Shi Qing was unwilling to let the man go. As a descendant of the soldiers, she could not stand people who stooped to stealing.

\"Shi Qing, don't be impulsive. Right now, the most important thing is for you and Nan Nan to… This person… Why not leave him to me? I will not let him get away. Once the two of you enter the school, I will bring him to the police station. What do you think?\" Nan Nan and Shi Qing had to focus on getting to school and sitting for the college entrance examination. Nothing was more important than that.

Shi Qing checked the time and nodded. \"Alright, but it is best to find a rope to tie him up. I am afraid he will try to escape!\"

\"Wait.\" Qiao Nan took a step forward. \"We are not in our school uniform. How do you know that we are high school students?\"

\"That's right…\" Shi Qing was stunned. When the thief maligned her for telling lies, he had indeed mentioned that she was a high school student.

\"I… di… didn't…\" The thief looked guilty.

Qiao Nan frowned and looked at Qiao Dongliang and Shi Qing. She then checked herself out. She looked serious and grim. \"Among the three of us, I am not as well-dressed as her. Besides, my dad is an adult and he is standing in front of me. Under normal circumstances, you will not target people like us. Even if you really do, you should not be stealing from me.\"

Since the child was with the parent, the child must not have any money with her. The money would be with the parent.

Similarly, Shi Qing was more well-dressed than her. Her clothes were of better quality than hers. If the thief felt that children were easy targets, he would be targeting Shi Qing who was well-dressed.

She did not believe that the thief would not understand such simple logic.

\"I…\" The thief became more and more flustered. He darted his eyes to a side and did not dare to meet Qiao Nan's gaze.

Qiao Nan gritted her teeth. \"So your target is me and you are after my exam admission ticket!!!\"

If the thief had not been caught by Shi Qing, she would have lost her exam admission ticket. In that case, even if she made it to school on time, without her exam admission ticket, she would have lost her right to sit for the college entrance examination!



Shi Qing and Qiao Dongliang were shocked. They had thought that he was just like any other thief who wanted to take advantage of the crowd to steal money. They did not expect that the thief was after Qiao Nan and her exam admission ticket.

Since ancient times, people would steal money or valuables. No one would steal an exam admission ticket that was worthless to an outsider.

\"Tell us, who sent you here?!\" Shi Qing was no longer lenient to the thief. She kicked him in the stomach. \"How much money were you paid to beard the lion in his den? If I don't make sure that you behave, I am no longer called Shi Qing!

Knowing that his daughter ran into trouble on the day of the college entrance examination, Shi Peng rushed to Ping Cheng High School right away.

This was not only because his daughter was sitting for the college entrance examination. It was also because many other students would be sitting for their college entrance examination at Ping Cheng High School.

Shi Peng had a sullen expression upon seeing that the street in front of Ping Cheng High School was packed with people. \"Today is the college entrance examination. There are still many candidates who have not entered the school. Mobilize some people to direct the traffic. We have to ensure that the injured gets to the ambulance and all the candidates to enter the exam hall before the exam starts. Hurry. If it can't be done, we will get more cars to come. We must make sure that they make it in time for the exams. Even if we have to send them to school, we still have to do it!\"

\"Yes, director!\" Shi Peng's subordinates hurried to work.

However, the street had been blocked for close to eight minutes. It was impossible for them to clear the crowd immediately.

The secretary knew that Shi Peng's daughter was among the exam candidates today. \"Director Shi, do you want to check where Shi Qing is and find a way to send Shi Qing to school first?\"

\"Every child is the same. Qing Qing is athletic and physically fit. If she wants to climb over the wall, it will be a much easier task to her than the average students. I have to take care of other children first.\" Shi Peng refused. He rushed to the scene right away after receiving the call from his daughter as he was concerned for other candidates as well.

As Shi Peng's daughter, Shi Qing already knew that her father would not give her special treatment.

\"Director, this won't do. The traffic jam is very serious. Notwithstanding sending the injured to the ambulance, the hospital staff cannot bring the stretcher to the scene of the accident. What should we do? I heard that the person who was hit by the car sustains serious injuries. There was a pool of blood on the road. If we don't send the injured to the hospital for emergency treatment, she may die due to loss of blood.\"

The candidates sitting for the college entrance examination were important, and so was the life of the woman who was injured in the accident.

There was something weird about today. Although there was a large population in Ping Cheng, it was rare that all of them would be at the same place at the same time today.

Today was the day the students would sit for their college entrance examinations. The current batch of third-year students and their parents might amount to a large number of people, but it would not result in such a big jam. It was as if there was a large scale and exciting event ongoing which attracted the attention of all the people in Ping Cheng. Could it be that every one of them came because of the event?

As Shi Peng had said, there might be a huge crowd, but Shi Qing had the capability to get herself into the school.

Shi Qing calmed herself down. She stretched her hand for Qiao Nan to step on. \"You can come up first. We will make our way slowly to the wall and climb over it to get into the school. Given today's situation, I don't think it is possible to get in through the front gate.\" If Shi Qing was by herself, she would have already slipped into the school.

\"Are you sure it can be done?\" Qiao Nan was physically weak. She had never tried to climb over the wall. \"Alright, no matter what, we have to try it out.\"

\"Yes, hurry up.\" Qiao Dongliang was drenched in sweat. He was anxious and worried. If they delayed any longer, Qiao Nan might miss the college entrance examination.

If he knew this would happen, he would have woken Nan Nan up earlier in the morning so that Nan Nan and Shi Qing would arrive at school earlier.

\"I haven't seen you for more than a year, and you seem to be quite agile.\" Qiao Zijin sneered. Qiao Nan was frail and thin, but she seemed to be quite agile and fit. Qiao Nan trailed behind Shi Qing and made their way through the crowd and toward the external wall of Ping Cheng High School. \"Today, I have squandered so much money and created this full-scale drama. It will be a pity if Qiao Nan leaves like this! Don't be in a hurry. The best is yet to come!\"

In fact, Qiao Zijin did not know the actual plan for today. The only thing that she knew was to get her mother to come to the school gate of Ping Cheng High School at this timing while hiding in a corner, watching and monitoring as the events unfold.

Qiao Zijin was not worried about Ding Jiayi who was hit by a car and was lying on the road in a pool of blood.

She had long known that there would be a car accident today, and the victim of the car accident would be Ding Jiayi.



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