"Besides, all third-year students will have access to the materials that I provide. If Zhao Yu uses her wits, she will be able to get it."

"What do you mean?"

"The Zhao family has the money." Qiao Nan chuckled. In this world, no one would say no to money.

In fact, Zhao Yu only needed to spend some money and ask around secretly. Someone would certainly lend her the materials.

To Qiao Nan, it was good for her that Zhao Yu backed down and promised that she would not give her any trouble in the future. It was better to have one less enemy. "People like Zhao Yu may not be able to stir up big trouble for me, but you can't deny that it is quite annoying when she is constantly on your back. I hope that this year will pass by peacefully. After I graduate, it is impossible that we will end up in the same college."

They had been in the same school for twelve years. Qiao Nan had no wish to be so ruthless in their last year together.

"As you wish." Shi Qing did not deny that she was right.

Take for instance what happened this time. The rumor might not have any impact on Qiao Nan, but one could not help but be annoyed.

Luckily, Qiao Nan could take it in stride.

Other people might succumb to the stress and would not be able to focus on their studies. They would then fall for the trap of the person who spread the rumor.

After Qiao Nan went back to the classroom, she asked Tang Mengran to pass the revision materials to Zhao Yu.

When Tang Mengran came to look for Zhao Yu, all the classmates in Zhao Yu's class kept staring at the two of them.

All the third-year students knew that Qiao Nan was on good terms with her roommates. Since Tang Mengran was here, she must have obtained Qiao Nan's consent. "Here, Nan Nan told me to pass this to you."

"Thank you." Zhao Yu turned red. She lowered her face in embarrassment and dared not meet Tang Mengran's gaze.

Tang Mengran twitched the corners of her lips. When she first met Zhao Yu, they were in their first year of high school. Her temper was just as bad as Xu Tingting's, haughty and arrogant. Now, she seemed to be like a young daughter-in-law who was afraid of making mistakes. She looked pitiful. "Don't thank me. It's Nan Nan who asked me to pass it to you. Nan Nan is good-tempered and kind. You have been classmates with her for years. You should know your limits. She has her temper as well. This could be the last chance that she will give you."

"I… I understand." Zhao Yu nodded hard. She would be crazy if she continued to make things difficult for Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan was the first place in the level whereas she already fell outside the top hundred places. She did not have the ability and self-confidence to make trouble for Qiao Nan. She only wanted to focus on her studies and get into a good university. She had no time and energy for other things.

"It's good that you understand." Tang Mengran gave a faint reply. "Now that I have passed them to you, I'll be leaving. Conduct yourself well."

Tang Mengran had a good temper. Since Zhao Yu accepted her reminder, she did not say other nasty words and turned to leave.

Once Tang Mengran left, Xu Tingting, who turned green from anger and had crushed her papers into a ball, stood up, stopping in front of Zhao Yu. "Xiao Yu Yu, can I borrow these materials to make a copy?"

"No way!" Zhao Yu gritted her teeth and hid the copies behind her. "Xu Tingting, I have told Qiao Nan everything. In the future, let's mind our own businesses. I will not mix with you anymore. Don't think of asking me to join you in your silly acts. Qiao Nan is, in fact, a good person. Why do you insist on bullying such an honest and good person like her?"

"What a bootlicker. Are you trying to be wise now?" Xu Tingting turned purple from anger.

Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting always seemed to be in cahoots with each other to bully Qiao Nan.

Whenever there were any rumors about Qiao Nan, it was most probably started by the two of them.

Since their classmates shunned Zhao Yu, they were not nice to Xu Tingting as well.

Therefore, Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting were the only two students among all the third-year students who did not have access to Qiao Nan's revision materials.

Zhao Yu was repentant, but Xu Tingting was haughty.

Her results had been good enough for her to be allocated to the humanities' class one.

But Xu Tingting felt that it would be just as well if she was not in class one. Now that she was in a different class from Qiao Nan, although she could not be the best among all the third-year students, she would be able to come in first place in her class.

Although she did not rank first in the cohort, she was able to be in the top three or top five places.

Knowing that she was smart, Xu Tingting felt that she was above others and looked down on them.

But the problem was that with Qiao Nan's help, the humanities' class one did better in their exams. In particular, Fang Fang and Zheng Lingling would come in the top five places in the cohort; and He Yun and Tao Zhenqin would make it to the top twenty places in the cohort. Even for Tang Mengran who had the worst grades among all of them, she could still make it to the top fifty places in the cohort.

Now that Fang Fang and Zheng Lingling were in the top five rankings, Xu Tingting found it difficult to maintain her ranking in the top five places.

In the beginning, Xu Tingting was very full of herself. She felt that she had no use of Qiao Nan's revision materials and believed that she would do just as well without them.

Other people might not be willing to share Qiao Nan's revision materials with her, but she had no use of them as well.

However, Xu Tingting began to panic when Fang Fang and Zheng Lingling came in the top five places in the level. She was no longer as confident and sure of herself.

She found Qiao Nan to be an eyesore, especially since she always ranked first among them all. It infuriated her further that the revision materials that Qiao Nan prepared were so useful that not only had the humanities' class one and Qiao Nan's roommates improved in their results, but Xu Tingting's classmates had been doing well in the exams as well.

Although they only made slight improvements, it was a fact that they had been making steady improvements.

They would do better each time for the exams. If one was to compare the results of the most recent exam with those of the first exam that they took when they had just advanced to the third year, it could be seen that they had made tremendous improvements.

Xu Tingting was the first place in her class. What was most intolerable was that the gap between the second place in her class and her was getting smaller and smaller. In the past, there used to be a difference of more than ten marks. Now, there was only a difference of less than ten marks.

At times, studying was akin to sailing against the currents. If one did not improve, one would fall behind.

Xu Tingting had maintained her standard. However, her classmates had been improving day by day. Soon, she would no longer be the first place in her class.

Therefore, Xu Tingting tried means and ways to make trouble for Qiao Nan to affect her studies.

If Qiao Nan was affected and lost her focus on her studies, not only would her results be affected, but all of the third-year students, including her classmates, would be affected as well.

By then, she would be able to widen the gap between her classmates and her and close the gap between Qiao Nan and her.

This was killing two birds with one stone. Xu Tingting had come up with a brilliant plan.



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