She had finally understood. Today's matter was arranged by someone. \"My mom doesn't only have me as a daughter. These two years, my mom didn't come back. She only raised Qiao Zijin up and not me. My mom met with a car accident but where is Qiao Zijin? Why didn't Qiao Zijin care? When my dad had a car accident two years ago, both Qiao Zijin and I drew our blood for him. If my dad's blood type is suitable for my mom, it doesn't matter if I don't go. On the contrary, if my dad's blood type is not suitable for my mom, we will only be waiting anxiously for nothing if Qiao Zijin and I drop everything and proceed to the hospital!\"

\"You can't put it that way. Your mom had an accident and her life is at stake. You're her daughter and yet you're so cold-blooded and aren't concerned at all. I've already told you. You can take the college entrance examination many times but you only have one biological mother.\" The neighbor was anxious too. If this were to continue, Qiao Nan would enter the school soon.

\"That's my mom, my biological mother. I can't help when she got into a car accident. If my mom dotes on me, do you think she will insist that I visit her after my college entrance examination or let me wait by the side at the hospital for nothing? You're also an uncle from our quad. Don't worry. Regarding your 'extreme kindness' today, I will definitely remember you forever!\"

There were so many coincidences today. Her mother met with a car accident in front of Ping Cheng High School's entrance. This should also be part of the 'coincidences', right?

\"Why are you talking so much nonsense!\" Nan Nan was a child and it was not appropriate for her to be rude to the elder. Nevertheless, he was of the same seniority as the neighbor. The neighbor was holding Nan Nan back from taking the college entrance examination. Did he have the gall of a leopard?

Qiao Dongliang's face turned sullen. With a twist, he clamped the neighbor down, just like how Shi Qing dealt with the thief earlier.

Everyone was not young and the joints were no longer that flexible. The neighbor's face turned as white as a sheet immediately and he screamed in pain. The thief shrank his neck as he could completely empathize with this. He dared not even try to recollect the feeling. It was akin to losing his soul.

\"Old Qiao, we're long-time neighbors. Can you go easy on me? Clearly, you've always been so polite.\" Even gentle and indecisive.

Qiao Dongliang sneered. \"You are taking my politeness as your fortune. You seem to have forgotten that I was from the army. I can't deal with too many people. Nevertheless, it's a piece of cake for me to deal with one or two of you. The thief won't be able to escape. You're someone from the quad. After today, I will definitely pay you a visit to 'thank you' properly next time!\"

Qiao Dongliang kicked away the old neighbor. He then took off his outer shirt and tied the thief up.

After knowing that something was amiss with today's matter, would Qiao Dongliang still be so polite to others?

That aura of his seemed like he would chase after anyone and kill them regardless of who they were.

The neighbor landed on his buttocks with a hard fall and the end of his spine felt a little painful. He was so furious and he grimaced in agony. Suddenly, he shouted loudly, \"The family of the woman being knocked down is here. Here are her husband and daughter. Hurry, the family members have to keep the victim company. The victim is badly injured.\"

\"Where are the family members? Quickly get into the car!\" The doctor and nurses also broke out in a sweat. At the sight of the victim who was seriously injured, they quickly tried to stop the bleeding for Ding Jiayi.

\"Hurry, Old Qiao, quickly bring Nan Nan over. Can everyone please make way? Make way, please? Saving a life is akin to putting out a fire. Let the victim's family go over.\" As the neighbor talked, he even dragged Qiao Dongliang toward Ding Jiayi's direction with strength, and the swarming crowd also pushed Qiao Dongliang and Shi Qing in that direction.

\"Don't squeeze. Everyone, please don't squeeze and step on others. Take your time!\" When Shi Peng saw the situation, twenty minutes had already passed. However, the size of the crowd on the street had not reduced at all. What was happening? \"Secretary Feng, what is happening? Why isn't the crowd on the street dispersing? How are we going to resume the traffic?\"

Secretary Feng was continuously wiping away his sweat. \"We are already giving directions to disperse the crowd. The strange thing is that these people seem as though they are in for a good show. They refuse to move away. Our people have no way with them too.\"

\"Then, where's the police?\"

\"A few came just now. As the police are here, they managed to disperse a few people. Fortunately, this is not a key traffic area. Otherwise, there would be greater issues.\"

Ring! Ring! Ring! The people around the school could clearly hear the anxious ring of the bell in Ping Cheng High School.

Qiao Nan and Shi Qing's expressions changed greatly. Shi Qing said anxiously, \"Qiao Nan, this is the first bell!\" If they did not manage to enter the examination hall in ten minutes, they would have to take the examination next year.

Upon hearing what Shi Qing said, Qiao Dongliang's eyes were red with hatred.

He could not think of who the Qiao family had offended that the other party had to be so merciless in harming Qiao Nan such that she could not take the college entrance examination this year.

If not for the fact that Qiao Dongliang had been a soldier and had been restraining himself with the sense of justice that told him not to act rashly, Qiao Dongliang would have liked to go crazy for once at this moment. He wanted to beat down everyone that was standing in Qiao Nan and his way. Why were they so noisy?

\"Wow, a green jeep?!\"

Shi Qing was so anxious that she was perspiring badly. Beads of sweat were dripping from her head, drenching her clothes and blurring her eyes.

Fortunately, although her eyes were flooded by tears, her eyesight was still as good. Hence, she could clearly see two green jeeps coming toward them on the road. On each jeep, there were more than ten soldiers wearing the camouflage army uniform.

These soldiers' uniforms were straight and neat; the collars also seemed quite stiff.

The first one that came down from the front passenger seat was Zhai Sheng. He was wearing the green camouflage army uniform and a green military cap. His eyes were strict and his expression solemn. Those thin lips of his were pursed and the thick and dark eyebrows knitted, expressing his state of mind and the severity of the current situation.

As Zhai Sheng alighted from the green jeep, that unique aura and murderous feel of a soldier immediately made the few who were near him as silent as the cicadas during the winter. They shrank their necks like small quails and abidingly moved out of the way for Zhai Sheng.

At one glance, Zhai Sheng saw Qiao Nan, who was looking anxious. His frown deepened. \"Where's the police?\"

\"Here, here!\" When those from the police station saw that the officer from the army was also here, their previously warm sweat turned into cold ones.

\"Summon all the policemen from the nearby stations.\"

\"Reporting, officer, they've already been summoned. See, they are here!\" Fortunately, at this time, the sirens of police cars could be heard as they arrived. The chief of the police station wiped his sweat as he heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhai Sheng took a glance. \"Now, how many people do you have? To disperse a small group each.\"

\"We are unable to disperse them!\" The chief of the police station was also in a difficult position. These people seemed to be playing a game, or rather, they were in guerrilla warfare with them.



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