Zheng Lingling had put her words so bluntly that any normal person would understand.

This was not the first time such things happened in the cohort. Almost no one doubted the truth of Zheng Lingling's words. Instead, most believed her completely.

"This kind of people is just too annoying."


"Will those capable of saying such things dare to touch the question papers set by Qiao Nan? Will their fingers be chopped off instantly when they do? There should be a limit to one's ill intentions. All of us are relatively young, but some people are already so mean. What horrible characters."

"Exactly. Some people are really annoying. Why can't they stop doing all this? Since they have time and energy for such crap, why don't they find peace and focus on their studies instead? With this kind of learning attitude, they still wish to compete with Qiao Nan? It'll be faster to dream about fulfilling their wishes."

If one wanted to be at odds with Qiao Nan due to personal feuds, no one would care.

However, if someone deliberately wanted to sow discord between Qiao Nan and the entire third-year cohort, then that would definitely not do!

The previous batch of seniors received excellent grades. As such, the enrollment rate of Ping Cheng High School this year had reached a record high.

As a student from Ping Cheng High School taking the college entrance examination soon, who would not hope that they could sustain or improve the outstanding results of this year's third-year cohort? This was so that they could become like one of them and be admitted to the college of their choice.

At this juncture, whoever dared to thwart this plan was simply akin to the enemies who murdered their parents. They would make others feel hateful to the core such that there was absolutely no way they would be let off.

The materials from Qiao Nan were precious things that could help them take the college entrance examination successfully.

If someone wanted to harm Qiao Nan, sure. Next time, these people could forget about lifting a finger to touch the materials shared by Qiao Nan.

When that time came, these people could kick up a fuss as much as they wished to. They could not be bothered and would not care as well.

Everyone was aware that there were only two possible candidates who were at odds with Qiao Nan and would create such a fuss in the entire third-year cohort. One was Xu Tingting and the other was Zhao Yu.

The third-year students basically did not inquire which of the two did this or whether the two were in it together. They simply put the entire blame of this matter on the two of them.

As long as the revision materials and lesson notes were given by Qiao Nan, everyone in the third year would receive them except for Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu.

If the two of them were to ask for the notes, the student distributing the materials would simply tell them that he only had a certain quantity on hand and was short of one copy. Thus, he was helpless even if they requested it.

When Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu did not accept the explanation and said that they would tell the teachers, the rest would be gracious about it. "You want to tell the teachers? Go ahead. You can tell them whatever you like. Whoever stops Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu from doing so is not born to your own parents!"

Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu had no alternative but to seek the teachers' help.

The two of them had now been boycotted quite badly by the rest of the third-year students. Even those who followed closely by Xu Tingting's side and followed her lead in the past also stayed away from her.

In these two years, the only one that was by Xu Tingting's side was surprisingly the one whom Xu Tingting had previously boycotted and schemed against, and ended up in doldrums together: Zhao Yu.

The two of them, who temporarily got together, went to look for the teachers to request for the revision materials.

The form teacher expressed without reservation that there were no excess copies as everyone had a fixed number of sets of revision materials.

If Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu really needed them, the best way was to borrow from their classmates. Thereafter, they could copy the notes or make photocopies outside the school. The school would not interfere.

The teachers had already said their piece. Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu could only return to the class again to borrow the materials from others so that they could make copies of them.

They did not expect that, after a round of requests to all the classmates, no one expressed willingness to lend the materials to them. All expressed with no hesitation that they needed to use the materials at all times.

As to whether these were lies, both Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu did not have the energy to expose them anymore. The outcome would be the same whether they did or not.

Unknowingly, with Qiao Nan as the main party concerned, a boycott that was not extraordinarily mean or serious occurred in the school. Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu were the ones who brought all these troubles upon themselves.

As the main party concerned, Qiao Nan was nonchalant about this until Zhao Yu came crying to her. "Qiao Nan, I'm innocent. This matter really did not have anything to do with me. This was done by Xu Tingting alone. Actually, I tried to advise her not to, but I didn't dare to tell this to anyone. Qiao Nan, I'm really innocent."

No one hit or scolded Zhao Yu. Everyone gave Zhao Yu cold shoulders and Zhao Yu could not get hold of any materials from Qiao Nan.

The problem was that Zhao Yu wanted to study hard. She also wanted to perform exceedingly well during the college entrance examination so that she could attain good grades and get into a good college.

The materials that Qiao Nan provided for the third-year students were everything that Zhao Yu needed badly.

This path had now been destroyed. Zhao Yu felt like crying but no longer had any tears.

It would be her karma if she had participated in the wrongdoing. However, she really did not do anything this time.

Three years had passed. Zhao Yu had long acknowledged the gap between Qiao Nan and her. Regardless of how unjustified and unhappy she felt, the gap between Qiao Nan and her had increased greatly. She could only watch Qiao Nan from afar. This was the truth. Not admitting it did not mean that it did not exist.

Not to mention the third-year, in their second-year, Zhao Yu had already dropped the intention of dealing with Qiao Nan. She had been abidingly minding her own business. She was focused on her studies and no longer saw Qiao Nan as her enemy.

In their third-year, as Zhao Yu did not have a very solid foundation in her studies, she had already fallen behind in her grades. She thus further did not have the mood to think about how to deal with Qiao Nan. She only resented that she did not have enough time to make up for the basic knowledge that she did not learn well in the past.

Having been given cold shoulders and being boycotted by others, Zhao Yu felt wronged but she had no ways to vent.

Zhao Yu had already explained to many classmates that she did not have anything to do with this matter. She did not do this but no one believed her. Hence, the cold shoulders and boycotting continued. Zhao Yu was nearly driven mad.

Having nowhere else to turn for help, Zhao Yu could only look for Qiao Nan, the main party concerned. "Qiao Nan, can… can you let me off, please? I admit that I was wrong. Yes, I disliked you in the past and always wanted to find trouble with you. But these are things of the past. I can swear that I have not done anything that let you down since our second year. I, I admit that I, I was the one who smashed and broke all your pens during the essay writing competition in secondary three. However, I've changed now. I really didn't do this… Qiao Nan, let, let me off, please. I can apologize to you. Just tell me what you want."



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