The driver who knocked Ding Jiayi down just felt that he had met with a sudden misfortune. He did not check the Chinese calendar when he left the house today and had thus encountered such an unlucky incident.

\"Faking an accident to claim compensation? Sir, don't mess around. You're the one who knocked down this person and she's bleeding. If she wants to fake an accident to claim compensation, she will also not toy with her life in this way.\"

Someone saw Ding Jiayi clutching her stomach as she lay on the ground. Blood was oozing from her mouth. He quickly realized the severity of the situation. \"Hurry, if anyone has a cell phone, please take it out immediately and dial 120 for an ambulance! I'll call the police!\"

\"I'll call 120.\"

\"Anyone? Does anyone know how to perform emergency first aid? This won't do!\"

Due to the occurrence of this accident, many were in a panic. The traffic on the street was also in a big mess. There was a huge crowd that was impenetrable.

\"What's happening?\" Coincidentally, the crowd was blocking Qiao Dongliang's way. Qiao Dongliang knitted his brows. \"Who doesn't know that it's the college entrance examination today? He's asking for trouble by blocking the way. Is this on purpose?\"

\"I don't know.\" Shi Qing was stretching out her neck as if she was in for a good show.

Qiao Nan took a sip of water. \"There's the college entrance examination today. At this time, the students who are taking the examination at Ping Cheng High School most likely have not reached the school yet. Now, the road is congested so badly. How are students like us going to enter the school? The examination will not wait for us.\"

\"Uh, will the police take care of this?\" Shi Qing asked, sounding doubtful. One must know that she was also stuck at the area outside the entrance of the school.

\"The situation seems to be quite serious. It's hard to say. Shi Qing, quickly give your dad a call. I'm afraid that even if the police really arrive, they may handle the car accident first and neglect the fact that we need to take the college entrance examination.\"

There were specific timings for the college entrance examination that applied to everyone. One would not be allowed to enter the examination even if they were late for just one minute.

Others could take it easy but not Qiao Nan. She dared not feel relaxed about it at all.

\"Fine, I'll call my dad immediately and reflect the situation to him so that he can quickly settle this and send more people here.\" Upon hearing what Qiao Nan said, Shi Qing also started to pay attention to this matter and dared not delay any further.

When Shi Qing returned after finishing the call, Qiao Dongliang started to move people away. \"Please excuse us. I have two students with me who need to take the college entrance examination urgently. I hope everyone can give way.\"

Qiao Dongliang was a grown-up man and a former soldier. Hence, his physique was better than an ordinary person. Although he had met with a car accident previously, his health had recovered after three years of rest.

However, in such a situation, Qiao Dongliang was still unable to make way and send Qiao Nan and Shi Qing into Ping Cheng High School. Instead, he was pushed and bumped around by others. They could not proceed at all.

They were not able to make their way through the crowd. At this moment, Qiao Dongliang's shirt had been pulled to the side and a button even fell off from it. He was full of sweat!

Shi Qing and Qiao Nan were protected by Qiao Dongliang behind his back and were in a better state. Both their clothing and hair were not messed up but they were also perspiring as much as Qiao Dongliang.

Xu Tingting, who had been feeling bored staying in school, happened to see this when she came out to take a breather. She was standing within the school compound and was initially stunned. When did so many people appear in front of the entrance of Ping Cheng High School? It was as if everyone in Ping Cheng came here. It was so dense and crowded.

It was then that she saw Qiao Nan and Shi Qing stuck in the crowd, unable to move at all. They were in such an embarrassing state. Xu Tingting, who had been hiding her tails for some time, could no longer control herself. The corners of her lips curled into a smile. She laughed. Her laughter was so complacent and blatant.

Xu Tingting narrowed her eyes and smiled. She seemed to be saying, 'Qiao Nan, why are you so proud? When everyone is obediently studying in school, you have to do something special to differentiate yourself from others and take a leave to revise at home. Is this your karma?'

After a few glances, Xu Tingting rolled her eyes and returned to the building. She did not continue to study. She was staring in Qiao Nan's direction from afar and waiting for the examination to commence.

If Qiao Nan could not enter the school and the examination hall due to the congestion, that would be interesting.

Qiao Nan, who had been stuck outside, did not know Xu Tingting's thoughts. She was having a headache. What should she do about the current situation?

There was only one reason why she had wanted to go home to revise. Her dormitory mates were too nervous. All of them had to turn on their torchlights till one o'clock in the morning every day.

Most importantly, they were not only studying by themselves. They would discuss if they were to meet with any doubt. Especially when they encountered a problem that they could not solve despite much thinking, they would wake Qiao Nan up and check with her. With this, Qiao Nan, who had ignored the five rays of torchlights, neglected the frequent discussions among her dormitory mates, and was sleeping soundly alone, could not take it anymore. She could only apply for leave to go home and 'revise'.

Given the circumstances today, the originally good plan of Qiao Nan had become a bad one.

\"What are you doing?!\" As Qiao Nan was having a headache, she could hear Shi Qing's shout from behind. Then, she heard a man screaming in pain.

Qiao Nan turned her head and saw Shi Qing twist the man's arm behind his back strongly, looking sullen. She had a murderous look in her eyes and she was pursing her red lips with obvious anger. That man could neither take it nor retaliate and could only scream in pain.

\"Speak. Who are you? What are you trying to do?\" Shi Qing was infuriated that the man did not explain himself besides screaming in pain. \"I've already caught you red-handed. Do you still think that you can escape?!\"

\"I, I, I'm just a passerby. There's an accident here and someone has been knocked down by a car. She vomited a lot of blood. I, I, I can't move out of the crowd too. I didn't do anything.\" That man refused to admit that he had done something bad. He stood by the guns that he was also stuck in the crowd and could not move at all.

\"Pey.\" Shi Qing gave the man a hard kick in the knee without hesitation. \"I clearly saw you open the zip of Qiao Nan's schoolbag. You even reached your hand in. If I had not caught you, you would have stolen something! Do you believe that I'll send you to the police station now?!\"

\"Don't. I didn't steal anything. You're talking nonsense. You're just a high school student and you're telling lies. Is that good?\" The man revealed a moment of panic in his eyes but he calmed down very quickly thereafter.

When Qiao Nan heard what Shi Qing said, she was so scared that she moved her schoolbag in front of her. When she looked down, her schoolbag was unzipped by quite a fair bit. It was enough for a grown-up man to reach his hand into it.

Qiao Nan opened her schoolbag and found that she had not lost anything. It was just that the position of her examination admission ticket had been moved. It was now nearer to the zip.

In other words, if Shi Qing had not caught that man, Qiao Nan would have lost her exam admission ticket!

\"Nan Nan, did you lose anything?\" Qiao Dongliang asked nervously.


\"That's good.\"

\"I didn't lose anything but this is also stealing. We must send him to the police station!\"



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