When they dispersed a group of people, the same group moved to another place in the crowd. When the group was dispersed again, they returned to the original place where they were first dispersed.

\"They can't be dispersed? These people are disrupting the safety and order of society. They should be arrested to teach them a lesson!\"

\"The law cannot be enforced when everyone is an offender.\" The chief of the police station revealed a smile that was uglier than a cry.

Upon hearing the words of the chief of the police station, the slight fear that the ordinary citizens felt when they heard that they would be detained by committing such acts vanished. They became more arrogant instead.

Wasn't that so? There were so many people. How were they going to arrest them all?

Zhai Sheng shouted coldly, \"The law cannot be enforced when everyone is an offender? It also doesn't mean that they should not be punished. Disperse immediately. The initial action is to disperse. Those whom you have dispersed earlier but appear again, each police officer will simply arrest five of them and fine them 300 yuan each. For those who resist, each police officer will arrest two of them and fine them 500 yuan each. If anyone retaliates or attacks the police officers, they should be detained for a period and fined an amount in accordance with the law. Also, if these people are employees, simply report this matter to their respective employers. Intentionally stirring up troubles, disrupting the peace of the society, refusing to obey law and regulations, and going against the law by attacking the police—all these will result in severe punishments. Police officers, army officers, and law are meant to protect and defend the interests of legitimate citizens who are law-abiding. These resources are not for these mobs to abuse!\"

\"Yes, officer!\" Earlier, the chief of the police station did not dare to do this as they were afraid of bearing the responsibility. If the matter were to blow up, they would be easily accused by public opinions, saying that they had gone overboard or something.

Now, this officer had given orders and he would bear the consequences if there were any issues. He just had to follow the orders and carry out the tasks accordingly.

The police officers who had just arrived happened to hear Zhai Sheng's orders. Hence, without any word, they started to deal with the traffic flow.

More than ten people who were standing around Zhai Sheng ran away in fear when they heard clearly what Zhai Sheng said.

They were paid at most fifty yuan for their labor to stand here for half a day. If they were arrested, taken to the police station, and fined hundreds of yuan, the money that they earned was not even enough to cover their fine. In addition, they had to bear the heat of the sun for half a day. After suffering, they still had to pay for it. Only a fool would continue to stay.

\"Make way.\"

\"Yes, Regiment Commander Zhai.\" Thirty soldiers alighted from the jeeps. Under the orders of Zhai Sheng, they formed two lines with a distance of about two meters between every two soldiers. If anyone dared to break through the soldiers' line of defense, the latter could easily grab the collar of the offender with one hand and fling them to the police without a word.

The police officers also understood what was expected. Without any words of exchange and without giving a second chance, they would catch hold of the offender and immediately push them into the police car.

It was not only that. There were many police officers but very few police cars.

Hence, the police officers even mobilized the four-wheeled cars of families nearby who were not involved in the commotion to help them send the people to the police stations for fining.

With one wave, Zhai Sheng offered the green jeep.

A typical car could at most sit a few people while there was no problem at all for the green jeep that Zhai Sheng drove here to sit ten or twenty people. Its one trip was equivalent to four or five trips with the police car.

Killing one to cause fear in the rest.

With this kind of swift and sweeping action, within five minutes, thirty soldiers had immediately paved two ways out.

One path was a direct route to the entrance of Ping Cheng High School, while the other path was to the scene of the car accident.

If there were any areas with insufficient manpower, those men brought by Shi Peng immediately made up for it. Under the collaborative efforts of government, police, and the army, the entrance of the school that was disorderly and messy a second ago quieted down immediately.

\"Students who are taking the college entrance examination, please enter the school now!\"

Under the order of Zhai Sheng, the students, including Qiao Nan and Shi Qing, immediately entered the route for the students.

After all, the first bell had already rung. Many students from other schools who were stuck at the entrance had been crying due to anxiety. Without a word, they rushed into the school and hoped to reach the examination hall within the remaining period of ten minutes.

\"Nan Nan, Shi Qing, quickly, the two of you.\" Qiao Dongliang heaved a sigh of relief as he hurried the two young ladies into the path for the students.

\"Aye.\" Shi Qing wiped the sweat off her face and pulled Qiao Nan along as she ran. She had glanced at the time. There were only three minutes left.

Fortunately, all the students had already familiarized themselves with the location of the examination hall before the examination. They ran toward their respective examination halls without the need to search for them. Otherwise, these three minutes would be terrible.

At the last minute, Qiao Nan managed to rush to the examination hall with her hair drenched and plastered to her face.

\"You've finally arrived. Fortunately, fortunately. Hurry, come in!\" The invigilator was apparently aware of the commotion at the school's entrance. The people in the school had also tried to make arrangements for the students to come in but to no avail.

Notwithstanding the students, the teachers in the school were also anxious.

Fortunately, with the group of students that streamed in, many teachers heaved a huge sigh of relief.

If the students taking the college entrance examination at Ping Cheng High School this year did not do well as they lost the rights to take the examination, there would be major implications. It would be a big issue and many people would be criticized, punished, and even demoted.

\"Thank you, teacher.\" Qiao Nan gasped. She could feel her heart thumping loudly in her chest.

\"Don't mention it. Calm down. Don't be nervous and don't panic. When you receive the papers later, review the questions carefully and don't be anxious to attempt the questions.\" Toward those with special circumstances and had just arrived at the examination hall, the invigilators were more lenient.

Ten minutes ago, the number of students who did not turn up was not just one, two, three, or four. The head of the invigilators at Ping Cheng High School had contacted the Education Bureau immediately to check with the director of the Education Bureau on how to resolve the problem.

After taking out the exam admission ticket and the basic stationery, Qiao Nan put down her schoolbag. She then took out her little handkerchief and the medicated oil before she walked back to her seat at the fastest speed.

Qiao Nan first used the water to wet the handkerchief and wiped her sticky and wet face three times.

Coincidentally, the bell rang to signal the start of the examination!

Qiao Nan patted her face a few times to calm herself down, perking herself up and regaining her senses so that she could feel energized to deal with the examinations.

Xu Tingting, who was in the same examination hall as Qiao Nan, was wide-eyed as she stared at Qiao Nan in disbelief. When the first bell rang, she had thought that there would be no chance for Qiao Nan to enter the examination hall. How did she come in?

Compared to Qiao Nan who was gradually calming down, Xu Tingting was feeling both angry and resentful.

There is a saying which suggested that there's an occasion of reaching a state where there are favorable climate and geographical position and the support of the people.

Xu Tingting had felt that today was the day that all things were in her favor. Qiao Nan, this arrogant and boastful woman, was finally having her well-deserved retribution and could not participate in the college entrance examination anymore.

With one less major opponent such as Qiao Nan, it did not matter even though she might not fare better than others.



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