But the man promised her that her mother would only sustain minor injuries. At the very least, it would not be life-threatening.

The man would pay for all of her mother's hospitalization fees as well as Qiao Zijin's second-year tuition fees. He would also spend money to hire someone to take care of Ding Jiayi, who had to stay in the hospital but had no one to take care of her when Qiao Zijin was in school. He had settled everything for Qiao Zijin, making sure that she would have no worries.

Her mother did not need to work and she would be paid a sum of money. She was in the hospital and would have someone to take care of her. It was the dream life her mother had been yearning for.

Even though she had yet to earn any money, she could help her mother realize her dream in advance.

Since she helped her mother realize her dreams, what she wanted to do next was to realize her own dreams.

There was only one student and one college student in the Qiao family, and that was Qiao Zijin. There would never be another student named Qiao Nan!

Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were still very far away from school. They tried to inch further when a hand grabbed Qiao Nan's schoolbag from behind. Qiao Nan was already halfway up the wall when she was pulled down by the person behind her. \"Nan Nan, it's really you. No wonder I found you look familiar from the back. The situation is very serious here. Do you know that the traffic jam is due to a car accident?\"

Qiao Nan's upper arm ached at the hard pull by the man behind her. She swallowed her anger and turned to check who was behind her. It was the uncle from the quad that they used to live in. \"Uncle, I know there is a car accident, but I am sorry. I'm sitting for the college entrance exam today. I have to go to school ahead of time to get ready. Can you let go of my hand?\"

Someone was in an accident, but what did it have to do with her? This neighbor of hers was such a busybody. It was fine if he wanted to meddle in other people's affairs, but why did he pull at her when she had to sit for the college entrance examination today?

Qiao Dongliang seemed to be angry. \"Excuse me, would you please let go? Nan Nan is sitting for the college entrance examination, and there is no time to waste. As for the car accident, can we talk about it later?\" Qiao Dongliang was dying to send everyone in front of them flying to the ground so that Qiao Nan could enter the school.

Unfortunately, he was not able to maneuver around all of them and send Qiao Nan to Ping Cheng High School. Moreover, he had to keep a guard on the thief. There was nothing that he could do.

\"Hey, Old Qiao is here as well. I am foolish not to have recognized you. Old Qiao, Nan Nan, do you know that the person who was knocked down by a car and is bleeding profusely is none other than Ding Jiayi!\"

\"My mom?\" Qiao Nan widened her eyes in shock. \"That is impossible. My mom hasn't been back to Ping Cheng for two years!!\" She had no idea where her mother was staying now. Why would her mother turn up somewhere near Ping Cheng High School all of a sudden?

\"Nan Nan, it is not right of you to say that. Today, you are sitting for your college entrance examination. Your mother cares about you. She must have come here to take a look. But man proposes, God disposes. She is only here to show her concern for you and to stay around while you sit for the college entrance examination. She did not expect that she would be hit by a car. Your mother has lost a lot of blood. She is placed on a stretcher and is about to be sent to the hospital. Why don't you go to the hospital with her? Given your mother's situation, she will need a lot of blood when she goes to the hospital. Your family's conditions are not good. Instead of piling a huge amount of debts, it's better that you go along to donate your blood to your mother. It will save a large sum of money and it is an act of filial piety as well.\"

\"No!\" Qiao Dongliang was very surprised. He did not expect that the person who caused the traffic jam was actually Ding Jiayi, whom he had not seen for more than two years.

However, notwithstanding the car accident, nothing was more important than Nan Nan's college entrance examination.

\"Nan Nan, don't worry about anything. You should sit for the college entrance examination. If the person who is in an accident is really your mother, I… I will take care of it!\" Qiao Dongliang ground out the words between clenched teeth. Ding Jiayi had disappeared for two years. But when she appeared in front of them, it was to bring such a disaster to Nan Nan and him. She was indeed a source of trouble!

If he knew this would happen, he would rather never see Ding Jiayi in his life again. He would not wish for her to appear in front of them again—be it unintentional or intentional—and to bring disaster to Qiao Nan.

\"Dad?\" She was not certain that her father would be able to deal with this matter.

The person in the car accident was Ding Jiayi. After hearing this news, Qiao Nan was full of trepidation. She felt as if it was two years back when she learned that Qiao Dongliang was in a car accident.

\"Don't waste any more time. Qiao Nan, we have to hurry up.\" Shi Qing shot a glance at the busybody. \"You have sharp eyes. The sun is up. Aren't you supposed to be at work? Why did you come to Ping Cheng High School at this time? We don't even know what happened, yet you are so well-informed and know that Qiao Nan's mother is in a car accident. You even managed to squeeze through the crowd to where we are and recognize Qiao Nan. It takes us so much effort and strength to move one to two meters in this big crowd. How did you manage to make your way through the crowd?\"

Shi Qing did not know that her complaints had hit the nail on the head. The neighbor sweated profusely under her gaze.

It was July and the sun was glaring. If not, one must be too nervous and have a guilty conscience to be drenched in sweat.

\"Oh, huh, huh…\" The neighbor who could not give an explanation could only give a dry smile.

\"Nan Nan, Shi Qing is right. The two of you have to hurry to school. I have not divorced your mother yet. I have to be in charge since she is in an accident.\" Qiao Dongliang gritted his teeth. He hoped for nothing but to push Qiao Nan into the school and then settle Ding Jiayi's problems.

The neighbor heard their conversation and grabbed Qiao Nan's schoolbag. \"Old Qiao, don't be muddleheaded. This won't do. I heard that it's rare that husband and wife have the same blood type. But in general, children can donate their blood to their parents. Don't underestimate this issue. It will cost you a lot of money. You have raised Nan Nan to a big girl now. It's time for her to repay you. The college entrance examination is important, but her mother's life is more important. Even if you miss the college entrance examination this year, you can sit for it next year. If Old Ding is gone, Nan Nan and Zijin will be without a mother and you will be without a wife.\"

\"Hey, why are you being so obnoxious? Let go!\" Shi Qing slapped on the neighbor's hand that was grabbing on to Qiao Nan's schoolbag. The neighbor felt a sharp pain shooting up his palm. But even so, he had a death grip on Qiao Nan's schoolbag, refusing to let go.

Qiao Nan was displeased. \"What traffic accident was that? Why would there be such a huge crowd all of a sudden? Why would a thief go after my exam admission ticket? I think someone is out to stop me from sitting for the college entrance examination. I don't know who has so much money to spend just to stop me from taking the exam. But dream on!\"



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