He was already not a good husband. Of course, he could not let his wife continue to suffer badly.

Nevertheless, it was Shi Peng who discussed and collaborated with his mother-in-law to feign the latter's illness at this point in time. They were keeping the truth from the Old Master Shi trio in Mo Du.

Shi Peng even assured his mother-in-law and family that Shi Qing had been in excellent shape recently. There would certainly not be any problem with her college entrance examination. She was well-prepared to get into the top tier key university in the capital. His in-laws were then willing to cooperate with the son-in-law to put up with the pretense and cajole their daughter back. At the same time, their granddaughter learned how to be resilient and strive for excellence in life.

During the preliminary examination, Shi Qing performed to her usual standards. However, as she was feeling excited today, she woke up a little earlier than usual.

When she heard movements from the Qiao family, she came out to take a look.

\"…\" Qiao Dongliang gave a hard pat on his forehead. He was too anxious about Nan Nan earlier and simply forgot about Shi Qing's existence. \"Shi Qing, Nan Nan is ready. Are you ready? It's definitely better to be early than late. Shall we leave soon?\"

Fortunately, Shi Qing was already having breakfast. It would be embarrassing if she was only brushing her teeth at this point in time.

\"Fine, wait for me. I'll bring over my schoolbag.\" Shi Qing did not think much. She finished her fritter in a few bites. She then brought over the schoolbag that Shi Peng personally prepared for her and ran over to Qiao Nan. \"You woke up so early today.\"

\"Hahaha.\" Qiao Nan laughed. It was not that she woke up early. Obviously, her father had not slept for the whole night and woke her up at 6:20 a.m.

Fortunately, she slept at eight o'clock last night. As such, she had a full eight hours of sleep. Otherwise, she would be the one feeling sullen now.

Upon hearing Qiao Nan's laughter, Shi Qing sized up Qiao Dongliang. He looked flustered and bright-eyed and was in a more excited state of mind than Qiao Nan, the party concerned. She then realized what was going on.

Along the way, Qiao Nan would have occasional discussions with Shi Qing. Qiao Dongliang was behaving like a bodyguard throughout the journey He was circling the two young ladies and staring around in an alert manner, in case a bicycle or something were to spring out and collide into Qiao Nan or Shi Qing.

A pair of eyes that had returned to Ping Cheng for some time since the start of the summer vacation was hiding in a dark spot, staring intensely at this scene.

The intensity of her stare was as great as the pain in her heart at this moment.

She was also having her college entrance examination during this time last year but that person was not even so nervous. Perhaps he might have even forgotten about this matter. At the thought of this, there was an immediate blood-shot in the pair of eyes hidden in the dark spot, and red strings of blood were climbing onto the whitish eyeballs like a spiderweb. It looked horrifying.

Qiao Zijin's fingernails had been digging at the wall. Qiao Nan was so complacent and happy, right? She would just wait and see if Qiao Nan's smile would still be as bright and clear as the sunshine a while later.

With these thoughts in mind, Qiao Zijin took out the cell phone given to her by that person and dialed a number. \"You didn't forget about today's plan, right? I've already lured my mom over. I'm leaving the rest to you.\"

\"Don't worry. As long as your mom is at the scene, leave the rest of the matters to me.\"

\"That's great. Happy collaboration.\"

\"Happy collaboration.\"

After confirming this, Qiao Zijin then placed the cell phone back into her bag.

It had been almost a year. She had not appeared in her father and Qiao Nan's life during this period. Obviously, she had not disappeared. She only went to make herself stronger.

Qiao Nan wished to take part in the college entrance examination and become a university graduate. She must be dreaming!

Qiao Dongliang, Qiao Nan, and Shi Qing were approaching Ping Cheng High School. At this juncture, someone appeared at the junction of the main road. It was Ding Jiayi.

Ding Jiayi, who had not appeared for two years, had become extremely haggard. The clothing on her was considered neat but they had already been washed-out badly.

Most importantly, her previously rosy cheeks were now pale and yellowish. She had lost a lot of weight. At one glance, it was obvious that in comparison to life with Qiao Dongliang, she had not been living well during the past two years.

At the sight of the heavy human and vehicle traffic at the main road, Ding Jiayi's heart was filled with fear and panic.

She was not sure why. In particular, when those cars passed by her, Ding Jiayi felt suffocated. She felt so panicky that she had to clutch on to her chest. Her mouth was wide open, as if she was a fish that had to swim to the surface of the water to catch little mouthfuls of oxygen on the eve of a rainy day in June.

Subconsciously, Ding Jiayi retracted her limbs that were already out on the zebra crossing and took a step back.

At the sound of the sharp and piercing horns from the cars, Ding Jiayi frowned. She felt so uneasy that she wanted to turn and leave.

She knew that Zijin did not do well in her studies and could at most be admitted to diploma studies. Moreover, she was not capable and could not earn enough to pay for Zijin's school fees.

It was rare that someone was willing to buy their small courtyard in the quad. They could get as much money as they could with this sale to solve the current crisis first. The important thing now was to let Zijin smoothly complete these few years of studies.

However, at this moment, seeing lines of vehicles that were as long as a dragon and the sound of the never-ending horns, Ding Jiayi felt so much panic that she could not stand properly. She felt like running away to a place that was relatively safer or with lesser vehicles.

She did not understand. If the other party really wanted to buy their house, why would he need to arrange a meeting at this kind of place? What were his thoughts?

Shouldn't they find a quieter place to discuss the sale and purchase of a house?

Furthermore, this place was near to the school that the wretched girl was studying at. Come to think of it, that wretched girl was taking college entrance examination today. She would rather not bump into her. After settling the matter quickly, she would bring the money home as soon as possible and pass it to Zijin so that she could hand in the school fees.

Ding Jiayi, who was lost in her own thoughts and was bent on avoiding Qiao Nan and Qiao Dongliang, did not seem to notice that a pair of hands had quietly moved behind her. Taking the opportunity as a crowd formed, this pair of hands simply gave her a hard push on her back in the split of a second.

With this push, Ding Jiayi, who was already distracted, did not have the ability to resist at all. Her body lost control and fell toward the main road.

Next, she heard sounds of worries and commotion on the crowded street. The screeching sounds of emergency brakes of the vehicles were tearing her emotions apart. It felt as though someone had scratched a fabric with scissors. Then, people started screaming, \"Someone has been hit by a car.\"

\"I didn't do it on purpose. It has nothing to do with me. This woman rushed out all of a sudden and fell onto the main road. It's the green light and I was driving as per normal. It has nothing to do with me at all. She was the one who fell toward me! I'm innocent. Hello, don't tell me you're faking an accident to claim compensation. You're toying with your life.\"



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