\"Wei De is quite good. He has been putting in efforts and working very hard for my sake.\"

Today's meal was a form of affirmation for Wei De's hard work all this while. Her family should give her and Wei De some face by having this meal.

\"Sister Zhai Hua, do you think they could be persuaded to go home?\"

\"Others can't do it but you can,\" Zhai Hua said this with certainty.

\"Sister Zhai Hua, firstly, I don't think I have the capability to do so. Secondly, if I can do it and I do persuade them to do so, do you think Auntie Miao and Brother Zhai deserve this? You're asking me to make use of their trust in me to force them to do something that's against their wishes. Sister Zhai Hua, no wonder Auntie Miao and Brother Zhai are not willing to go back. You're forcing one to do things that they're not willing to. Don't sound so bold and righteous about it.\"

Qiao Nan did not feel pleased or complacent by Zhai Hua's words at all. She also did not forget who she was and thus did not poke her nose into the affairs of the Zhai family.

Regardless of the conflict in the Zhai family, it was not appropriate for her to intervene or speak out about this matter.

\"I, I'm not…\" Zhai Hua was at a loss for words. \"I'm asking you for a favor.\"

\"Sister Zhai Hua, if you put it this way, I really don't know what to say. Since you're asking me for a favor, I have the right to reject it. Auntie Miao is your biological mother and Brother Zhai is your biological younger brother. You're on much closer terms with them. If these are your thoughts, I can pass the phone to them and let them listen to you so that you can speak to them directly. What do you say?\"

There was a difference between next-of-kin and outsiders. What Sister Zhai Hua said was reversed.

Zhai Hua gave a sigh. In terms of eloquence, she was completely not Qiao Nan's match. Moreover, Qiao Nan said it with such logic and reasoning that Zhai Hua could not retort her. \"Alright, pass the phone to Zhai Sheng. I'll talk to him. Will that do?\"

\"Okay.\" Qiao Nan, who washed her hands off this matter, was very pleased. She shot Zhai Sheng a glance and lifted the phone. Zhai Sheng naturally walked over and took over the phone from Qiao Nan.

The familiarity of their actions resembled that of a couple who had been living together, as if they were well aware of and used to each other's habits.

When Miao Jing first saw this, she was momentarily stunned.

At the sight of Miao Jing, Shi Qing's heart quivered. Was Auntie Miao going to discover it?

Qiao Nan and Brother Zhai were too daring. Auntie Miao was alive and kicking before them and the two of them dared to display such chemistry through their actions. It was hard for sharp-eyed individuals not to discover what was happening between Qiao Nan and Brother Zhai.

Shi Qing quietly observed Miao Jing's reactions. This was in case Miao Jing went mad all of a sudden and the situation became out of control.

Miao Jing was definitely stunned for a moment but she was smiling thereafter. \"Nan Nan and Zhai Sheng get along quite well. They seem more like a family than when Zhai Sheng is together with Hua Hua.\"




The other three people in the room who were seated looked dumbstruck.

Shi Peng was having difficulty swallowing the rice in his mouth. He very much doubted how slow Miao Jing could be regarding the matter about Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng. This wife that Zhai Yaohui married was simply 'amazing'.

\"Uncle Qiao, have some water.\" Shi Qing poured a cup of water for Qiao Dongliang, in case Qiao Dongliang choked when he was taken aback by Miao Jing's words.

It was also good that Auntie Miao did not discover anything odd, in case she kicked up a fuss.

Qiao Dongliang's face was swollen and red. He drank a huge mouthful of water before he could swallow the rice in his throat. \"Cough, cough, cough…\"

Nearly. He was nearly choked to death by that mouthful of rice.

Madam Zhai was truly very, very humorous.

At the thought that Miao Jing was not aware of Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng's relationship and that these two kids had to behave in this way in front of Miao Jing, Qiao Dongliang felt his head ache. He was at a loss of what to do.


\"It's me.\"


Zhai Hua had a lump in her throat and she was speechless for a moment. \"Don't go overboard. Why are you speaking in the same tone as Qiao Nan?\"

With the situation today, what could be the reason for her calling Zhai Sheng? Why were there so many 'then'?

\"Quickly bring Mom back. We're waiting for you all to have our meal.\"

\"Mom is already having her meal. Also, Mom said that she won't go back if Wei De is there. She feels that you're right when you told her that she should not force herself and make herself unhappy when she meets someone that she doesn't like. She can't chase people out, so she'll leave the house to avoid them. Hence, Mom went out.\"

These were Zhai Hua's advice to his mother previously.

Zhai Hua's lungs were in pain due to anger. \"It's not the same. I advised Mom earlier because it's Qiu Chenxi.\" But Wei De was the one who came today!

\"Is there a difference between Wei De and Qiu Chenxi? One is a female partner, and the other is a male partner that has not been confirmed.\"

\"Can you take it that you're giving me face and doing me a favor? Mom has not even interacted with Wei De. Her impression of Wei De is only on the surface. As long as Mom interacts more with him and knows him better, she will definitely accept Wei De. However, prior to this, Mom has to try to accept Wei De and let Wei De have an opportunity to prove himself. Isn't it too unfair for Wei De if we reject Wei De thoroughly because of an initial impression that is superficial?\"

She and Wei De did not expect too much. She further believed that her mother would know what kind of person Wei De was and would be willing to accept him as long as she was willing to chat a little more with him.

\"Zhai Sheng, Mom rejects Wei De from the bottom of her heart now. I'm your only sister. Don't you wish for my happiness? Give us one chance. You're also giving yourself a chance.\"

Zhai Sheng fell silent for a moment. Of course, it was not that he was swayed by Zhai Hua's words. \"It's not possible for us to go back for dinner. When Mom knew that you're going to bring Wei De home today, she was so angry that she did not eat anything yesterday. Even if you want Mom to accept Wei De, you can't possibly let Mom starve until her health suffers due to agitation before that happens, right? After finishing the meal, I'll bring Mom back earlier. Also, give Wei De a call and ask him to go back. Don't let him come to the house of the Qiao family to fetch us. Of course, if you're not afraid of causing more unhappiness to Mom and increasing her dislike for Wei De, Wei De and you can do as you wish.\"

\"I know!\" Zhai Hua continued anxiously. \"I just gave a call to Wei De and asked him to come back.\"

\"Dad has a good sense of judgment of character. How was it? If Wei De is as good as what you said, did Dad open his mouth and address Wei De as 'Xiao Wei' after interacting with him for some time?\"

\"…There are times when a tiger takes his naps too. No matter how good Dad's judgment is, he will also occasionally make mistakes. Time will prove everything. I believe that you will definitely accept the fact that I'm together with Wei De.\" Wei De did not rely on anyone to start from scratch and achieved the success he had today all by himself. She was aware of Wei De's ability and diligence.

She did not believe that the love between Wei De and her could not move the hearts of her family.

At the thought that she was almost thirty years old, Zhai Hua expressed that she must get married to Wei De before thirty and then give birth to Wei De's child to please her mother-in-law.



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