\"Really?!\" Shi Qing's eyes lit up. She was more excited than Qiao Nan. \"In this case, no one can say that Qiao Nan is cold-blooded. Do you know that the former neighbor we caught was so terrible to say that Qiao Nan disregarded her mother's condition and insisted on sitting for the college entrance examination? He insisted that Qiao Nan went to the hospital to donate blood to her.\"

Today was the day they had their college entrance examination. If Qiao Nan went to the hospital, she would not make it in time for her exams.

If she donated blood to her mother, not only would she miss two subjects today, but she would also not be in her best condition to sit for the two other subjects' exams tomorrow.

\"I know.\" There was a cold glitter in Zhai Sheng's eyes.

\"Other people will always protect their children. In the Qiao family, it is Qiao Nan who helps her mom. Argh…\" Shi Qing felt unjust on Qiao Nan's behalf. The Qiao family's situation was indeed rare.

In general, other people would render their help to someone else's children on account of their parents.

But for the case of the Qiao family, people rendered help to Qiao Nan's mother on account of Qiao Nan.

It was the other way round.

\"Alright, say no more lest we lose our appetite.\" Qiao Nan was relieved that the soldiers donated blood to Ding Jiayi on account of her.

At the very least, she had done what she should be doing as a daughter.

\"Brother Zhai, what happened today was very strange. Have you made a thorough investigation? My dad will not just brush it off, will he? If he does that, I will settle with him at home!\" Her father was supposed to serve the people. Qiao Nan was part of the citizens of China. Her father had to serve her as well.

Her father had to defend the people's interests!

\"Does Director Shi need his daughter to remind him?\" Zhai Sheng glanced askance at Shi Qing. \"We have already started to conduct the investigations. Most of the people were dispersed, but we have caught several of them, especially the thief. We will focus our investigations on him. He will not get away.\"

\"Qiao Nan, all of them are after you. Do you have any suspects in mind?\" The three of them took their meals and sat down. Zhai Sheng took two bowls of soup for Qiao Nan and himself. As for Shi Qing, she had to take care of herself.

Shi Qing rolled her eyes at Zhai Sheng, but she still went to take a bowl of soup for herself. She did not harbor any hopes that Zhai Sheng would remember that she was his younger sister and his little junior.

\"There are only those few people who want to get back at me.\" Qiao Nan drank the soup that Zhai Sheng took for her to hydrate herself.

Zhai Sheng made use of the time to refill Qiao Nan's drinking cup with warm water and placed it next to her. She had finished the water in the morning.

\"Since your mom is here, what about your sister?\"

\"She must be here to watch the show. If not, my mom would not be here at Ping Cheng High School at this timing. In this world, Qiao Zijin is the only person who can order my mom around. I can't do it, and my dad can't do it as well.\" After finishing the soup, Qiao Nan started to eat her rice. \"However, there are so many people this morning. They would not have followed the orders to block the streets for nothing. They must have stood to gain from this. Qiao Zijin does not have so much money, and she may be ruthless, but she is timid. Although she doesn't mind that Mom gets into an accident, she will not be so vicious to arrange for the accident to happen.\"

Of course, if someone else arranged the accident, or if it was really an accident, Qiao Zijin was someone who would watch by the side and pretended that she knew nothing.

\"Qiao Zijin is working with someone.\" This person was very rich.

Shi Qing stared at Zhai Sheng after figuring that out. \"Brother Zhai, after spending so much time to interrogate the people that you have caught, have you found out anything from them?\"

\"…\" Zhai Sheng stretched out his hand with an open palm.

\"Fifty yuan? The person is very generous.\" Qiao Nan curled the corners of her lips. It seemed that Qiao Zijin was working with a tycoon.

If it was the year 2000, people would generally have a pay of around a few hundred yuan. Today, they only needed to crowd around on the street and they would be awarded half a month of salary. It was no wonder that so many people turned up on the street.

\"…Fifty. The person is very generous.\" Shi Qing had to admit that the mastermind must be a tycoon.

Qiao Nan could not help but yawn. \"Alright, let's not talk about this. We will do a thorough check. When we finish the college entrance examination, we can do investigations. I have finished eating, but I feel sleepy.\"

\"You should go back to your dormitory to have a nap.\" Zhai Sheng suggested.

\"What about you?\" Boys were forbidden from entering the girls' dormitory. Even if Brother Zhai said that he was one of the parents of the exam candidates, he would not be allowed entry. There were many other students at the school now.

\"I'm okay. I can find a place to rest.\" Zhai Sheng sounded as if he was very easy-going and could rest anywhere.

\"That's right. Qiao Nan, let's go back to the dormitory to take a nap. Now that you have mentioned it, I feel sleepy as well. Those exam candidates who are assigned to our school could only rest in the big classroom. Since this is our school, we can rest at our dormitory.\"

Qiao Nan felt sorry that there was no place that Brother Zhai could rest at. \"Brother Zhai, how about you go back to the Zhai family's residence? You have nothing to do but wait here. You can wait at your house as well.\"

Zhai Sheng cleared the table for Qiao Nan. As for Shi Qing, she had to clear them by herself. She had to blame herself for not having a boyfriend. \"No, I have to stay at Ping Cheng High School. Alright, since you are sleepy, you should hurry back to the dormitory to rest. As for me, you are not the only reason that I stay behind. I have to stay in case anything happens in the afternoon. I will then be able to deal with it right away.\"

\"That's true. Qiao Nan, hurry up. Let's go back to the dormitory to take a nap.\" Shi Qing caught Zhai Sheng's eyes. She dared not waste any more time. She pulled Qiao Nan in the direction of the dormitory.

Previously, it was Zhai Sheng who carried Qiao Nan's schoolbag. Right now, Shi Qing carried her bag under Zhai Sheng's supervision.

Shi Qing did not know what to say in this awkward situation. \"Stop being so long-winded. With Brother Zhai around, do you feel more assured when you sit for the exams? Do you feel that Brother Zhai will definitely settle it for you no matter what happens?\"

\"That's true.\" Qiao Nan nodded.

What happened in the morning was indeed dangerous. Someone spent a huge sum of money to create trouble for her. Although she had been through rebirth, it was normal for her to feel apprehensive.

But Zhai Sheng made her feel at ease. He was a powerful assurance to her. She could take the exam with a peaceful mind and focused on the exams.

If Zhai Sheng did not turn up today, Qiao Nan was not confident that she would be able to maintain her standard or do better than usual.



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