Zhai Hua could not possibly lie to Wei De that her father was happy about their relationship.

When Wei De's incident had been escalated to Zhai Yaohui, Zhai Hua got a foreboding that it was the end of her relationship with Wei De. She thought that her father would never agree to their relationship. He might even get Old Master Zhai to come to Ping Cheng, and the two of them would heartily criticize her and force her to leave Wei De and never to see Wei De again.

Zhai Hua had even come up with ways to defend her love for Wei De and to withstand the pressure that her family gave her.

Therefore, Zhai Hua was full of gratitude that Zhai Yaohui only ordered Zhai Sheng to expel Wei De from the army. He did not force Zhai Hua to leave Wei De. Though he did not agree to their relationship, he did not object to them as well.

Therefore, Zhai Hua could not lie to Wei De that Zhai Yaohui agreed to their relationship.

"Similar to the case of Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan?"

It was definitely far off!

Wei De had a creepy smile. He knew that Chief Zhai did not really approve of Qiao Nan as well.

If Qiao Nan performed badly, even if Regiment Commander Zhai liked Qiao Nan, she would stand no chance as well.

Right now, he had committed such a grave mistake. Even if Hua Hua could not tell that he had planned it in advance and was taken in by him, Chief Zhai could tell through his lies right away.

Chief Zhai had such a bad impression of him, so how could he possibly agree to allow his precious daughter to marry him?

Wei De knew very well that although Zhai Yaohui did not stop them from being together, Zhai Yaohui was more likely to agree to Zhai Sheng marrying Qiao Nan, than him marrying Zhai Hua.

He tried his best to be promoted to company commander as soon as possible so that he could have the confidence to hold his head high in front of the Zhai family.

His position in the army might be lower than that of Zhai Hua, and he came from a humble family, but he had the talent and abilities.

As long as he was given the time, he would prove to the Zhai family that Zhai Hua had made the right choice. His capabilities would make him a good match with Zhai Hua. The Zhai family would be proud of a son-in-law like him.

Now that this had happened, it would not be easy to get the Zhai family's approval to marry Zhai Hua.

"Wei De?" Zhai Hua panicked when she saw that Wei De sat by the side, smiling without a word. "Are you angry? I have tried my best, and to tell you the truth, Wei De, you were indeed in the wrong."

Since he was in the wrong, he should be punished instead of being promoted.

Zhai Hua could tell right from wrong, but Wei De was her boyfriend, someone whom she wanted to get married to. Therefore, she would side with him and help him solve his problems to the best of her ability so that everything would go well for him.

Wei De, who was already in a bad mood, grew even more annoyed when Zhai Hua reprimanded him and told him off, saying that he was in the wrong.

However, he suppressed his anger at the sight of the expulsion notice. "Hua Hua, I am not angry with you. I am angry with myself. I know that you have tried your best to negotiate with Regiment Commander Zhai so that I could participate in the mission this time. I was too anxious. My only focus is to attain military achievement so that I can marry you. I have neglected that there are discipline and strict rules in the army. I implicated the comrade, causing him to break his leg. Although I am expelled, in comparison to the comrade who broke his leg, my punishment seems very light. Hua Hua, I have let you down, and I have disappointed my parents as well."

"No, Wei De, don't say this. I am not disappointed. After listening to your words, I am very proud of you." Zhai Hua was relieved and moved by his words. She knew that Wei De was a good man. In fact, she did not mind that Wei De did not have much military achievement. What was important to her was that he treated her well and that he had good virtues.

Wei De smiled bitterly. "Hua Hua, you are good to me, so you are touched by my words. However, Chief Zhai and Regiment Commander Zhai must not have a good impression of me. I have to be promoted to company commander in order to have the confidence to ask for your hand. But I am no longer a soldier now. How can I hold my head high and ask for your hand in the future? You may not mind, but I do. Other people will take issue as well. I don't want to marry you when I have not achieved anything in life. Don't tell me that you will support the family after we get married and I will stay at home to take care of the children. If so, am I still a man? Hua Hua, I have my pride and self-esteem."

Zhai Hua sighed. She knew that Wei De was telling the truth. "Things have already come to this stage and you have to leave the army today. I have already packed your belongings for you. Then, what do you intend to do next? What should we do next?"

Wei De frowned, deep in thought. "I heard that the world is changing and technology is developing rapidly. Shall I start a business? In fact, compared with being a soldier, I may be able to do well in business if I am lucky, and I will be able to marry you soon."

"Run a business?"

"Do you object to it?"

"Not really." Previously, she had some money with her. She could use the money to support Wei De in his business.

She did not mind if Wei De was a soldier or a businessman. She liked him as a person.

However, she had given all her savings to the platoon leader. She had no more money to support Wei De in his business.

As far as she knew, Wei De had sent most of his meager salary to his hometown. He did not have much savings with him.

Even if Wei De wanted to start a business, he did not have the capital. His hometown would not have money to support his business as well.

Without a start-up fund, it would not be easy for Wei De to start a business. It was not something that could be done easily.

"What is the problem?" Wei De looked at Zhai Hua. Could it be that Zhai Hua stopped liking him as he was no longer a soldier?

Zhai Hua smiled reluctantly. "It is good that you want to start a business. Have you thought of what kind of business you want to do? Different businesses would require a different amount of start-up funds."

Zhai Hua tried to give Wei De a tactful reminder that one would need money in order to start a business and different businesses would require a different amount of start-up funds.

However, as far as Wei De's situation was concerned, he did not even have a small amount of savings. How could he start a business?

Wei De pulled a long face. True enough, he did not have the authority and the money. There was no way that he could start a business.

"Wei De, don't worry. I am sure we can come up with something. If we put our heads together, there will definitely be a solution. Among those people who grew up with me in the quad, many of them joined the army like Zhai Sheng and me, but there are also many of them who did not join the army."



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