Without Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan might do badly for the important college entrance examination this time.

\"It seems that Brother Zhai has a great influence on you.\" Shi Qing gently pushed Qiao Nan. \"Since he is willing to stay to give you moral support, why do you insist on pushing him away?\" Though Brother Zhai said that he stayed behind in case something would happen, Shi Qing did not believe a single word he said.

Those people were after Qiao Nan. What happened in the morning was very serious. It would definitely be on the news today and on the headlines for the newspaper tomorrow.

Even if someone planned this deliberately, they would be fearful of the consequences. They would not have planned another similar event in the afternoon.

The reason why Brother Zhai stayed behind was so that Qiao Nan would be assured and could sit for the college entrance examination with a peace of mind. It was important to have the correct mentality when sitting for the exams. If one had the correct mindset, one might be able to perform better than usual.

Because of what happened today and the issue of whether Zhai Sheng should stay, Shi Qing realized that Zhai Sheng was a powerful assurance to Qiao Nan. This was the first time that she felt that Zhai Sheng was not the only person who cared very much for Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan might seem to be tough on the outside, but in fact, she was very attached to Zhai Sheng. She relied on him and had the utmost trust in him.

Brother Zhai was like an anchor that provided assurance and confidence to Qiao Nan.

\"Brother Zhai is an adult. He can decide for himself what to do. You do not need to worry about him. Alright, I have to sleep. I am very sleepy.\" Shi Qing pushed Qiao Nan back to the dormitory.

\"I feel sleepy too.\" Qiao Nan yawned. Fang Fang and the rest of them had already returned to the dormitory. All of them were busy reading and revising.

\"Well, since you are going to sleep, I will sleep as well. I will wake you up before the exams.\" Shi Qing felt well-prepared for the exams as well. There was no need for her to do a last-minute reading. She was indeed sleepy and was not merely coaxing Qiao Nan. Upon returning to her dormitory, she lay down and fell asleep.

It was the same for Qiao Nan. She went back to her dormitory, took off her shoes, and went to sleep.

Tang Mengran turned to look at Qiao Nan after she had fallen asleep. \"Nan Nan seemed to be very tired.\"

\"She is not tired but in a shock. Anyone would feel this way after what happened outside the school this morning.\" Tao Zhenqin had a terrible headache.

The five of them had agreed that if Nan Nan came back for a nap in the afternoon like usual, they would not bring up what happened in the morning, lest they reminded her of it and she was scared once again after recalling it.

\"I…\" Zheng Lingling hesitated. She heard that the person who was hit in the traffic accident this morning seemed to be Qiao Nan's mother. She had been away for two years.

Fang Fang pulled Zheng Lingling's sleeves, gesturing for her to say no more. Did she not see that Qiao Nan had fallen asleep?

It would upset Qiao Nan further to talk about the accident in the morning.

\"I really envy her.\" He Yun bit on her small handkerchief. \"I feel like sleeping as well. I am tired.\"

\"Go ahead to sleep. No one is forcing you to revise.\" Fang Fang pushed her glasses. She turned and focused on her books.

He Yun sighed. \"I feel like sleeping too, but we do not have the same confidence as Qiao Nan. I am reading as much as I can now.\"

Zheng Lingling smiled. \"Since we are not as confident as Qiao Nan and Shi Qing, stupid fools like us will have to study hard now.\"

The five of them in the dormitory looked at Qiao Nan, who was sleeping soundly. They were envious of her. To think that they were worried that Qiao Nan would still be in shock after what happened in the morning.

She was indeed the top student. She was stronger than everyone in this aspect. They were worried sick for Qiao Nan, yet she behaved as if nothing had happened.

Fang Fang did not let Qiao Nan sleep for too long. She woke her up one and a half-hour later.

After looking at the time, Qiao Nan took a set of clothes and took a shower at the bathroom to wake herself up.

When Shi Qing came looking for Qiao Nan, she had already changed into a new set of clothes, looking refreshed from her shower and was waiting for Shi Qing in her dormitory. \"Crap. I feel I should take a shower as well.\" She had been drenched in sweat this morning.

Shi Qing did not feel any discomfort when she was sleeping, but she felt uncomfortable in her smelly clothes. \"Why not you wait for me while I change my clothes?\" Even though she did not shower, she could change into a new set of clothes.

\"Okay, be fast.\" Qiao Nan felt much more comfortable after the shower. She had put Ding Jiayi's accident at the back of her mind for the time being.

After Shi Qing returned in a new set of clothes, the seven girls brought their stationery, water bottles, and exam admission tickets and exited the dormitory building to head to their respective examination halls.

Qiao Nan had finished the exam in the morning with a peace of mind. As for the exam in the afternoon, Qiao Nan was not the least worried. She looked through the exam papers before she started to write on the exam papers.

\"We have finally finished the exams for the two subjects.\" After handing in her exam papers, Qiao Nan stretched herself. She had no intention of comparing her answers with other students. She let out a sigh. Her day that was filled with troubles was finally over.

Right then, Qiao Nan had goosebumps. She had a strange feeling that someone was staring at her.

Qiao Nan turned and looked around. Her gaze dropped on Xu Tingting, who was in the same classroom as her. Her eyes were full of hatred. She gave her vicious stares through her reddened eyes.

Qiao Nan arched an eyebrow. \"Xu Tingting, why are you staring at me? Did you get bitten by a dog today?\" Xu Tingting looked ferocious. It was as if she had rabies.

The students who had yet to leave the classroom smiled at Qiao Nan's words.

\"Qiao Nan, stop being so smug. There will be a day when you will fall from grace!\" Xu Tingting ran off with red eyes after cursing at Qiao Nan.

\"…\" Qiao Nan curled the corners of her lips. She was certain that Xu Tingting was bitten by a dog.

Right then, someone came close to Qiao Nan. This person seemed to be a student from Ping Cheng High School as well. Qiao Nan had some impression of this person, but she did not know the person's class and name. \"Qiao Nan, you may not know about it, but during noontime, Xu Tingting cried for half an hour in the dormitory. It seems like she did not do well in the exam this morning. From the looks of it, she did not do well for the exam in the afternoon as well.\"

Xu Tingting's grades were considered to be among the top in Ping Cheng High School.

Now that Xu Tingting might have had a slip-up in one or two of the subjects, many of the students were waiting to see a good show unfold.

\"What has that got to do with me?\" Qiao Nan was baffled. It was Xu Tingting's problem that she did not perform well in the exams. Why would she lose her temper at her?

\"Do you know that when one stands on the balcony of the classroom building, one can have a clear view of the school entrance? Before the bell went off to signal that the students had to enter the examination hall within ten minutes, I noticed that Xu Tingting stood on the balcony with a book in her hand. She was not looking at the book. Instead, her gaze was fixed on the school entrance. She stared at it while laughing happily to herself. It was as if there was a treasure at the school gate. Initially, I was puzzled. But then I knew what was going on when you came into the school at such a late time.\"



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