It was a sheer pity that all these slipped away from him just because Qiao Nan did not become his girlfriend.

If he had known that today would come, he should have learned from Wei De, that son-in-law of the Zhai family. He should have spent more time and effort to sweet-talk Qiao Nan into believing him. After some time, everything would have belonged to him no matter what!

Qiao Zijin broke out in a cold sweat. \"You… Why are you laughing?\"

The plan was a fiasco. Those people whom they had hired were arrested. Upon interrogation, the truth of the matter would definitely be revealed. After half an hour of torture, Qiao Nan still entered the school eventually and took the college entrance examination.

They had not achieved any of the objectives that they had set out to do. On the other hand, her mother had really been hit by a car and was admitted to the hospital lying down.

At the thought of that pool of blood darkening by the street, Qiao Zijin could not help feeling panic.

Wasn't it supposed to be a minor injury? Why was there so much blood? Would anything happen to her mother?

\"I'm not laughing at anything.\" Qiao Nan did not have that kind of feeling for him and yet was outstanding beyond his imagination. In fact, she was more stunning than the wife that he had imagined and wished for. Then, at the sight of the Qiao Zijin before him who had feelings for him but performance-wise could not be compared to a single strand of Qiao Nan's hair, Chen Jun felt that destiny was fooling with him.

If these two people's situations were reversed, how great that would be?

\"Right, Brother Chen, didn't you say that you'll only let my mom suffer some minor injury, that you'll find someone to look after her and not let anything happen to her? Today, it seems that…\" Her mother's condition was more serious than she had imagined.

\"Of course, I will do as I promised you. Why are you interrogating me in this way? Is your mom dead?\" He was already annoyed and angry that he let slip such a good lady like Qiao Nan. After all, Qiao Nan's qualities and conditions were exactly the same as the bride that he had wished for. She was even a little better.

Hence, his temper simply exploded when Qiao Zijin spoke.

\"No, Brother Chen, don't be angry. I know that you'll definitely be able to carry out what you have promised me. I don't doubt you. That's my biological mother after all. At the sight of her lying in a pool of blood and not moving, I, wouldn't I panic and feel my heart ache?\"

In fact, after Ding Jiayi had the car accident, Qiao Zijin had been refraining herself from looking at the scene where Ding Jiayi was lying down and bleeding. She was fearful that it would leave a phobia on her.

\"Your heart aches now? You're panicking now? Before the plan started, I've already made everything clear to you. I didn't lie to you, right?\" Chen Jun was full of disdain. Wasn't this considered shedding crocodile tears? He would not buy this kind of tactic.

If Qiao Nan was the ideal bride in his heart, Qiao Zijin was someone of his kind or even more vicious than him.

Knowing that there would be a car accident, not everyone would dare to lure her own biological mother out for the sake of her own interest. Before the biological mother was going to be knocked down by a car, she did not even remind her mother to be careful on the road or something.

\"No, you didn't lie to me. I, I know all these.\" Qiao Zijin wanted to cry but there were no tears. She did not intend to blame Brother Chen. She was just worried about her mother and was frightened by what happened today. She was hoping that Brother Chen would say something nice to console her.

She was not expecting too much. Why did Brother Chen flare up so badly?

\"Brother Chen, are you unhappy because all the plans have failed?\" Qiao Zijin asked in a cautious manner.

\"Partially.\" Chen Jun leaned back against his chair. \"The plan is not successful. Who can feel happy? Nevertheless, we may not have failed completely. Just wait and see. The show has not ended.\"

Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng caused him to be in such dire straits. Zhai Sheng's status and reputation were too high and he could not deal with or be on par with him. However, who was Qiao Nan? She was a nobody and yet she dared to destroy his many years of effort and hard work.

Qiao Nan made him lost everything painfully. She also caused his father to lose the results of half his lifetime. Therefore, he also wanted to let Qiao Nan experience the same pain and despair of having someone suddenly take away all the interests and good things that were already before one's eyes!

His admiration for her was a separate issue. He still had feelings of anger and annoyance.

Whether it was the new scores or old hatred, Chen Jun had never forgotten about it for a moment.

Although Qiao Nan had already taken the college entrance examination, he had a backup plan that could make her pay a high price and experience the pain of being compelled to do something against her wishes.

\"Brother Chen, so you do have a way. I know that Qiao Nan can forget about being happy again with you around.\" When she heard what Chen Jun said, Qiao Zijin felt more assured. She was afraid that Qiao Nan would not lose anything in the end after they had gone through so much trouble. All her effort and hard work would be in vain then. Her mother would have been knocked down by a car for nothing. \"Brother Chen, what should I do next?\"

\"Don't do anything. Find a place to hide. Unless your mother recovers and can defend you in front of your father, you just have to hide abidingly. The good thing is that it's summer vacation now and you don't need to go out. If you don't listen to me and pretend to be a filial daughter to sabotage Qiao Nan, I can't guarantee you the final outcome. If any unexpected circumstances arise because of this, you have to be responsible for it too. Understand?\"

Ding Jiayi's lone appearance had already exposed Qiao Zijin, this pawn.

If Qiao Zijin wanted to remain peaceful and well in the hands of Qiao Dongliang without being beaten to death, she would have to wait for Ding Jiayi to regain consciousness to defend her.

Although the plan this time was not successful—in fact, it was not close to perfect at all—Qiao Zijin was still of some use at this point in time.

Before Qiao Zijin completely lost her worth and usefulness, of course, he had to protect this pawn.

\"Brother Chen, don't worry. I, I will certainly not do that.\" Those little thoughts and cheap tricks of Qiao Zijin which had just arisen in her mind were immediately wiped out by Chen Jun's words.

\"Ha.\" Chen Jun sneered. In this world, an intelligent woman was not scary. In fact, she was adorable. However, a woman who was not intelligent but believed herself to be was more scary and detestable!

Upon hearing Chen Jun's sneer, Qiao Zijin felt her goosebumps rose immediately. She had a feeling that Chen Jun had seen through her mind. \"Brother Chen, I…\"

\"Regardless of what you have been thinking, I only look at what you will do in the future. Understand?\" Chen Jun interrupted Qiao Zijin's words as he could not be bothered to listen to Qiao Zijin's explanation.

\"Brother Chen, rest assured. You… you just have to wait for me to perform.\" At this juncture, Qiao Zijin dared not have any further thoughts of her own. She would act according to Chen Jun's every order. Despite her good intentions, she might end up making more mistakes if she did more things. Chen Jun would feel more annoyed then.

After hanging up the phone call with Chen Jun, Qiao Zijin breathed a sigh of relief.

In the past, when she did not know Chen Jun well, she was full of hope and longing for him. However, after more interactions, Qiao Zijin always felt that she no longer had those initial feelings.

Moreover, she would often fear facing this man whose exterior seemed as warm and sunny as the April sun in spring. It was just very strange.



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