After hanging up the phone, Zhai Sheng returned to his seat. He picked up his bowl of rice and resumed eating.

Miao Jing could no longer hold herself back. \"What did Hua Hua say? Has that Wei De left?\"

\"No, he wants to stay at home for dinner. We'll go back at around half-past six later.\"

\"…\" Miao Jing frowned. Reluctance was written all over her face. \"There are two beds in Nan Nan's room. Can I not go back?\" It was not like she had not slept over at the house of the Qiao family before. There should not be any issue.

\"Mom.\" Zhai Sheng only said it once and Miao Jing did not protest further.

However, also because of Zhai Sheng's words, Miao Jing took her time to finish the remaining half bowl of rice. She nearly placed the grains of rice into her mouth one by one.

While Miao Jing and Zhai Sheng were having their meals, Wei De, who was determined to bring out his utmost sincerity to move Miao Jing, was driving and on his way to fetch them. In the midst of the journey, he received Zhai Hua's call to request him to go back, saying that Zhai Sheng would send Miao Jing back.

Because of this phone call, Wei De drove his car to the roadside and stopped there for a long time.

It was only when a loud vulgarity could be heard from the car that the car started to move again. This time, instead of the house of the Qiao family, it headed back to the direction where it came from.

\"Dad, have some tea.\" In the Zhai family's residence, Zhai Hua looked at Zhai Yaohui with unease. Zhai Yaohui stayed behind today but his attitude toward Wei De was indifferent. Zhai Hua was aware of the truth that her father did not like Wei De. It was just that he did not make it so obvious.

\"Dad, Wei De…\"

Just as Zhai Hua said this word, Zhai Yaohui put down the cup in his hands and looked at Zhai Hua in a serious and solemn manner. \"Zhai Hua, do you really think that the Zhai family can accept a soldier who sold his comrade out? Although he is a former soldier?\"

\"No, no. He didn't sell him out!\" It was too severe to term it as such.

\"Then, he deliberately harmed him?\"

\"…That's just an accident. Wei De didn't do it on purpose,\" Zhai Hua said in an awkward manner.

The end of Zhai Yaohui's brows curved. \"I've said before that I've never accepted this kind of explanation. You're willing to fool yourself and others with such a reason, but our Zhai family and others are not willing to accept it. Last year's matter created a lot of commotion and Wei De was even expelled by the army. I know your temper and that's why I didn't express my views regarding Wei De and you. You then tried your luck and held the belief that I'd quietly approve Wei De, like what I did to Qiao Nan. However, I can tell you with certainty today that Wei De's character is flawed. You're an adult and have the right to choose. If you really want to be together with Wei De, I won't stop you. This is your life. You will bear the responsibility regardless of whether the outcome is good or bad. Your mom and I have fulfilled our responsibility toward you. Even if we did not, we have also missed the time to do so.\"

In his heart, Zhai Yaohui felt guilty toward Zhai Hua, this daughter.

The Zhai family usually had more sons than daughters. It was rare that they had a daughter and they should dote on her well.

However, for the sake of the country and the army, he had been traveling and away from home most of the time. Hence, he and Miao Miao simply dumped their two children to his father to take care of.

He did not let down his country, the army, the party, and the citizens. However, he had let down his two children.

\"Dad…\" Upon hearing Zhai Yaohui, unknowingly, Zhai Hua's heart was filled with panic.

\"Don't be anxious. Finish listening to me first. If you really wish to be together with Wei De, I will respect your decision but I will not agree with it. You can treat Wei De as your husband but don't expect me to treat Wei De as my son-in-law. This person will never receive our approval. You're wasting your time in all that you've done today. You'd only increase Wei De's resentment toward the Zhai family. Last year, Wei De was bent on rising in the ranks to become a company commander before asking us for your hand in marriage. Is promotion or marriage more important to him? To each their own. Undeniably, he placed great importance in his army career. He committed a mistake but did not receive the protection of the Zhai family. He had been expelled. What would he think of the Zhai family?\"

\"No, it won't. Dad, you're being paranoid. When he left the army last year, Wei De told me that he, in fact, was aware that this matter was his fault. He had let down that platoon leader and felt very sorry toward our family too. As for the resentment that you mentioned, how could Wei De feel resentful toward the Zhai family?!\" Clearly, whenever Wei De mentioned the Zhai family, he was full of hope and wholeheartedly wanted to be one of the family members.

Zhai Yaohui gave a gentle yet mocking smile. \"If you're willing to believe his words, so be it. Zhai Hua, you have to remember, I won't change your choice. Similarly, your thoughts can't influence the perceptions of others.\"

It had been too smooth sailing for Hua Hua in her life. Although she was a lady that was reaching thirty years of age, she had too little experience in society.

He had to pay back what he owed. He did not teach Hua Hua when she was a child and she was almost thirty years old now. He now had the chance to teach Hua Hua under such circumstances.

Undoubtedly, Wei De and Hua Hua would either not fall, or if they were to fall, they would be badly bashed and battered. If the lesson was not hard enough, it was only fearful that Hua Hua would not remember it for life.

Zhai Hua gave a grim smile. With her father's words, she did not even have an excuse or reason to flare up or argue to fight for Wei De.

Zhai Yaohui had already made himself so clear. He did not object to but he would never support this matter.

If Zhai Hua really wanted to get married to Wei De, he would not say 'no'. However, to outsiders, Zhai Hua could forget about asking Zhai Yaohui to acknowledge Wei De as his son-in-law.

This was an important matter of a lifetime. Regardless of how strong-tempered Zhai Hua was, she also wished for her family's support and sincere blessings.

Moving forward, if the Zhai family would not admit Wei De's identity as the son-in-law of the Zhai family, then this marriage would not be meaningful at all.

The calmer Zhai Yaohui was, the more Zhai Hua had no means to counter. If she were to make this big with Zhai Yaohui, this would only put Wei De in a more difficult position in the Zhai family. Moreover, Zhai Hua would not be able to stand firm on her grounds too.

Just as Zhai Sheng said all the time, Zhai Yaohui was an old and cunning fox.

Zhai Yaohui had never been soft in dealing with others. Now, he had to deal with his biological daughter and a stranger that he did not approve of. This was basically a piece of cake for Zhai Yaohui.

Zhai Hua was not half as capable as Zhai Sheng. In front of Zhai Yaohui, she had nothing worthy of display.

At this moment, the sound of a car engine being turned off could be heard coming from the entrance.

At this time, Wei De was the only one who could possibly be back now. Although Zhai Hua still wished to help Wei De, she could only shut up obediently at this moment.

Zhai Yaohui quietly took a glance at his watch. He realized that compared to the usual timing, Wei De was late by ten minutes.

It seemed that Wei De had been infuriated because Zhai Sheng did not allow him to fetch them. He thus found a place to calm himself down. In the end, he only had so much endurance.

\"Old Chief, Hua Hua, I'm back.\"



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