Later, Qiao Dongliang came up with a lie, saying that Qiao Nan had something on and was not at home.

The parents of the students blocked the entrance of the Qiao family's residence for two days. After confirming that Qiao Nan had not been back, they finally decided to go home.

There were a total of seven days of holiday. Now that two days had passed, they felt that their children could not learn much in the remaining five days. Compared to their usual classes, they felt that they were shortchanged.

"By the way, I heard that Sister Zhai Hua intends to bring Wei De back to the Zhai family's residence during the holiday. What do you think is the situation over there?" It had been half a year. It was weird that Sister Zhai Hua had not noticed that Wei De was problematic.

"Sister Zhai Hua intends to bring Wei De to the Zhai family's residence?" Qiao Nan widened her eyes in shock. "There is no news more shocking than this." But she had to hand it to Wei De to be able to come to this stage.

Wei De might have planned everything during his mission in the second half of last year. What he did not expect was that Sister Zhai Hua alone was not able to cover up for what had happened to the platoon leader.

When Wei De felt slightly better and the doctor had said that he could be discharged, the army sent an expulsion notice that Wei De was expelled from the army.

However, Qiao Nan heard that the notice was not delivered directly to Wei De. Instead, it was with Zhai Hua.

After Wei De was discharged from the hospital and returned to the army to recuperate, he noticed that his comrades cast him strange glances and looks of contempt. Wei De felt that something was wrong. "Hua Hua, why do I feel that those people cast strange looks at me?"

If everything went according to his plan, he should be promoted to platoon leader, and all of his comrades would be under his supervision.

His comrades should be sucking up to him, congratulating him. Their attitude was weird.

Zhai Hua stiffened and sighed. "Wei De, there is something that I have been keeping from you. You must not get worked up when you see it later." It was impossible for her to put it off any longer.

Zhai Hua knew that she could no longer keep it from Wei De when the doctor said that he could be discharged today.

She could have kept it from him, but once he returned to the army, the soldiers would tell him the truth.

Wei De was no longer a soldier in the army. He no longer had the right to stay in the army.

After collecting his belongings, Wei De had to leave the army right away. He could not stay for a minute longer. This was the hard rule in the camp.

Until now, Zhai Hua was perplexed at Wei De's actions. Since he knew that there were tight rules to follow in the army, why would he commit such a mistake accidentally and implicate the platoon leader, breaking his leg, such that he could only leave the army to run a small shop for a living?

Wei De was delighted. He thought that it was regarding his promotion. He tried to contain his smile, not noticing that Zhai Hua did not seem to be happy. In fact, she looked downcast. "What is the matter? You can tell me directly. Don't worry about my injuries. You should know that I only sustain some external injuries. Since the doctor allowed me to be discharged, it means that I am fine."

He was recovering well. It was impossible for him to faint out of happiness over such a small piece of news that he was promoted to platoon leader.

Hua Hua must have taken him as an elderly in his seventies or eighties.

Zhai Hua lifted the corners of her lips. "Forget it. You can look at it yourself."

Wei De had dreamed of being promoted to platoon leader, but the army sent him a notice that he was expelled from the army instead. Zhai Hua did not have the courage to read him the notice.

"Alright, give it to me." Wei De nodded quickly and took the notice from Zhai Hua, who had a stiff expression. His smile froze on his face when he read the notice. "E-expelled?"

"Yes, take a look for yourself."

"What's there to look at? I won't read it!" Wei De hurled the notice to a side. "This is definitely not for me. Hua Hua, did you give me someone else's notice?"

Hua Hua was too careless to have given him someone else's expulsion notice. He was almost given a big shock. "Hua Hua, don't joke around. Give me my notice. I have been in the army for so many years. My parents' only hope is that I can do well in the army. I am not a filial son. I am already at this age, yet I took such a long time to make them proud. I believe if my parents, particularly my mom, know that I have been promoted to platoon leader, they will be happy. She will have a good appetite and will be able to have two bowls of rice. Her illness will definitely get better. Hua Hua, you should understand that I am so eager to be promoted to platoon leader and then company commander so as to do my mom proud and that the two of us can have a bright future. I am not doing all these for myself."

Zhai Hua's eyes turned red at Wei De's words. "Wei De, I am sorry. The notice is really for you. I have tried very hard, but you should know my dad's temper. He always goes by the books. He didn't budge even when I begged him to help me. Besides, what happened has been blown up and it is known by quite a lot of people in the army. Some of them reported it to the political commissar. The political commissar had no choice but to tell my dad. But something good did come out of this. My dad knows about our relationship and he doesn't object to it."

"Report?" Who was so against him that they reported him?

"The platoon leader who broke his leg because of a small mistake of yours is quite well-liked by the soldiers in the army. They heard that he broke his leg and has to leave the army, and the army did not give any further explanation. Therefore, they…"

Speaking of which, Zhai Hua was flustered.

When she used her authority and money to force others to do according to her wishes, she did not feel that she was in the wrong. But when she calmed down and reflected on her actions, she knew that she was guilty of overpowering the soldiers with her money and power.

Although she was unwilling to exert her influence as a member of the Zhai family, if any soldiers who worked under her encountered such incidents, she would be willing to make use of her father's authority to get back at the person.

People in the Zhai family had the authority and money to retaliate.

"Wei De, there is no room for discussion. The notice was issued half a month ago. You have to accept reality." Zhai Hua picked up the notice and handed it to Wei De.

Wei De pulled a long face. This time, he did not intend to throw the notice away. Instead, he wanted to tear it apart and throw it away so that it would not be an eyesore. "Does the chief know about it?"

Wei De spoke the words through gritted teeth.

Those soldiers who reported the matter to the chief must have deep animosity for him!

Did he murder their father or sexually assault their mother in his previous life? If not, why would they take revenge on him and ruin his future?!

"He knows about it. But you don't have to worry. As I have said, my dad does not object to our relationship. Like the case of Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan, he has given us his implied consent."



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