\"Okay.\" Qiao Dongliang rubbed his face with his hands, wiping away his tears. \"Thank you.\"

Zhai Sheng stood up to buy some food for Qiao Dongliang, while the latter finished the water in one go.

Since it had already been decided, there was nothing to hesitate or to have regrets.

In fact, he had no regrets about making this decision. His only regret was why he did not make up his mind two years ago.

Qiao Dongliang felt much better after drinking some water and having some food. \"I have to thank you for what happened today. I believe you will accompany Nan Nan to school tomorrow. It is getting late. You should go back to rest. You have to rest well in order to take good care of Nan Nan. I am fine.\"

\"Alright, I will make a move first.\" Zhai Sheng did not decline. He stood up, hailed a car, and went back to the Zhai family's residence.

It was late by the time he reached home. Everyone should have been asleep.

However, Zhai Sheng had just entered the door when Zhai Yaohui came out in his pajamas. \"How is the situation at Ping Cheng High School?\"

\"It has been under control. We have caught several suspects and have sent them to the police station. We will take the time to interrogate them.\" Zhai Sheng changed his shoes.

\"We must get to the bottom of this matter!\" Zhai Yaohui looked sullen. Regardless of whether what happened was an accident or not, he would not allow such an incident to happen again.

The students were the hope and future of the country. They were the future leaders of the country and they were the ones who would help the country to develop and grow in the future.

Whoever stopped the students from sitting for their college entrance examination on a personal level would be personal vendetta, whereas on a bigger level, it would be going against the people and the country!

As a national soldier, Zhai Yaohui would not let off such enemies of the national level. Notwithstanding that the future daughter-in-law of the Zhai family was the target of the whole matter.

On a national level and personal level, this matter had to be dealt with seriously so as to set a good example!

\"Of course.\"

\"How is Qiao Nan's mother?\" Obviously, Zhai Yaohui knew what exactly was going on.

\"Have you spoken to my master?\" Zhai Sheng asked.


\"Then, you should have known that she had a car accident and was sent to the hospital. She broke two ribs; one of them pierced into her lungs. But she is no longer in a critical condition.\" Zhai Sheng sounded as if he was making a report. He was devoid of any emotions.

\"…\" Zhai Yaohui was annoyed at his son's behavior. \"Okay, you should go to sleep.\"

He had been back from the army for a whole day but he only came back home so late into the night. He had spent the whole day being with someone else's daughter. From the way he behaved, he must be thinking of having an early rest and to continue to accompany the lady tomorrow.

\"Dad, good night.\" Zhai Sheng turned and returned to his room without another word. He had been waiting for his father to dismiss him so that he could go back to his room.

\"Young brat!\" Zhai Yaohui's expression darkened. He took off his slipper and threw it toward Zhai Sheng's back.

Unfortunately, Zhai Sheng was young and agile. He had already closed the door to his room.

Bam! Zhai Yaohui's slipper hit Zhai Sheng's room and fell to the floor.

Click! Right then, Zhai Sheng opened the door. He squatted down to pick up the slipper and threw it accurately back to where Zhai Yaohui's feet were. \"You are no longer young. You should watch what you are doing. Don't overexert yourself.\"

With that, Zhai Sheng closed the door again. He had no intention to open it. Zhai Yaohui was fuming in anger at his words.

His son only had eyes for someone else's daughter, while his daughter fell head over heels for someone else's son.

Zhai Yaohui could not help but frown at the thought of his children. He wished that he could turn back time to when they were just born.

This time, no matter what, he would raise them up by himself!

Like Zhai Yaohui, who felt vexed with his children's problems, Qiao Dongliang, who had come to a decision, had been sitting at the hospital's corridor for a long time. It was about midnight when he finally walked into Ding Jiayi's ward and sat by her bed.

Ding Jiayi was hurt badly due to the accident. She was so swollen and bandaged that only her loved ones would be able to recognize her from her injuries.

Ding Jiayi had many tubes attached to her body. Qiao Dongliang was in a similar state when he was in an accident two years ago. \"Ding Jiayi, I don't know if you can hear what I am saying now. But I still want to say them. Ding Jiayi, we brought Nan Nan to this world, but she has repaid her debts to us. In the future, please let her off. Whether you admit it or not, Nan Nan is the only one who takes care of you when you are in trouble. I have no idea where Zijin is now. I believe you have no idea as well. As for the rest, we will have a good talk after you wake up.\"

After finishing his words, Qiao Dongliang had no wish to sit by her bedside. He would rather keep a distance between the two of them. Therefore, he chose to sleep while leaning against the wall.

Early next morning, Zhai Sheng brought breakfast to the Shi family's residence and picked up Qiao Nan along with Shi Qing.

The evening news on the same day had reports regarding the incident that took place at Ping Cheng High School during the college entrance examination. It was also on the headlines of various newspapers the following morning.

Today was the second day of the college entrance examination. Because of what happened yesterday, there were a lot of police officers and security officers who stood guard at all the exam venues to maintain order.

\"Both of you should go in.\" Zhai Sheng stood at the entrance to wait for Qiao Nan to finish the exam.

Usually, the parents would stand guard outside the examination hall to wait for their children to finish the exams. Zhai Sheng stood out as the only young person who waited in the crowd.

Some of them could not help but ask him out of curiosity. \"Are you here to send your younger sister to sit for the college entrance examination?\"

\"…\" Zhai Sheng raised his eyebrows. \"No, it's my loved ones.\"

\"…\" The parent paused momentarily. One's younger sister should be considered one's loved ones, right?

The next few exams went well for Qiao Nan. However, since she was in the same examination hall as Xu Tingting, Xu Tingting would cast her resentful look whenever she had the chance.

Xu Tingting might have wanted to affect Qiao Nan with her glares, but Qiao Nan was indifferent to her gimmicks.

In the end, Xu Tingting failed to disturb Qiao Nan, and she was enraged by Qiao Nan's nonchalance instead.

\"We have finally finished the exams. It seems as if we are released from prison.\" Shi Qing stretched herself. \"I feel that I am so exhausted and drained after the college entrance examination.\"


The five girls in Qiao Nan's dormitory overheard Shi Qing's shameless words. They stared at Shi Qing's round face with contempt in their eyes.

Compared with Qiao Nan and Shi Qing who looked radiant and fresh, they had turned skinny and had a pale complexion. They were the ones who had suffered from sitting for the exams!

\"No matter what, we have finally finished the exams. After half a month's time, we will know our results.\" Zheng Lingling stretched herself as well.



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