\"Even if one becomes pregnant, it's considered advanced maternal age. The risks associated with pregnancy will be higher. After giving birth, she may not recover so easily. It's also easy to contract various ailments thereafter…\"

In short, there were countless disadvantages to a woman who gave birth late.

Regarding what Miao Jing said, Zhai Yaohui and Zhai Sheng were certainly laymen in this aspect.

After thinking, Zhai Sheng said, \"First, most likely, Wei De can't hide his true colors for that long. He almost couldn't contain himself today. Second, even if Zhai Hua is forty years old, I still have a way to let her get married, and even marry into a good family. The one thing that we need to do now is to kick Wei De out of Zhai Hua's life as soon as possible in the twelve years before Zhai Hua reaches forty years old.\"

Daughters of the Zhai family did not need to worry about being left on the shelves.

Age was not a concern. Even a second marriage was not a concern.

\"The two of you. Forget it. You're so relaxed. Am I the only one who's being anxious for nothing? I'm going to bathe!\" Miao Jing, who was angered, went to the bedroom, panting heavily.

As Miao Jing returned to the bedroom, Zhai Yaohui also retracted his steps and walked toward the room.

\"Entering the room outright.\" Zhai Sheng snorted. The old fox was quick in his actions. He was eventually able to return to his original bedroom.

Zhai Yaohui turned his head and cast a cold look at Zhai Sheng. If he did not even have such little capability, how could there possibly be Zhai Hua and Zhai Sheng today?

The first visit by Wei De to the Zhai family ended up with him parting unhappily.

Having been through this experience and learned his lesson, Wei De was now aware that it was not the right time for him to join the Zhai family.

Anyway, Zhai Hua loved him and was willing to wait for him. He was not anxious. He could focus on his business for the time being.

When Zhai Hua was over thirty years old, he would then pay another visit to the Zhai family and assess their reactions.

If the Zhai family still did not welcome him, then he would visit them once every five years.

In short, if the Zhai family was not afraid that Zhai Hua would be childless for life, there was nothing that he, Wei De, would be afraid of. Anyway, he already had a successor.

The 'gathering' between Wei De and the Zhai family this time did not cause much commotion. On the contrary, something that happened to Qiao Nan next caught everyone off guard.

In the blink of an eye, last year, Qiao Nan was still helping others to spot questions. This time, it was early July and it was Qiao Nan's turn to take the college entrance examination.

\"Nan Nan, don't feel anxious or nervous. Water, pens… Have you brought everything that you need?\" Today, Qiao Dongliang specifically applied for two days of leave from the factory to keep Qiao Nan company for the college entrance examination.

Qiao Nan had already checked all these items before. \"Dad, don't worry. I won't feel nervous.\" On the contrary, why did her father seem more nervous than her?

\"That's good then. Let's go. We'll be late if we don't leave now.\"

\"We won't.\" At the sight of the wall clock that showed that it was not even seven o'clock yet, Qiao Nan was puzzled too.

Qiao Nan was quite lucky. Ping Cheng High School was her examination hall. It would take only a ten-minute walk to reach Ping Cheng High School from her house. When Qiao Nan arrived at school, there would be about half an hour's time left before they could enter the examination hall. Hence, how could she be late?

\"This kind of thing, it's better to play safe as you can't afford a single mishap. What if there's a jam due to high human traffic?\" Qiao Dongliang asked.

\"This… There shouldn't be too many people who take the route from our house to school. Hence, there won't be a jam.\" It was not the main road and it was already summer vacation. Besides the students, who were taking the college entrance examination, and employees, who would leave the house during this time? Wouldn't they be afraid of the heat from the sun?

\"Have you brought along medicated oil?\" Nan Nan suffered from some ailments during summer. Would she simply faint because it was too hot in the examination hall?

\"Dad, have you forgotten? You have bought me a box of medicated oil just in case.\" If she did not stop him, her father might really want to put at least five bottles of medicated oil in her schoolbag. He looked as though he could not wait for her to bring the whole box of medicated oil along.

She was going to take the college entrance examination and not sell medicated oil. Her father was really too exaggerating.

\"It's always better to be prepared. Alright, let's go to school.\"

Qiao Nan did not feel nervous at all throughout the period leading to the college entrance examination. The rare thing was that the summer ailments that Qiao Nan suffered from seemed to have gone away during these few days. She did not have any issues with them at all.

On the contrary, Qiao Dongliang had tossed and turned for an entire night yesterday because Qiao Nan had to take the college entrance examination today. He had not slept a wink.

When it was two or three o'clock in the morning, he even got up to check on Qiao Nan.

Fortunately, Qiao Nan suffered fewer summer ailments this year. If Qiao Nan did not get enough sleep due to the weather, Qiao Nan would jump in shock when Qiao Dongliang opened the door.

When they left the house, they met Shi Qing who came out alone.

Shi Qing was holding a fitter in her mouth. \"So early. Qiao Nan, I thought that given your character, you will appear only about twenty minutes later.\" Given Qiao Nan's temperament, it was normal if she was still sleeping at this time.

Shi Qing was not feeling nervous about the college entrance examination. However, she was a little excited. Hence, she woke up earlier today.

Shi Peng was a father but he was a director in Ping Cheng now. He had been planning for the future developments of Ping Cheng for the next few years.

Hence, it was destined that he could not be like an ordinary father who could show more care and concern for his daughter during her college entrance examination. He could not keep his daughter company for so long.

Initially, Shi Qing's mother should come and keep Shi Qing company at this time. The problem was that Shi Qing's grandmother was sick and hospitalized. Shi Qing's mother could only travel to the capital to take care of her biological mother who was in the hospital.

However, the family of Shi Qing's mother was unaware that, when she returned to the capital to take care of her biological mother, Shi Peng made use of some of his connections to change the location of his wife's job from Mo Du to the capital. In this way, his wife could remain in her maternal home in the capital and did not need to face the elderly Shi couple anymore.

Shi Peng had not been acting in accordance with the wishes of Old Master Shi. Old Master Shi could not have his way with his only son, Shi Peng. Hence, more or less, he would vent his frustration on his daughter-in-law.

Fortunately, Shi Peng had left the army. Also, Shi Qing's mother came from a good family background that had some power. Otherwise, Shi Qing's mother would not have it so easy.

Even if that was the case, Shi Peng was not willing to let his wife suffer so much in the Shi family.

If not for the sake of taking care of her in-laws, she could return to the capital and stay in her maternal home and be a rich man's daughter. Alternatively, she could follow him to Ping Cheng. After all, both her husband and daughter were at Ping Cheng. As a woman, she would certainly change her work location to accommodate these two most important people in her life.

It was a pity that Old Master Shi did not know what was good for him.

Through his good friends in Mo Du, Shi Peng received news that his wife had suffered much in Mo Du. Nevertheless, his wife did not voice out a single word of grievance to him each time he called her during this period, let alone complain to him. It was as if she had never suffered.



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