Among all the men of high social status that she met, Chen Jun had the best temper and the brightest smile. Why would she be fearful of him?

In the meantime, after ending the phone call with Qiao Zijin, Chen Jun dialed another number right away to report the progress. \"This is the case… There is no need for you to be angry. Things have not come to an end. We are not defeated. Ding Jiayi is already in the hospital. Her medical fees will cost a lot. But do the Qiao family have the money? Regardless of how close Ding Jiayi is with Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan, if they leave Ding Jiayi in the hospital and do not take care of her, all I have to do is to tell a reporter about this and their reputation will be tarnished. They can no longer stay in Ping Cheng. By then, you will attain your goal. Even if Qiao Nan and Qiao Dongliang have no choice but to take care of Ding Jiayi, the problem is, do they have the ability to take care of her?\"


The other party seemed to be appeased for the time being at Chen Jun's words and was not as agitated as before.

\"Yes, you can rest assured that Qiao Nan is our common enemy. You will not let her off, while I will make sure that she suffers. In fact, apart from Qiao Nan, we have many other things to talk about.\"

Chen Jun's tone changed. There was a hint of romantic feelings in his tone.

No matter how outstanding or brilliant Qiao Nan was, she was his enemy and he could never marry her.

What he wanted was a wife who would be helpful to him and the Chen family. Furthermore, Qiao Nan was guarded closely by Zhai Sheng. He might be daring, but he would never dare to have designs on Qiao Nan. He had already learned his lesson from what happened previously.

Qiao Nan was his first choice as a future wife. It was such a coincidence that now that it was no longer possible to be with her, his second-best candidate appeared right before him.

In the past, she would never take a fancy to him given her social status. However, that was in the past. Right now, if he put in more effort, things might work out between them.

\"Hehehe…\" Qiu Chenxi smiled dryly. Chen Jun, who was on the other end of the phone, was dealt a harsh blow by her fake smile. \"Chen Jun, don't think of having things that do not belong to you. Don't make me regret to work with you.\"

He was thinking of punching above one's weight. He must be dreaming!

\"Were you the one who looked for me? Why do I remember that I was the one who approached you?\" Chen Jun corrected her on purpose.

\"Fine! From today onward, I will deal with Qiao Nan by myself. This is the end of our deal!\" Qiu Chenxi did not have a good temper. Furthermore, what Chen Jun said was equivalent to poking at her weakness.

Qiu Chenxi had left Ping Cheng for a year. Although she had been behaving herself, she had no intention of giving up on Zhai Sheng. She was merely waiting for the best chance to strike.

Two months ago, Chen Jun went to look for Qiu Chenxi and told her a fact—Qiao Nan was the poor and young girlfriend of Zhai Sheng.

It was conceivable that upon hearing the news, Qiu Chenxi felt as if she was struck by lightning. She took a long time to react.

She had never expected that the vixen whom she had been dying to winkle had been around her all along. In fact, she was the bait that she had been using to lure the vixen!

Therefore, whenever she went to look for Qiao Nan, asking her to tell her who the vixen was, Qiao Nan must be laughing at her foolishness and stupidity.

Right now, Qiu Chenxi recalled that all the information that Qiao Nan had revealed about the vixen matched Qiao Nan very well.

If she had known that Qiao Nan was the vixen, when she treated Shi Qing to a meal, she should have gone all out to destroy Qiao Nan!

\"Don't… don't be angry. You must know that gentlemen will look for gentle and graceful young ladies to be their wives. It is my right to pursue you, and you can choose to ignore me. It has nothing to do with our collaboration. If you are not willing, I will not bring it up again. Is that alright?\" It would do no good for Chen Jun to provoke Qiu Chenxi.

Furthermore, he was not joking. He was serious about marrying Qiu Chenxi in order to have a brighter future.

He had learned from his experience with Qiao Nan that when pursuing a lady, he must not be impatient. He must put in more effort and show the other party his sincerity.

He had not succeeded in wooing Qiao Nan, let alone Qiu Chenxi, who had always been haughty and arrogant as if she was high up in the air.

No matter whether it was Qiu Chenxi or Qiao Nan, they were not the girls that he used to be with in the past. Those tricks that he used to coax them would not work anymore.

It was true that he had failed to win Qiao Nan's favor. However, if he was able to learn his lessons and succeed in pursuing Qiu Chenxi, then his failure would be worthwhile. It was a chance for him to learn and understand how to succeed in wooing Qiu Chenxi.

\"What should we do next!?\" Qiu Chenxi had only one goal in mind when she contacted people like Chen Jun—that was to destroy Qiao Nan—so that she could no longer fight with her for Zhai Sheng.

Zhai Sheng was such a good catch. She could never shortchange herself to be with Chen Jun, who was in all ways worse than him.

Qiu Chenxi used to be with Zhai Sheng, the perfect man. She would never take a fancy to people like Chen Jun. If not because of Qiao Nan, she would never be in touch with people like him.

\"Don't worry. According to what I have said just now, Qiao Nan is in deep trouble now. You should understand that money is not everything in this world, but one cannot do without money. Ding Jiayi's medical fees would amount to a huge sum. With that, Qiao Nan will not have the money to go to college.\"

\"Zhai Sheng will not leave her in the lurch…\" Qiu Chenxi bit her lip. She was very reluctant to admit this fact.

Zhai Sheng really liked Qiao Nan. He would help her in everything that she did.

It was no wonder that when she used to find trouble with Qiao Nan, Zhai Sheng would always arrive in time to help her. It turned out that Qiao Nan was the vixen that she was looking for.

All along, she had been fooled by Qiao Nan's good results!

\"Help her? It is best that he helps her!\" Chen Jun narrowed his eyes. \"Qiao Nan's social status and family background are so far off from Zhai Sheng. She must have high self-esteem. If Qiao Nan is willing, Zhai Sheng will definitely help her.\"

The Zhai family had no lack of money. It was easy for Zhai Sheng to provide for Qiao Nan.

As long as Qiao Nan was willing, she could lead an easy life. But what happened was the opposite.

Qiao Nan had been studying hard and working hard, tutoring students, in order to earn money for her school fees. She was trying her best not to rely too much on others.

Qiao Nan might seem to be frail and weak, but she was still young. She had high self-esteem and was eager to succeed.

\"Are you on my side or on Qiao Nan's side? Why are you saying all these to hurt me?\" Why was it that after being with Zhai Sheng for so many years, he was not the slightest bit concerned about her?



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