Qiao Nan took a breath. It seemed as if Miao Jing and Zhai Sheng had decided that Chief Zhai had to settle the problem by himself. She silently mourned for him. "Will you be going back at night?"

In other words, would Wei De be having dinner at the Zhai family's residence tonight?

Since Zhai Sheng and Miao Jing were not at home, Chief Zhai was the only one left at home. Even if she was to take into account Old Master Zhai, half of the people in the Zhai family were not at home.

It was obvious how the Zhai family viewed Wei De.

Under normal circumstances, people who encountered such a situation would either beat a retreat in the face of difficulties or leave out of humiliation. But since it was Wei De, Qiao Nan could not tell for sure what would happen at dinner later.

"There's nothing to be worried about. I can just make a call to check. Since today is Saturday, not Sunday, I will go back with Zhai Sheng if they have left. If they are still there, I will have a sleepover at your house. I remember you have one more bed in your room." Miao Jing had it all planned out.

"What about Brother Zhai?" Auntie Miao did not mention where Brother Zhai was going to sleep tonight.

"You have a big living room. You can just make a makeshift bed and he can sleep for a night. It will not be a problem, right?" Miao Jing turned to look at Zhai Sheng.

Zhai Sheng curled the corners of his lips and nodded right away. "Yes."



Qiao Nan who sat by the side was speechless at Miao Jing and Zhai Sheng, who had already decided for themselves where they would be sleeping for the night. Qiao Dongliang, who just came back, pulled a long face at their conversation.

Should not be a problem?

It was a big problem!!!

Zhai Sheng was a man, so it was fine to sleep in the living room. But Nan Nan was a girl. It was a big problem!

He believed that Madam Zhai would not be so nonchalant if a man slept over at her living room while Zhai Hua was at home.

She must be kidding!

Qiao Nan was silent. She stood up to pour a cup of water for Qiao Dongliang, who just entered the house, trying to calm him down.

It was indeed a coincidence. If she was not in a relationship with Zhai Sheng, she would never agree to letting someone that she was not familiar with to sleep in the living room.

Since the Shi family's residence was right next door, if Brother Zhai insisted on staying for the night at her house, she and her father could stay at the Shi family's residence.

Qiao Dongliang had mixed emotions as he drank the water poured by his daughter. He wanted to follow his heart to send Zhai Sheng, the black wolf who was out to get his daughter away. But on the other hand, Miao Jing was clueless about everything, so he could not expose their relationship right in front of her.

He might be unhappy, but Qiao Nan was happy in this relationship.

Unless Zhai Sheng went overboard or the two of them broke up for some other reasons, even though Qiao Dongliang did not like it, he could not do anything to break them up as it would only upset Qiao Nan.

Since Miao Jing was kept in the dark, Qiao Dongliang could not be a hindrance to Qiao Nan. He had to help his daughter hide it from Miao Jing.

Qiao Dongliang glared at Zhai Sheng unhappily. If he intended to stay for the night, he had better behave himself.

Zhai Sheng nodded at Qiao Dongliang. His mother wanted to share a room with Nan Nan. There was no way that he could misbehave.

"Dad, why did you knock off at such an early time today?" It was only three o'clock now. Qiao Nan was surprised that her father was back at this time.

"Well, we rushed to finish a batch of work recently. Today, I was able to knock off two hours earlier than usual." He had intended to make use of the two hours to spend some time with Nan Nan so that they could grow closer to each other. He was envious of the close relationship that Director Shi had with Shi Qing.

Qiao Dongliang knew that it was impossible when he saw Zhai Sheng and Miao Jing at his house.

"Dad, you must be tired. Sit down and rest." As long as Brother Zhai was around, her dad would behave like a kid. She had to coax him, lest he quarreled with Brother Zhai. "Dad, is Shi Qing at home? Usually, she will come over to my house at this time. It's unusual."

In the past, Shi Qing would come over to her house at around one o'clock in the afternoon.

"I have no idea. I did not see her at the doorway. Shall I check next door?" Instead of being with Zhai Sheng, Qiao Dongliang preferred Shi Qing and Qiao Nan spending more time together.

Shi Qing and Qiao Nan were both girls and of a similar age. They had good results as well. They could be best friends!

"Sure." Qiao Nan nodded. She would have gone next door to check if not for Auntie Miao and Brother Zhai who were at her house. It would not be good to leave them by themselves.

Miao Jing raised her eyebrows. She did not really welcome Shi Qing.

Qiao Dongliang came back with Shi Qing after a short while.

Shi Qing, who followed right behind Qiao Dongliang, looked reluctant. She seemed as if she was dying to leave right away. "A-auntie Miao, Brother Zhai, how are you? Qiao Nan, I am here…"

Qiao Nan covered her face. Her reply sounded very strained. She seemed as if she was going to break out in tears.

When Shi Qing walked over to sit down beside Qiao Nan, Qiao Nan lowered her voice. "Have you seen it?"

"Of course!"

Shi Qing slept a little longer for her afternoon nap today. It was later than usual when she woke up.

She had just come out from her house and closed her door when she saw Auntie Miao and Brother Zhai enter the Qiao family's residence.

She turned right back into her house and shut the door.

If Uncle Qiao had not asked her to come over, she would not have stepped into the Qiao family's residence when Auntie Miao and Brother Zhai were still there.

Shi Qing and Qiao Nan might be whispering, but Zhai Sheng could hear them clearly.

Zhai Sheng crossed his legs. He was glad that Shi Qing knew how to behave appropriately in different situations.

"Shi Qing, you seem to have a good relationship with Nan Nan?" Miao Jing was slightly surprised. "Have you been… in touch with Qiu Chenxi recently?"

Shi Qing smiled cautiously. "Auntie Miao, the Shi family no longer keeps in contact with the Qiu family ever since they moved away. They may be busy after moving to a new place." Was Auntie Miao suspecting that she would be targeting Qiao Nan because of what happened to the Qiu family?

Did she need to do that?

Qiu Chenxi was crazy. She did not know of Qiao Nan's relationship with Brother Zhai, but she would make trouble for Qiao Nan. As for her, she knew of their relationship, but she had never made troubles for Qiao Nan.

"I see." Miao Jing nodded. "You are more sensible than Qiu Chenxi." She would not create a fuss. She was not such an eyesore as compared to Qiu Chenxi.

"You are in the science class whereas Nan Nan is in the humanities class? Congratulations to you." There was one less person to compete with her for the first place in the level.

"…" Shi Qing was exasperated. She did not know how she should react.

In fact, Auntie Miao had always treated her with this ambiguous attitude. She was full of admiration for her former fearless self who conducted herself well in front of Auntie Miao. In the past, she was able to do so as she liked Brother Zhai.



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