However, Xu Tingting did not expect that Zhao Yu would behave in such a way.

Her intention was for Zhao Yu to join her in what she did. "Zhao Yu, it has been two years. We have been bullied by Qiao Nan for two years. We finally have the chance to get back at her. This time, we must make sure that she suffers!"

"I won't do it." Zhao Yu did not have the slightest hesitation. "I don't have so much time and energy to be doing all these. I just want to study hard. Xu Tingting, you should do the same. I have been in a different class from Qiao Nan for the whole second year. I have been doing a lot of thinking. In retrospect, Qiao Nan has never provoked me or bullied me. I just couldn't stand it that she is better and more popular than me. I was doing myself in."

In the past, Zhao Yu felt that Qiao Nan was a bad person and that she had suffered because of Qiao Nan.

But after a year apart, she had sorted out her thoughts. What happened had nothing to do with Qiao Nan. It was her fault.

When she was in her third year of junior high school and the first year of senior high school, she could not think properly and worked herself into a dead end. She did not focus on her studies and spent all her time making life difficult for Qiao Nan. She could not understand her behavior back then. It was as if she was out of her mind.

But right now, Zhao Yu no longer harbored such thoughts. She was not willing to mix with Xu Tingting anymore. "Xu Tingting, since we have been classmates for three years, let me give you a piece of advice. This is our third year. We should pay attention to our studies. There is already not enough time for our studies, let alone to come up with all these cheap tricks. Doing all these won't do you any good. Stop now."

Xu Tingting had gradually lost her place as the most outstanding student in the class and in the cohort.

If she were her, she would be in a panic and she would spend all her time on her studies in order to improve her performance. Unlike Xu Tingting, she would not have the time to dig up rumors about Qiao Nan.

What Zhao Yu did not know was that Xu Tingting was, in fact, concerned about her studies. However, she used the wrong method to improve her results.

Xu Tingting did not have a good temper. Since Zhao Yu had no intention of helping her, she did not share the scandal about Qiao Nan, lest Zhao Yu betrayed her and told others of the scandal. "Fine. But let me warn you. If you dare to tell others about this, even though I can do nothing to Qiao Nan, I will make sure you will not have a good time!"

Zhao Yu's face turned pale. Xu Tingting had been bullying her in the past year. "Don't be too smug. It won't do you good to make life difficult for Qiao Nan. As for me, given my relationship with Qiao Nan, even if I tell others about this, no one will believe that I'm helping Qiao Nan."

Those were groundless concerns.

In the end, the rumor was spread around the school. Zhao Yu, who did not do anything and instead tried to persuade Xu Tingting to stop making trouble for Qiao Nan, was implicated because of her past bad records.

Zhao Yu regretted what she did in the past and she also hated Xu Tingting for implicating her.

In the two years that they had been classmates, Xu Tingting did not treat her nicely and yet she was implicated by her. There was no justice in the world. "Xu Tingting, don't think that you can continue to bully me. You'd better watch out. Don't forget, even a worm will turn. I will not go easy on you if you provoke me!"

"What do you mean?!" Xu Tingting's countenance changed.

Zhao Yu took a deep breath. The tables were turned on Xu Tingting. "I just found out that your dad is a worker at my dad's factory. I heard from my dad that your parents… no… I mean, your father is an honest man. As for your mother… you know very well what kind of person she is. Your dad works at the factory to earn your school fees. If my dad is unhappy, he can always fire your dad. If you continue to bully me, don't blame me for being vicious!"

She was the daughter of the boss, yet she was bullied by the daughter of her father's worker.

Zhao Yu turned green in anger when she found out the truth by chance.

"How dare you!" Xu Tingting gritted her teeth.

Zhao Yu might not have known about this, but Xu Tingting had known about it since the first semester of their first year in high school.

At times, Xu Tingting would visit her father's workplace to bring him his meals.

As a result, she found out that, like her case, her father's boss had an only daughter as well.

The boss liked daughters and pampered his daughter.

On several occasions, when Xu Tingting delivered meals to her father, the boss would drive his car to fetch his daughter. She would catch a glimpse of a figure in the car, but she did not manage to see the person inside the car.

It was only when they studied at the same high school, and Zhao Yu's father came to school to fetch Zhao Yu in the same car, did she realize that the daughter of her father's boss whom she had been curious about was Zhao Yu.

Qiao Nan was not as good as her, but there were many people who liked and defended her. Similarly, Zhao Yu was not as good as her, but she had such a good father. Why was it that she was outstanding in every aspect but her family was not rich and she could only pin her hopes on finding a good husband? As a result, her classmates would always ridicule her for being a vixen as she was always on the lookout for good men.

Xu Tingting felt wronged for being treated unfairly. Therefore, she turned to bullying Zhao Yu to gain a sense of accomplishment.

After finding out that Zhao Yu was the daughter of her father's boss, Xu Tingting stopped delivering meals to her father, lest Zhao Yu bumped into her at the factory.

She did not expect that after two years of hiding the truth from Zhao Yu, she would find out about it in her third year of high school.

"Let's see if I dare to do it or not!" Zhao Yu shook with anger. "My dad feels sorry for you and your dad who have been bullied by your mom. If he didn't give him a job, you wouldn't even have the chance to study. However, you used the money that was earned at my family's factory to go to school and bullied me. Xu Tingting, such people like you will never be able to surpass Qiao Nan or lead a better life than her!"

She used to bully Qiao Nan in the past. However, Qiao Nan did not take issue with her even when she confessed to Qiao Nan that she broke her pens when they took part in the essay competition in their third year of junior high, almost causing Qiao Nan to be unable to participate in the competition.

As for Xu Tingting, she did not know to be grateful. Such people were the most annoying.

In the past, she was blind to be in cahoots with Xu Tingting and bully honest people like Qiao Nan.

Xu Tingting's face turned red when she noticed that everyone in the class was looking in their direction. She ground her teeth and lowered her voice. "Fine, I will not provoke you in the future, and you shall not bother me as well. Don't make my father lose his job. And don't tell anyone in school about my family, not even a word!"



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