiao Nan said was constructive and meaningful. It gave Shi Peng so much inspiration and guidance on his future plans. Shi Peng was the one who benefited much. In fact, Shi Peng was the one who took his undeserved gains for granted.

Zhai Yaohui did not have the habit of pampering his long-time opponent.



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