In the blink of an eye, Zhai Sheng showered Qiao Nan with love and concern, shielding her from all worries and problems, helping her whenever she needed him.

\"Don't be angry. I am just telling the truth.\" Chen Jun was both amused and exasperated at her words. Qiu Chenxi had a nasty temper. Zhai Sheng, who came from a better family background, must have a temper as well. There was no need for him to tolerate her temper.

It was no wonder that although Qiu Chenxi knew Zhai Sheng before Qiao Nan, Qiao Nan, the 'Cinderella', won Zhai Sheng's affection in the end.

\"You should know very well that Qiao Nan is very smart. If you want to deal with her, you must not be anxious. You must maintain your calm and composure. What I mean is that it is to our advantage that Zhai Sheng will do his best to help Qiao Nan. Two years ago, Qiao Dongliang was sent to the hospital after he got into a car accident. Back then, the medical fees were paid by Zhai Sheng. Although it was said that Zhai Sheng lent them the money, it has been two years and Qiao Nan has not returned the money to him. If my source is correct, Zhai Hua even made use of this to dig at Qiao Nan.\"

Of course, after which Zhai Sheng got back at Zhai Hua on behalf of Qiao Nan.

However, Chen Jun kept this from Qiu Chenxi, lest she blew her top and lost her sanity.

When Qiu Chenxi heard that Zhai Sheng went to Ping Cheng in two military cars today and had with him thirty soldiers to control the situation and make the way for Qiao Nan to enter the school, she was so furious that she smashed the phone.

There was a buzzing sound before the phone went dead.

When Qiu Chenxi reconnected the call, she had switched to a cell phone.

\"…\" Qiu Chenxi took a deep breath and tightened her grip on the cell phone. \"I understand what you mean. Alright, we will continue with our collaboration.\"

\"It's good that you feel that we can continue with our plans. I will hang up first. I will contact you if anything crops up.\" It would take time to win Qiu Chenxi's affection. Since she disliked the sight of him right now, it was best that he did not push her too hard.

Chen Jun knew that Qiu Chenxi did not like him; in fact, she hated him. He was the person who told her the truth and made her suffer in embarrassment.

Since she was disgusted by him, he was not in a hurry to pursue her.

No matter what, it was impossible for Zhai Sheng to like Qiu Chenxi and she would not like anyone besides Zhai Sheng. Therefore, he had lots of time to move Qiu Chenxi with his sincerity.

Qiu Chenxi hung up the phone on him.

Chen Jun smiled at Qiu Chenxi's ruthlessness and heartlessness. He had already failed to win Qiao Nan's affection. He would not fail the second time. He would make Qiu Chenxi fall in love with him.

No matter how arrogant and haughty Qiu Chenxi was, he would make her fall for him sooner or later!

Chen Jun's expression turned cold at that thought. \"Come in.\"

\"What's the matter?\"

\"Go to the hospital and keep an eye on Ding Jiayi. I want you to give me a detailed report of her injuries. You have to bear in mind that if her injuries are not serious, try to make sure that she spends a longer time in the hospital. I want her to spend a bomb on her hospital bills. Do you understand my meaning?\"

\"Yes.\" What he meant was to aggravate Ding Jiayi's condition on the premise that she would not die.

\"Go on.\"


While Chen Jun carried out his plan with Qiu Chenxi on the sly, Qiao Nan had finally finished her first exam.

When Qiao Nan came out of the examination hall, her clothes were so wet that they were plastered to her back.

\"Qiao Nan, how did you do for the exams?\" Shi Qing had already been waiting for Qiao Nan at the exit.

\"Judging from your looks, you were not affected by what happened this morning?\" Qiao Nan smiled. Indeed, Shi Qing could withstand mental stress. But she had implicated the rest of the candidates.

\"Of course not. I am my dad's daughter, and I grew up in the army since a young age. I have seen lots of more intense and chaotic situations in the past.\" Shi Qing patted her chest with a look of pride on her face.

\"Okay, let's go to have our meals. There is another exam in the afternoon.\" Qiao Nan urged Shi Qing to stop thinking about it. Since it was over, they should not think about it or check the answers. It was more important to calm oneself down and prepare for the next exam.

When Shi Qing and Qiao Nan came out of the examination hall, both Qiao Dongliang and Shi Peng were not around.

If not for the sudden and urgent situation today, Shi Peng would not hurry to the school.

Since the crowd in front of Ping Cheng High School had been dispersed, Shi Peng had to return to his work and continue with his duties. He was a government official. As a party member, he had to serve the people.

Therefore, they were not surprised when they did not see their fathers. They had intended to have their lunch together.

Perhaps it was due to what happened in the morning. Although the crowd was dispersed, there were a few security officers at the school entrance.

Other than Ping Cheng High School, the government had sent people to be on guard at the other examination venues in all districts. This was to prevent the incident at Ping Cheng High School this morning from happening again.

\"You are here.\" The two of them were about to walk toward the canteen when they saw Zhai Sheng. He had changed out of his military uniform into casual clothes.

\"Brother Zhai, why have you not gone back?\" Qiao Nan was surprised. \"I suppose the soldiers have already left?\" She thought that Brother Zhai had left with the soldiers.

\"As a family member of the exam candidate, I certainly have to stay.\" Zhai Sheng took the schoolbag from Qiao Nan. \"Are you on the way to the canteen to have your meal?\"

\"…\" Shi Qing had enough of their public display of affection. She was so full that she did not need to have her lunch.

\"Yes,\" Qiao Nan replied. \"My dad…\"

\"He has gone to the hospital to check on Auntie Ding. Her injuries are quite serious.\"

\"…\" Qiao Nan clasped her forehead in exasperation. Her mother was hurt badly. She would need a lot of money for her operations, medicine, and blood transfusion. It would be similar to the amount of money that they spent when her father was hospitalized back then.

But somehow, when she was spotted by the neighbor and was almost being dragged to the hospital in the morning, she felt particularly assured that her mother was not in a critical condition.

She knew that no matter how serious her mother's injuries were, it would not be life-threatening.

Since her mother was not in a critical condition, she could sit for her exam with a peaceful mind.

Now that she had finished the exams, she had the time to worry about the huge amount of money that they needed to spend this time.

It was no wonder that it had been more than a year but Qiao Zijin never appeared to ask her father for money. She had planned to use this money for her mother's medical bills…

\"Do not worry.\" Zhai Sheng touched Qiao Nan's ponytail lightly. \"When the thirty soldiers that I brought with me today heard that Teacher Xiao Qiao's mom was in a car accident and needed a blood transfusion, all of them went to the hospital to donate blood before going back to the camp.\"



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