Xu Tingting pretended to show her weakness. However, she did not succeed in getting her 'new friend' to stand up for her. Instead, he acted like a coward and ran off. Xu Tingting had nothing but anger for him.

"Useless scoundrel." He cowered in fear under the threats of others. She had been beaten up by other people, but she did not act like a coward. She had made the wrong judgment. He was clearly a jellyfish!

No matter how angry Xu Tingting was or how she stomped her feet, the boy left without turning back. Even when he received new revision materials, he would not give them to her or make copies for her.

Xu Tingting knew very well that the revision materials Qiao Nan provided were very important to her studies. She wanted to sit for the college entrance examination and do well in the exams. Therefore, she was not willing to go without it.

Xu Tingting tried to find ways to get her hands on the revision materials. In the past, they might be free. However, she believed that if she was willing to pay for it, she would be able to get the materials.

Xu Tingting tried means and ways to get the revision materials but everyone refused to lend her. She had no idea that this had nothing to do with Qiao Nan. In fact, someone had controlled the public opinion in the school.

Shi Qing sneered at Xu Tingting's futile attempts to get back at Qiao Nan. She was bound to fail but she was clueless of her predicament. "I wonder what else she is capable of?"

Zhu Baoguo stared at Shi Qing with mixed emotions. "You are quite insidious to have come up with something like that."

Shi Qing was the person who was behind the change in public opinion in the school while Zhu Baoguo was her assistant. Both of them felt that it was not enough to give Xu Tingting a beating; they had to give her a harsh lesson.

Not only did she scheme against Qiao Nan, but she also spread false rumors about her. How could such people be able to use Qiao Nan's revision materials! It was unreasonable!

Shi Qing rolled her eyes. "If you are stupid, you shouldn't blame others for being too clever. This is not being insidious. This is called strategy. Don't think that you can speak indiscriminately and use inappropriate words just because you are from the science class. I reserve the right to pursue legal actions and I will sue you for defamation anytime. Do you understand?"

Zhu Baoguo was silent. He had to admit that Shi Qing's method was much better than his original method.

Xu Tingting had only one purpose in mind in everything that she did—it was to destroy Qiao Nan and get rid of her.

Right now, what they did was to give her a taste of her own medicine. Since Xu Tingting wanted to get rid of Qiao Nan, they would get rid of Xu Tingting for Qiao Nan.

Zhu Baoguo grew silent as he thought of Zhu Chengqi's words to him.

Xiao Qiao was in her third year of high school. It was the most intense and stressful time in her three years of high school.

Xiao Qiao was different from him. Xiao Qiao desperately needed to change her destiny through education. If he really liked Xiao Qiao, all the more he could not be a trouble or a distraction to her at this time.

He would wait until she went to university to confess his love for Xiao Qiao and ask her to be his girlfriend.

Before that, what he needed to do was to get rid of Xu Tingting and all sorts of trouble for Xiao Qiao so that she could have a good and peaceful learning environment. This was his display of love and protection for Xiao Qiao.

Shi Qing felt guilty at Zhu Baoguo's silence. "Do you intend to follow in your father's footsteps and join the army as a soldier? In the future, you will learn of such a strategy in the army. Right now, you can take it as a hands-on demonstration in advance. You can have a go at it and you will better understand it when you join the army. Given the Zhu family's status, you will not always be an ordinary soldier in the army. Eventually, you will need to take on leadership positions in the army. There will use a lot of such strategies in the future. You must take this chance to learn them."

"Phew…" Zhu Baoguo let out a long breath. "Yes, I really need to work hard." If he was not powerful and strong, how could he protect Xiao Qiao in the future? Xiao Qiao would not be able to live freely and would be schemed or harmed by other people.

"That's right. You must learn them well." Shi Qing turned to the side, avoiding Zhu Baoguo's gaze.

It might seem like Shi Qing was the leader while Zhu Baoguo was the assistant.

However, Shi Qing knew that she was just an intermediary and someone had been giving her instructions remotely.

Shi Qing was troubled with the awkward position that she was in. Why did she have to be embroiled in this? It was Brother Zhai who was in a relationship with Qiao Nan.

Anyway, Xu Tingting's problem had finally been solved. Wait a minute. She had to make a call to Brother Zhai to report to him.

Shi Qing felt guilty. Her father was the spy that Chief Zhai placed by Qiao Nan's side, whereas she was the insider who helped Brother Zhai with Qiao Nan's problems. "Hello, Brother Zhai?"

"What's with this tone?" Zhai Sheng sounded sullen. "Zhu Baoguo and you have yet to settle the problem?" Had he thought too highly of Shi Qing and Zhu Baoguo?

"No, it's settled!" Shi Qing felt unjust. "You have made your words clear. I am not stupid. There was no way that I couldn't settle it. Brother Zhai, don't look down on people!"

"If that is the case, what's wrong with your voice?"

"I just felt sorry toward Zhu Baoguo. Zhu Baoguo has been thinking of confessing to Qiao Nan when she goes to university." But right now, she was making use of Zhu Baoguo to help her implement Brother Zhai's ploy. No matter how she thought about it, it was not right of her to do that. "Brother Zhai, you can let Qiao Nan handle it by herself. She has the ability."

"As I have said, this is not the right time." There was only one year left until the exams. It might be easy for Nan Nan to deal with Xu Tingting, but it was tricky to find the most suitable way to deal with her.

He did not want Nan Nan to be distracted at this crucial time. "If Zhu Baoguo and you control the public opinion in the school, Xu Tingting will not be able to stir up trouble in the final year."

Now that Zhai Sheng controlled the public opinion in the school, there was no way that Xu Tingting could come up with other tricks.

Not only was Qiao Nan clueless, but Xu Tingting, who had been ostracized by the rest of the students, did not know what was going on among the third-year students in Ping Cheng High School.

Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu, who were in their third year, could not get along with Qiao Nan and they would badmouth her. Why was it that the two of them could have access to the revision materials provided by Qiao Nan?

This was a psychological tactic. When someone felt that there was unfair treatment, they would find a way to correct the situation.

Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu would always bully Qiao Nan, yet they could use Qiao Nan's revision materials. It was impossible for them to follow suit and bully Qiao Nan. The only outcome would be that no one would be able to have access to revision materials provided by Qiao Nan.

After all, Qiao Nan had no obligation to provide her personal revision materials. She was not paid by Ping Cheng High School to do that. She was not a teacher, and she did not have the responsibility to teach the students and improve their results.

Since they could not bully Qiao Nan to correct the situation, the only way was to ostracize Xu Tingting and Zhao Yu so that everyone would receive fair treatment.

This tactic was easy to comprehend, but it was difficult to execute. It required skills and planning, and all of these were done by Zhai Sheng.



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