"I know. She can't be jumping in high spirits now." Qiao Nan's revision materials were akin to a cheating tool. It could help one revise the important pointers in a systematic way in the shortest time possible.

Without this hack from Qiao Nan, one had to arrange and tidy up the notes on their own. Much time would be needed to do all these.

Qiao Nan's revision was so structured since she had never slacked off during the holidays. She studied until ten in the evening every day.

Qiao Nan did all these—slept later than a dog, woke up earlier than a chicken, ate worse than a pig, and worked harder than a cow—but it benefited Xu Tingting who did nothing. Xu Tingting utilized Qiao Nan's revision materials and saved her time, but she used the time to make trouble for Qiao Nan instead. At the thought of all these, Shi Qing fumed with anger.

It could benefit anyone else but not Xu Tingting.

If not for the fact that Qiao Nan's revision materials were that useful, Xu Tingting would not have so much spare time and would be very tied up. Xu Tingting would be studying and too busy to attend to any other matters.

Now, with the loss of Qiao Nan, this effective hacking weapon, she would like to see if Xu Tingting would still be able to lift herself up.

"Brother Zhai, don't worry. This is our last year of high school studies. I will not let Xu Tingting have any chance. A woman like this deserves a lesson!" Shi Qing snorted. That round of beating yesterday was not enough to alleviate her anger. She should have given her a few more beatings.

Zhai Sheng put away the materials on hand properly. "Very good. Then, I'll continue to leave it to Zhu Baoguo and you to manage Xu Tingting's matter. You and your father have been taking free meals for so long in the Qiao family. It's certainly time for you to do something to repay the Qiao family."

As such, Zhai Sheng did not feel apprehensive about 'enslaving' Shi Qing at all.

"…" Must Brother Zhai be so hurtful when he spoke?

"I'm hanging up." Zhai Sheng behaved like a superior. After finding out the situation, he hung up the phone swiftly. "Please come in."

"Regiment Commander Zhai." Zhou Jun walked in. "I've made arrangements for Wei De's expulsion from the army. Would you like to take a look?"

"Okay." Zhai Sheng took over the documents. The administrative matters were done in a very complete manner. There was no issue with it. "Okay, this is fine. Find a time to send this over to Wei De."

"Wei De is still in the hospital. Do we still send it over to him?"

"I've checked on his condition. Actually, Wei De's injuries are not considered very serious. At most, he sustained some external injuries. Hence, you can simply send it over. Otherwise, you can also pass them to Zhai Hua. It'll be the same." Zhai Sheng frowned at the thought that Zhai Hua had specifically applied for ten days of leave to take care of Wei De when he was in the hospital.

Zhou Jun gave a nod. "Sure, I'll send it over."

Now, in the army, the matter between Wei De and Zhai Hua had already been known to others.

No one could gossip about Zhai Hua but they could do so about Wei De.

Many were overjoyed to know that Wei De would be expelled from the army. Regiment Commander Zhai was very impartial. He did not play favorites or commit any irregularities at all. One would be rewarded or punished accordingly.

Wei De committed a mistake. He must be dreaming if he still wished to be promoted to a platoon leader.

After Wei De's case, the morale in the army had been affected. Once the announcement of Wei De's expulsion was official, the situation in the army immediately stabilized and the atmosphere was even better than before.

After Zhou Jun left, Zhai Sheng took a breather and drank some water.

After Shi Peng left the army, the new officer had to familiarize himself with things. At this juncture, besides the political commissar, Zhai Sheng was the one who had to handle most of the matters. In particular, Zhai Sheng had to manage Wei De's matter from the start to the end.

Everyone in the army now knew that Wei De was Zhai Hua's boyfriend.

Zhai Sheng could administer severe punishment to Wei De, but not others. Other peopled dared not do so as they might think that Zhai Sheng was just pretending to punish Wei De.

If this was not handled properly, Wei De's expulsion might even lead to the end of Zhai Sheng's career in the army.

Hence, a typical person in the army would not be able to handle Wei De's matter properly, let alone go by the books regarding this matter. In the end, Zhai Sheng had to take over the matter and settle it.

Zhai Sheng could completely imagine Zhai Hua's reaction when she received the document.

It was just that this matter had exposed the relationship between Zhai Hua and Wei De. Zhai Hua should feel contented.

Zhai Sheng was drinking from the cup that he was holding. His eyes narrowed but there was a glint in them, as if he had deliberately done something.

Zhai Sheng made Shi Qing and Zhu Baoguo secretly deal with Xu Tingting, this big troublemaker. As such, the rumors died down within a couple of days.

It was just that the third-year cohort did not change their attitude toward Xu Tingting at all.

Initially, Zhu Baoguo believed that Zhao Yu was also involved in this matter. Zhao Yu's sudden realization was not something that Zhu Baoguo had expected.

Since Zhao Yu wanted to abidingly be a third-year student now, Zhu Baoguo could not be bothered to deal with her. Hence, Zhao Yu's situation in the class eased very quickly, and she was not ostracized by the rest any longer.

In that case, Xu Tingting was the odd one out in the entire third-year cohort.

Without Qiao Nan's revision materials, Xu Tingting became busier than before. At the same time, she could no longer spare some time to get to know male classmates with good family backgrounds. She was abidingly studying and attempting revision questions every day.

Logically, the teachers in the school should intervene when such a matter occurred. However, many teachers expressed that they really could not interfere in this matter.

First, Xu Tingting was the one in the wrong. There were some truths in the rumors, but some of the information was otherwise conjured.

In fact, the school should report and criticize such a student.

However, Xu Tingting was good in her studies and she was in her third year now. It would not be beneficial to anyone if they made a fuss out of it at this point in time. Furthermore, the rumors had died down subsequently and Xu Tingting had stopped stirring things up.

Secondly, the materials were provided by Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan was not obligated to provide materials to every student.

One should be grateful to Qiao Nan if she was willing to provide. It was not within her obligation to provide. No one could force Qiao Nan to be Virgin Mary and request Qiao Nan to do all these.

Moreover, Xu Tingting had been creating troubles for Qiao Nan. The teachers in Ping Cheng High School did not have the shame to ask Qiao Nan to provide Xu Tingting with the revision materials.

Xu Tingting was not afraid of offending people because her grades were quite good. Since they could not take in hand both of them, the teachers simply washed their hands off the matter. Anyway, the matter was not blown up, seemingly fine on the surface.

If other students went overboard in ostracizing Xu Tingting, the teachers would then intervene.

This matter gradually quieted down.

Qiao Nan was not bothered about this, but she could also feel the change after some time. "Tang Mengran, how did the rumors in the school die down so quickly?"



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