"I heard that many of them are running their own businesses, doing very well. Perhaps I can seek help from them. It will not be difficult."

Zhai Hua sighed. This was indeed a good idea.

In this way, Wei De would have his start-up fund and he would have the business networks and connections that he needed to start a business.

"Hua Hua, I know that you are the one who knows me the best. You will definitely support me!" Wei De looked thrilled as he grabbed Zhai Hua's hands in excitement.

According to what Zhai Hua said, she would be asking help from her friends and they would help her on account of her family. He would have the money for his business and the business networks and contacts at no cost.

In other words, apart from putting in effort for the business, he did not need to think about money or connections. It was similar to carrying out missions with Zhai Sheng and to be credited military achievements while not making any contributions.

This was the ideal situation for Wei De. Now that Zhai Hua brought it up, he was all the more delighted at her suggestion.

Therefore, Wei De left the army and started a business half a year ago.

As Wei De had just started a business and was very busy with his business, it had been a long while since Qiao Nan last heard about Wei De from Zhai Sheng or Shi Qing. To her surprise, Shi Qing told her today that Wei De was going to the Zhai family's residence with Zhai Hua.

"Why is Sister Zhai Hua bringing Wei De to the Zhai family's residence? Didn't Wei De used to say that he would visit the Zhai family and ask for Sister Zhai Hua's hand in marriage only when he was a company commander in the army?" Since he was expelled from the army, there was no way that he could be a company commander in this life.

"I heard that Zhai Hua introduced a lot of friends whom she grew up with in the quad to Wei De. She borrowed the funds and made use of their contacts and network to help run Wei De's business. It has only been half a year and Wei De has the confidence to visit the Zhai family." Shi Qing was part of that social circle. Hence, although Qiao Nan was in a relationship with Zhai Sheng, Shi Qing was privy to what was going on in her social circle. She would learn of new developments faster than Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan gulped a mouthful of water. "Is his business making money? True, there is a saying in the ancient times that having a friend at court who has the status and power helps an official do well. At times, businessmen and officials are closely connected."

The Zhai family would be privy to the national policies that the government would be implementing. Sister Zhai Hua only needed to ask around and she would have an idea of the future plans and projects that the government had in mind.

With Sister Zhai Hua as his external support, Wei De had an easier time doing business. It was as if he was the god of gamblers. All the stocks that he invested in would do well in the stock market, and all the businesses that he invested in would have good profits as well.

As such, there was no way that Wei De would be doing badly in his business.

Shi Qing could not refute Qiao Nan's words. In fact, Shi Qing knew more insider information than what Qiao Nan had said. "Let's see. When Brother Zhai is annoyed by Wei De's behavior, he will come looking for you."

Shi Qing was spot on this time, and Zhai Sheng was not the only one who came looking for her. Miao Jing came with him as well.

"Brother Zhai, Auntie Miao, all of you are here?" Qiao Nan had a shock when she opened the door to the pair of mother and son. "What is wrong?" The pair of mother and son seemed as if they escaped to her house.

"It is too vulgar." Miao Jing shot a disdainful look at Qiao Nan. She was fuming mad. At the moment, she did not have the grace of the wife of the chief. "When I just came to the city from the countryside, I might have been a country bumpkin who did not know what it was like to have lots of money, but I have never done such stuff. Forget it, don't mention it anymore. The mention of it brings me heartache."

Hua Hua might not be very young, but no matter what, she should not have such a man as her boyfriend!

Hua Hua was good in all aspects. If Hua Hua was willing, she would arrange for her to meet young and promising talents tomorrow. Why did she have to be with an unbearably vulgar and mercenary man?

Zhai Sheng seemed to be much composed. When he knew that Zhai Hua was going to bring Wei De home, he knew that this would happen. "Nan Nan, prepare some food for us." He and his mother left the house with an empty stomach.

"The two of you have not eaten?!" It was already half-past one in the afternoon. It seemed like Brother Zhai and Auntie Miao had not had their lunch. Qiao Nan prepared sugar drinks for the two of them before she hurried into the kitchen to make fried rice with fresh meat and vegetables for them. "Just make do with it."

"Alright, it is better than going hungry." Miao Jing's stomach started to grumble when Qiao Nan came out with the fried rice.

Qiao Nan prepared preserved vegetables fried rice. She also fried some fresh vegetables and eggs. It was fragrant.

Zhai Sheng and Miao Jing were starved. Although they were people of a certain social status and the preserved vegetables fried rice was only an ordinary home-cooked meal, they enjoyed the meal and ate to their hearts' content. Miao Jing had more than half a bowl of rice before she stopped to have a drink.

Qiao Nan curled the corners of her lips. "Auntie Miao, you are…" Was there a famine at the Zhai family?

Auntie Miao seemed as if she had not had meals for a long while, but in fact, she only skipped her lunch.

"Don't bring it up." Miao Jing had calmed down slightly after her meal. "When Hua Hua called to say that she would bring the man to the house, I was fuming in anger and had not had any meals since then."

"…" That explained her behavior.

Qiao Nan looked toward Zhai Sheng. It could not be that Brother Zhai did not have any meals because of Wei De as well?

Zhai Sheng took his time to finish a bowl of rice before scooping another bowl of rice for himself.

He had already expected that this would happen. He could not possibly starve himself like his mother, but as a soldier who had to go through tremendous exercises, he had a fast metabolism, and therefore, he had a huge appetite.

"I will bring some fruits for you." Qiao Nan stood up and washed some fruits in the kitchen. These fruits were given by the parents of the students. They had given them a lot of fruits. Thankfully, they were still fresh. Hence, Qiao Nan had fruits to serve them.

Miao Jing had strong willpower. Though she was starving, she stopped herself from having too much food at one go. She stopped eating after she was around half-full. She drank some tea and ate fruits. "Nan Nan, you seem to be leading a good life. How are the tuition classes going?"

Since Qiao Nan had tuition classes, Miao Jing could not come over to her house as frequently as she wanted to.

"Looking at the parents' responses, it should be considered pretty good," Qiao Nan said modestly. "Is Chief Zhai the only one who is at home right now?"

"Yes." Miao Jing did not feel guilty at all. "He has to stay at home. That is his precious daughter!"

Zhai Yaohui had to bear the responsibility that Hua Hua had such a man as her boyfriend.

Zhai Sheng, sitting by Qiao Nan's side, remained silent. But his silence implied that he agreed with Miao Jing.

When Zhai Hua and he were young, their parents never disciplined them. One must reap what one sowed.

His parents did not discipline Zhai Hua when she was young. As a result, she ended up being so stubborn and refused to listen to reason when she grew up. His father had to compensate for his mistakes in the past.

He could not possibly want to repay his debts in his next life, right?



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