\"However, you should know as well what Xu Tingting was laughing about then. Do you know that Xu Tingting pulled a long face when you made it to the examination hall in the last three minutes? Do you know why would the invigilator remind us to make use of the time to answer the questions during the exam in the afternoon? That was because Xu Tingting stared at the exam papers for a long time without writing anything.\"

This classmate was someone who liked to gossip. It was the college entrance examination, yet she had the time to observe Xu Tingting for her reactions and could remember them clearly.

\"Do you understand?\" The classmate was amused.

Those who enjoyed watching the show would never find it a bother.

\"Thank you.\" Qiao Nan let out a breath, indicating that she understood.

\"There is no need to thank me. Instead, I have to thank you.\" The female student patted Qiao Nan on her shoulder. \"The revision materials that you gave us were very helpful. Our school will definitely do better than The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China in this year's college entrance examination. Qiao Nan, you are awesome!\" She benefited from Qiao Nan's revision materials. Unlike Xu Tingting, she was well-prepared for the exams and knew the answers to the exam questions.

She sat behind Xu Tingting and could hear the sounds of the correction tape coming from Xu Tingting's table. She must have written the wrong words, and she kept using the correction tape to correct them.

She had been wondering whether Xu Tingting would use the correction tape all over her exam papers.

\"See you tomorrow.\" The student seemed to feel even much better after speaking her piece. She left while humming a song.

\"You are here.\" Zhai Sheng walked forward upon seeing Qiao Nan and Shi Qing. \"Let's go back.\"

\"…\" Qiao Nan seemed to hesitate upon hearing that. Her house was very near to Ping Cheng High School. This was the reason why the teacher allowed her and Shi Qing to stay at home to revise and rest. After all, not every student would be able to have a good sleep during the college entrance examination.

The rest of the students had similar studying pace and habits.

However, Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were the oddballs.

Before the school allowed Qiao Nan and Shi Qing to study at home, the whole of Ping Cheng High School would be uptight about the upcoming college entrance examination. Everyone could not wait to have more time for their studies.

But Qiao Nan and Shi Qing would behave differently from all of them. They would go to the physical education room to borrow badminton rackets to play badminton or to borrow a table tennis ball to play table tennis.

On top of that, everyone would stay in the classroom under the electric fan to revise after dinner, whereas Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were the only two students who had the time to stroll around the field to aid in their digestion.

Qiao Nan's and Shi Qing's behavior had garnered the ruthless stares of all the other third-year students.

In order to prevent these two groups of students from affecting each other, and since Qiao Nan and Shi Qing stayed close to Ping Cheng High School, Principal Meng allowed the two of them to revise at home.

But no one would expect that a full-scale drama would unfold at Ping Cheng High School today. The school used to be a quiet and good environment for study.

Previously, Qiao Nan was relieved at Principal Meng's special arrangement. Now that this had happened, she was somewhat worried.

\"Don't worry. I will send you to school tomorrow.\"

Shi Qing was hoping that Zhai Sheng would send her to school as well. But he did not make the offer.

\"My dad sent Shi Qing and me to school today.\" If something cropped up, one person alone would not be able to cope.

Zhai Sheng arched his eyebrows. How could she compare him to his father-in-law? \"It is different. Alright, go back home now.\" He took everything from Qiao Nan and started to move toward the school gate.

\"Hey, wait for me.\" Qiao Nan could not help but follow him. Shi Qing had no choice but to go after them as well.

Of course, she had to carry her schoolbag by herself.

Nothing happened on their journey back home.

Zhai Sheng returned the schoolbag to Qiao Nan. \"Shi Qing, you will stay at the Qiao family's residence tonight. You may not be highly skilled, but you should be able to take down the average person.\"

Shi Qing was pleased when she heard that she could stay with Qiao Nan tonight. However, her face fell when Brother Zhai belittled her with his words. \"Brother Zhai, are you sure it is okay to say that? Aren't you worried that I will not do my best to protect your girlfriend?\"

\"Wrong, she is my fiancée.\" Zhai Sheng corrected. \"I have filed the marriage report. We will be engaged after Qiao Nan finishes the college entrance examination. Qiao Nan, once you are of the legal age, we will collect the marriage certificate.\" In the future, he would be able to have the right to meddle in Nan Nan's affairs.

Shi Qing gaped in shock. She was in a bigger shock than the party concerned. \"Brother Zhai, do you intend to turn Qiao Nan into a married person with that little sincerity?\"

\"What else do you want me to do?\"

\"Qiao Nan, don't give your consent. I have seen a lot of marriage proposals. This is the first time that I have seen one that is without any sincerity. You have given her nothing. You simply tell her that you want to marry her? There is no free lunch in this world!\" How could he possibly think that he would be able to get a wife by doing nothing? If this was possible, all men in the world would be thrilled. It was such an easy task to be married.

\"Shi Qing…\" There was no need for Zhai Sheng to say anything else. He called her name lightly and stared grimly at her. Shi Qing seemed to shrink under his gaze and hid behind Qiao Nan. Gone was the courage she had when she talked back to him.

Qiao Nan clasped her head in exasperation. \"Alright, the college entrance examination is not over yet. No matter what, let's wait until the exams are over.\" Qiao Nan was amused and exasperated. She had known all along that Shi Qing was a funny fellow.

But she did not expect that Brother Zhai, who was reserved and reticent, to be so funny. He sounded serious and he did not seem to be exaggerating, yet he was so amusing. \"You don't have to worry about me. I am in a good mood now. I would have to trouble all of you for what happened this morning. There will be more to come. However, I will never be affected by these people and perform badly in the college entrance examination. If so, those people who are after me will be thrilled.\"

Qiao Nan knew that someone had been squandering money to stop her from sitting for the college entrance examination. The amount of money was enough to buy two houses.

If she was in a bad mood and was affected badly by this matter, the person behind the whole incident would be overjoyed.

Qiao Nan took a few deep breaths. She suppressed the anger that she felt at the thought of this lest she was affected. \"Alright, say no more. It will take some time to straighten this out. I have to clear my mind of every distraction during the college entrance examination.\"

\"You are right.\" Shi Qing sighed. Her heart ached for Qiao Nan. Why did Qiao Nan encounter every such annoying matter?

\"Nan Nan, I think it is better that you stay at the Shi family's residence.\" Zhai Sheng changed his mind.

\"Sure.\" Qiao Nan nodded. She could share a room with Shi Qing. It was more reassuring that there was an adult at home.

Now that everything was settled, Zhai Sheng sent Qiao Nan to the Shi family's residence. He made sure that they had entered the house before he left, feeling assured.



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