When Qiao Nan heard Tao Zhenqin's words, she felt quite happy. However, Tao Zhenqin's later words made Qiao Nan's face turned black. "If you're hard-hearted enough to be able to use such means, you would have dealt with Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting when you're in your first year. Do you still have to wait until today to do it? Those who think that way have overestimated you. Damn. Are they blind?"

Qiao Nan was speechless as she curled the corners of her mouth to express that she did not feel like saying anything. "I want to seek redress. I want to capsize the boat!"

"We have six passengers on this boat. Capsize the boat? With those little limbs of yours, unless you jump into the water yourself, tough." Zheng Lingling laughed at Qiao Nan as she pinched the latter's skinny arms. It was not so easy to capsize the boat.

"There's no love anymore." Qiao Nan wailed. These women from her dormitory almost became old-timers. They knew her so well that she did not have any ways to retort them anymore.

After joking with her dormitory mates, Qiao Nan felt more at ease.

However, Xu Tingting, who should have stayed away from them, had been watching her secretly. At the sight of Qiao Nan's smile that was as pretty as a flower, Xu Tingting had a sinister look in her eyes. It was as if she was a poisonous snake ambushing in a dark area, reaching out that cold tongue of hers and watching her prey coldly. She was waiting for an appropriate time to give her enemy a deadly strike such that the latter would never get up again.

"Hurry, I've been waiting for you for a long time." Shi Qing, who had been leaning against the door for some time, said impatiently. "Does humanities course have so many classes? Why were you dismissed later than us?"

"If you're so impatient, you can wait for me in the classroom. It's not as though you don't know the way." Qiao Nan stopped running. She did not know what was wrong with Shi Qing. She would always wait for her at the entrance of the school instead of the classroom.

Could it be that the scenery and geomancy of the school's entrance were better?

Shi Qing lifted her chin. "I won't go."

Whenever she went to Qiao Nan's class, she would see Qiao Nan getting along very well with others of the same age as them.

On the contrary, when she was previously in Mo Du, she was alone all the time. When she came to Ping Cheng, it was rare that she had found a friend, Qiao Nan. However, they had to study in separate classes just after being one month of classmates.

At the sight of Qiao Nan getting along very well with her classmates, Shi Qing did not feel good.

She was not a child and she would not be possessive toward Qiao Nan and not let Qiao Nan make other friends. What somebody doesn't know can't hurt them. Hence, the best way was to avoid the situation and pretended that nothing happened.

"If you won't go, so be it. Right, can I ask you something about the rumors regarding Xu Tingting in the school? Do you know who spread those rumors?" Qiao Nan stared at Shi Qing. She kept having the feeling that although no one knew, Shi Qing should know.

It was obvious from the various clues that these rumors came from the science class.

If she was not wrong, Xu Tingting's matter must have been spread by either Zhu Baoguo or Shi Qing.

Shi Qing was momentarily stunned. She quietly moved her hands behind her back and placed them on her waist. She lifted her chest and chin. "How will I know? The exam papers for the science class are piling up like a mountain. The good thing is that I don't attempt every question. If I'm as conscientious as you, I think I won't get any sleep at all for the entire third year. I will have to fight with the exam papers and war with them till dawn every day."

"Then, what's happening with Zhu Baoguo recently?"

"Zhu Baoguo? What could be happening with him recently? I don't know what Uncle Zhu has been teaching him. He not only has to learn the science curriculum but also likes to read books such as 'The Art of War' and 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms'. He's not less busy than the people from the humanities class. Why? Are you suspecting that Zhu Baoguo and I have something to do with Xu Tingting's matter? You are overestimating us. How would Zhu Baoguo and I know the family situation of Xu Tingting? If we had known, Xu Tingting's scandals would have been exposed long ago."

Of course, if not for the fact that someone told Zhu Baoguo about that conversation between Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu, they would not have found out that there were so many problems in the Xu family.

"Don't be nervous. I'm just asking casually. Given those annoying things that Xu Tingting did previously, will I seek justice for her when she has encountered problems? I'm just asking." Qiao Nan smiled deeply. She did not continue further with this topic of conversation.

At the sight of the deep and unfathomable Qiao Nan, Shi Qing felt uncertain at heart. She was not sure if Qiao Nan had guessed it or not.

People of the same family had similar personalities and temper.

When did Nan Nan pick up the bad habits of Brother Zhai? She seemed to be keeping something from her. Shi Qing was like ants on fire.

However, Shi Qing was also afraid that she would say something wrong if she talked too much. Finally, Qiao Nan stopped asking. There was thus no need for her to continue with this topic. "Qiao Nan, what nice food do you think Uncle Qiao will prepare for us when we go home?"

"Chicken. Very nutritious old mother hen. To make soup," Qiao Nan said with certainty.

At the sight of the skinny Qiao Nan, Shi Qing understood. "That's right. We should nourish our bodies. If we don't, there won't be any more meat left on our bodies. Fortunately, I'm not fat. The old mother hen is very oily but it's okay. I'll accompany you and finish it. But then again, Qiao Nan, after one summer, your waist and legs have grown thinner. Your arms are like poles but why didn't your boobs shrink?!"

At the sight of Qiao Nan's tall and towering 'C' cup and the two little 'rabbits' bulging in front of her chest, and then staring down at her own chest that looked like an airport runway, Shi Qing was so depressed that she wished to vomit blood.

Qiao Nan used a slap to move away Shi Qing's eyes that were staring at her boobs. "Don't think that you can play rogue just because you're a girl. I can also shout having been molested. There should not be any physical contact between women too. Did you hear that?"

"I only know the saying that there should not be any physical contact between man and woman. You can have no physical contact with me but can you do so with Brother Zhai?" Shi Qing blurted in disdain. Brother Zhai could look at something that she could not. Most probably, Brother Zhai had even touched it. One that favored boyfriend over friend!

Shi Qing had a look of discrimination in her eyes. Qiao Nan suddenly gave Shi Qing's head a hard slap. "Don't make a guess without any grounds. Brother Zhai and I are chaste and innocent. He respects me very much. I'm still very young. It's not what you think."

"Really? You didn't touch, hug, and kiss? Where did all the kisses go?" Shi Qing did not believe it.

In Mo Du, although people of Qiao Nan's age were considered as being involved in a romantic relationship at an early age, there were still many who went to bed together.

Brother Zhai was already so 'old'. Although Qiao Nan did not have much desire, could Brother Zhai, this 'old man', not touch Qiao Nan, such a big and juicy piece of fragrant meat?

Qiao Nan was bluffing her. How would she believe this nonsense?

"It was purely hugs, kisses on the face, and touching of the waist. Nothing more." Qiao Nan was also honest. After Shi Qing queried, she simply confessed everything in order to prove that she and Brother Zhai were as pure and innocent as water.



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