As a government official of Ping Cheng, of course, Shi Peng had to think of ways to prevent such untrue and adverse news at all means.

\"Thank you.\" Indeed, Qiao Dongliang did not bring much money with him. In order to save up for Qiao Nan's college fees, Qiao Dongliang never carried more than twenty yuan with him.

After taking the money from Shi Peng, Qiao Dongliang rushed to the hospital immediately. He then paid to the hospital the two hundred yuan that Shi Peng lent him for Ding Jiayi's medical expenses.

Obviously, if Ding Jiayi's injuries were very severe, two hundred yuan was grossly inadequate.

When Qiao Dongliang was hospitalized for a similar situation previously, the expenses were about a thousand to two thousand yuan.

After Qiao Dongliang left, Shi Peng then looked at Zhai Sheng. \"What are your thoughts on this matter?\"

\"It's not done by Ding Jiayi.\"

\"What proof do you have?\" Why did he sound so certain?

\"Ding Jiayi wouldn't run to the main road alone to be knocked down by a car just to let Nan Nan quit school. In her eyes, she's the jade and Nan Nan is the tile.\"

\"…\" All of a sudden, Shi Peng felt that he could not refute this. \"If it's not Ding Jiayi, then who would stir up so much trouble just to deal with one Qiao Nan?\"

Given today's situation—manpower, resources, finance—none of these was dispensable.

In other words, the person who wanted to deal with Qiao Nan was not a simple figure.

\"Have you forgotten? Among the people that you know, one of them is capable of doing so.\" Zhai Sheng's eyes looked very gloomy and dark. He had many suspects in his mind.

\"Who?\" It did not come to Shi Peng's mind initially but he had a realization thereafter. \"Are you saying that it's Qiu Chenxi?!\"

Certainly, if it was Qiu Chenxi, she would certainly be able to do this if she was willing to.

Ring! The cell phone in Shi Peng's pocket rang. Secretary Feng was the one who made the call. \"Director Shi, we've already interrogated them. All of them gave the same statement. They said someone paid them fifty yuan and told them that they had to stand in front of Ping Cheng High School's entrance no matter what, and they could only leave after half-past nine.\"

\"Okay, I got it. You've worked hard. You can come back.\" Shi Peng was not surprised by this answer. \"Secretary Feng called and said that these people were indeed paid to do this. The average monthly wage of an individual is only a hundred or two hundred yuan. Someone is willing to pay them half a month's wages to invite them to stand under the sun for half a day. It's no wonder so many people came.\"

\"…\" Counting the number of people present earlier, the money dumped in today was enough to buy more than one house in Ping Cheng. This person had really gone all out. \"Besides Qiu Chenxi, there's another person who is very suspicious.\"


\"Qiao Zijin, Nan Nan's biological sister. She has been living together with Ding Jiayi. Ding Jiayi has not appeared for more than two years and Qiao Zijin not more than a year. Last year, Qiao Zijin took the college entrance examination for college admission but she didn't once look for Uncle Qiao. With Ding Jiayi one woman alone, it's very tough to raise Qiao Zijin and herself, let alone let Qiao Zijin continue her studies in a college. It is already strange enough that Ding Jiayi, after disappearing for more than two years, appeared today in front of Ping Cheng High School. Nan Nan told me before that Ding Jiayi listens very much to Qiao Zijin. Hence, the reason that Ding Jiayi would come here should be related to Qiao Zijin. Qiao Zijin didn't appear…\"

\"She's hiding in a dark spot then?!\" Shi Peng narrowed his eyes. His sharp eyes that resembled those of an eagle were scanning the dead-end corners surrounding the main street, wanting to search out Qiao Zijin.

Qiao Zijin was so frightened by those extremely sharp eyes of Shi Peng that her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

Qiao Zijin squatted down. She dared not peek at Shi Peng and Zhai Shen anymore. Instead, she waited quietly for these people to leave.

After some time, Qiao Zijin then took out her cell phone and redialed a certain telephone number. \"Our greatest fear has come true. My mom has been sent to the hospital by someone else. Now, my dad is bringing some money to the hospital to see my mom. As for Qiao Nan…\"

Clearly, they had spent so much effort. How was it possible that Qiao Nan could still enter Ping Cheng High School and participate in the college entrance examination?!

\"Zhai Sheng appeared?\" Chen Jun sneered. Among the people that Qiao Nan knew, Zhu Baoguo was a kid that had not grown up. He even needed Qiao Nan to help him. Hence, Zhu Baoguo did not have the capability to help Qiao Nan resolve any real problems.

Besides Zhu Baoguo, Chen Jun could only think of Zhai Sheng, who had both the capability and resources.

\"It's not just Zhai Sheng. There's another person who's a government official. I heard them address him as Director Shi or something. Who is he?\" One year ago, she had never seen this man when she went to the small courtyard of the Qiao family. \"This man is the one who gave my dad the money for my mom's hospitalization expenses. He's so generous. He offered two hundred yuan just like that.\" Her mother worked hard during the day and stayed late at night. Despite this, she might not even earn two hundred yuan a month.

\"Someone with the surname Shi?\" Chen Jun hesitated for a moment. \"How do you feel about this person?\" Although Chen Jun had someone in mind that fulfilled Qiao Zijin's description, he stubbornly refused to acknowledge it and wanted to confirm.

\"He gives me the feeling that he's similar to my dad. Right, oh, I know. Is this person previously from the army?\" The charisma that a soldier exuded from his inner self could not be easily emulated by others. It was also something that a soldier himself could not hide.

\"True enough, it's him.\" Chen Jun sighed sullenly. \"The money that he gave your dad, do you think it's purely because he's a government official or…\"

\"He seems to be on quite good terms with my dad and Qiao Nan. There's a young lady by Qiao Nan's side and she's the daughter of this Director Shi.\"

\"Hahaha…\" Chen Jun felt extremely sore and regretful. The remorse in his heart hit him like huge and raging waves, almost drowning him.

From the moment that he met Qiao Nan, he already knew that she was a useful woman.

Qiao Nan was ultimately a great master. Zhai Sheng took a liking to her, and even a character such as Shi Peng was related to her.

If his plan two years ago was successful, making Qiao Nan his girlfriend, he would have the help of not only the Zhai family but also the Shi family. Did the Chen family still have to worry about their future?

If he had known that today would come, he should have been more caring and meticulous toward Qiao Nan in the past. A stubborn woman would eventually succumb to a persistent man. He should not have simply given up after his thoughts had been exposed by Qiao Nan just once or twice.

If there was another chance, he would definitely use his utmost sincerity to make Qiao Nan become his girlfriend and even his wife!

Qiao Zijin did not know who Shi Peng was but Chen Jun knew.

Chen Jun was even aware that Shi Peng was indispensable to Zhai Sheng, who, despite his young age, could be so successful today.

Shi Peng could nurture another Zhai Sheng as long as he was willing to. Even if Chen Jun could not be the second Zhai Sheng, at the very least, he would only be slightly worse than Zhai Sheng and also become an outstanding soldier or politician!



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