According to what her father said, Qiao Nan would be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel very soon.

It was great today. All her wishes came true.

Qiao Nan sneezed. She rubbed her nose that suddenly itched.

"Nan Nan, you sneezed? Don't tell me that you caught a cold." Qiao Dongliang was very anxious when he heard Qiao Nan sneeze. "Why don't you drink a cup of indigowoad root herbal tea?"

"Dad, don't, I'm not drinking it." Qiao Nan shook her head quickly. "My nose just feels itchy. I didn't catch a cold. Taking too much medicine is not good. It's not good to keep drinking herbal teas either. Dad, it's late. Quickly go to bed. There's nothing wrong with me. I'll sleep after I memorize a few pages of the dictionary." It was already half-past nine and she also did not plan to stay up late.

"Fine, as long as you know what you are doing. I'm going to bed." After a long day at work, Qiao Dongliang was exhausted too. He was, in fact, also trying to perk himself up as he talked to Qiao Nan.

Once the National Day holiday ended, Qiao Nan and Shi Qing resumed to their normal lives, juggling between school and home.

However, due to the National Day break, a sudden rumor regarding Qiao Nan occurred at Ping Cheng High School: Qiao Nan made use of her status as the top student of the cohort in Ping Cheng High School to open tuition classes and collect exorbitant fees.

In other words, Qiao Nan was earning money illegitimately using Ping Cheng High School's name.

"Damn, who's so mean?!" Upon hearing this news, Shi Qing's eyes widened, looking as fierce as a tigress. "Qiao Nan, don't worry or be distracted. I think someone did it on purpose. They think they can affect your learning and confidence with such despicable methods so that you will lose the place as the top student in the cohort. Damn, they're too stupid. I'll help you settle this."

She did not believe that she could not find out who started this.

"What you said is also what I wanted to tell you. Don't get distracted because of that kind of person. They can't stir up much trouble. You'll be wasting your time and effort if you deal with such people." It had been four years since her rebirth. She encountered many matters and this was not her first time seeing people adopt such means.

Now, to Qiao Nan, these were just little tricks that would not hurt her at all.

To get angry and take issue with these people would be a true loss to her—loss of time and energy.

As such, after arriving at school, she could not be bothered and was expressionless when she heard such adverse rumors about her.

At the sight of Shi Qing feeling angry and unjustified, Qiao Nan expressed that it was not necessary. "Alright, I'm going back to my class. If you trust me, don't intervene in this matter. Nothing much will come out of it."

She was the reason Ping Cheng High School received sponsorships. Moreover, she had just become the owner of the small courtyard that she was currently living in.

To put it bluntly, from a practical perspective, it was all or nothing, Principal Meng would not doubt or criticize her because of these rumors. Instead, he would try hard to think of ways to dispel them.

Furthermore, the rumors did reflect some of the truth.

She had never made use of the fact that she was one of the top students in Ping Cheng High School to attract students. She just could not reject those students.

As for the tuition fees, the students' parents discussed and agreed on it on their own.

Although it was a little shameless to do that, Qiao Nan passed all the decision rights to the parents and students, refraining from intervening in any area.

"Your temper is so good. If anyone dares to poop on my head, I certainly won't endure it. Alright, I know what to do regarding this. You just need to study well. Don't be affected. As for me, I know my limits and won't go overboard."

No matter what, she could not choose to do nothing.

Qiao Nan shook her head and let Shi Qing be.

They were not kids anymore. She believed Shi Qing knew how to strike a balance.

When Qiao Nan arrived at her classroom, her dormitory mates were very concerned. "Nan Nan, did you offend anyone recently?" If Nan Nan did not offend anyone, why were there such adverse rumors about Nan Nan in the school? "Have you thought of any solution to this? Do you want to explain this to the form teacher and principal?"

"No need. You don't need to care about those rumors. Let them spread. We're already in our third year and we barely have enough time to study. It doesn't matter who has the time and energy to stir things up at such a critical time. Just let them be. Let's hope they don't regret it and cry miserably after the college entrance examination ends."

Qiao Nan very much wished that she had forty-eight hours a day for her utilization. As a third-year student, anyone who hoped to achieve outstanding grades for the college entrance examination would feel as anxious as Qiao Nan about the lack of time to study.

Usually, no one would stir up this kind of matter. It was a waste of time and would not help them in the college entrance examination.

If they dwelled on it for too long, it might even delay their own learning progress.

Hence, they would be a fool if they impeded their own learning progress for the sake of these rumors.

When Qiao Nan's classmates heard what she said, they immediately sorted out their thoughts despite being previously distracted a little by these rumors.

Nothing was more important than studying and the college entrance examination at this point in time.

They did not even have enough time to study. They must have been too muddleheaded to have bothered about these rumors. They nearly lost their priorities.

Fang Fang adjusted her glasses. "Maybe that person did it on purpose. The competition for the college entrance examination is so harsh. If the students in the same stream fared badly, that person can do better and score closer to the college admission score. Some just like to specifically do things that deride others and benefit themselves. It's ridiculous that many people foolishly fell into the trap."

"It's hard to say." Zheng Lingling laughed mockingly. "Who asked Qiao Nan to be the 'living treasure' of third-year class one and even the entire cohort? They are trying to sow discord between Qiao Nan and us so that Qiao Nan will be angered and not spot questions for us. This person must be very proud because what they did implies that they don't care about Qiao Nan's questions and have no qualms about using such despicable tricks behind one's back. Whoever falls into their trap is a fool."

Undoubtedly, there were not many people who would spread such rumors in Ping Cheng High School.

One must know that Qiao Nan was the famous and highly respected Teacher Xiao Qiao to the students of the second-year and third-year cohorts.

Even the new students who had just joined the school heard about Qiao Nan.

In normal circumstances, who would do something so mean to Qiao Nan when it would not benefit Ping Cheng High School? There would only be two people no matter how one looked at it.

At the thought of Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu whining and appearing like a fly from time to time to prove their existence, Zheng Lingling felt very annoyed.

Why was it that the world did not have a huge fly swatter so that she could swat annoying flies like Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu to the wall swiftly in one go such that they could not even drop from the wall? There would be world peace then.Indigowoad root is a traditional Chinese herb



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