\"Dad, you have to make sure that the police officers work harder. Qiao Nan went through painstaking effort to save the money for her college fees. But after what happened the day before yesterday, she gave all the money that she saved for a year to Uncle Qiao. It is to pay for the medical fees for the woman by the surname Ding.\" At the thought of this, Shi Qing's heart ached for Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan was not used to mixing with strangers. She was not interested in being a teacher as well.

Instead of tutoring the students, Qiao Nan would rather spend time on her studies.

However, in order to lighten Uncle Qiao's burden and realize her dream of studying in college, Qiao Nan overcame her fears and worked hard to earn the money. Right now, all her money was used on Ding Jiayi. Shi Qing felt unjust for Qiao Nan.

\"Qiao Nan is very sensible. She has to do this.\" Otherwise, Qiao Nan would be criticized by others.

\"It is not worth it!\" Qiao Nan was about to turn twenty years old. The money that Ding Jiayi spent on Qiao Nan in the past twenty years might not be as much as the amount of money that Qiao Nan spent on her this time!

\"You can't measure it like that. Ding Jiayi gave birth to her. Qiao Nan has to spend this money.\" China placed importance on filial piety. Even if one should not practice unquestioning filial piety, one could not be unfilial.

Ding Jiayi was hit by a car and was on the verge of death. Unless Qiao Nan did not have the ability, she could not watch by and do nothing.

\"Qiao Nan earned this money with her own effort. She was willing to give the money to her father. It proves that she has thought it through. I try to make you see reason, but why is it that you are not as sensible as Qiao Nan?\"

\"…\" Indeed, one had to be sensible enough to use one's hard-earned savings on one's heartless mother. \"Zhu Baoguo told me that Qiao Nan is too soft-hearted. She has suffered many grievances, but she will keep quiet about it. Those who are around her feel the pain as they watched her suffer in silence.\"

She understood that Qiao Nan had to do that. However, she could not take it lying down.

\"If you feel so vexed about it, how about I assign you a task? I will get Secretary Feng to make a call to the police station. You can learn your ways there. Of course, if you have a way to get some answers from the culprits, you can drop a reminder to the police officers.\" Shi Peng knew that since the college entrance examination was over, there was no one to make sure that Shi Qing studied and did her reading. Shi Qing had too much time on her hands. It was also such a coincidence that Ding Jiayi was in an accident. Qiao Nan had too many things on her hands. Shi Qing could not spend her time with her and learn from her.

Shi Peng decided to assign a task to Shi Qing before she stirred up any trouble.

\"Deal!\" Sure enough, Shi Qing, who was bored with nothing to do, agreed to her father's suggestion right away.

In fact, if she really went with Qiao Nan to the hospital and watched as Qiao Nan waited on Ding Jiayi, given her temper, Shi Qing would be bursting with anger to the extent that she felt like killing someone.

Instead of seeing such a painful scene, she would rather use her time to help Qiao Nan get to the bottom of this matter.

Shi Qing rushed to the police station, while Qiao Nan went with Zhai Sheng to the hospital that Ding Jiayi stayed in.

Qiao Nan panicked when she saw the white exterior of the hospital. She took a few deep breaths at the entrance. \"Brother Zhai, how about you tell me the ward that my mom is staying in and I will go there by myself?\"

Qiao Nan had not seen Ding Jiayi for more than two years. Qiao Nan was slightly nervous and full of fear and trepidation now.

\"No, I will accompany you.\" Zhai Sheng held Qiao Nan's hand and stood by her side steadfastly. \"My marriage report has been approved.\" In other words, as long as Qiao Nan was willing, they are considered to be engaged. By the time Qiao Nan reached the legal age, they would be real married couples.

He had to stay by Qiao Nan's side and face whatever hardships with her.

Qiao Nan smiled bitterly. She was not the least touched when she heard this piece of news today. \"Then, let's go in now.\" Indeed, she needed support from Brother Zhai in order to face her mother.

The smell of formalin wafted toward Qiao Nan. She turned pale. Beads of perspiration broke out on her forehead.

Zhai Sheng noticed that Qiao Nan looked unwell. He tightened his grip on her hand, transmitting his warmth to her through their clasped hands.

\"Dad…\" The first person that Qiao Nan saw when she walked into the ward was Ding Jiayi. She was bandaged like a steamed rice dumpling. However, the first person that she called was her father. \"Mom…\"

\"Humph… Do you still remember that I am your mom… argh …\" As Qiao Nan had expected, Ding Jiayi, who was brought back to life, was used to treating Qiao Nan harshly. She started to scold Qiao Nan as soon as she saw her. \"You are such a wretched girl! You are without a conscience. I am almost killed by a car, yet you wait until today to visit me. Do you wish that I would die from the accident? Is the exam more important than your mom?!\"

When Ding Jiayi first woke up in the hospital, she was greeted by a cold and indifferent Qiao Dongliang. He was very distant toward her. This did not seem like the reunion that she was expecting. He did not seem to miss her or yearn for her after separating from each other for two years. Ding Jiayi could only sigh that her life was full of hardships and misfortunes.

They had not seen each other at all for two years.

There were many times when she thought of coming back to take a look at Old Qiao and to have a long chat with him. She wanted to tell him that she was willing to change and she hoped that Old Qiao would give her a chance to change. The four of them would be able to lead a happy and peaceful life together.

But Zijin stopped her and advised her to wait a while longer.

Zijin said that after being apart for so many years, she was not the only person who missed Old Qiao. Old Qiao would have missed her as well.

Therefore, as long as she could wait a while longer, when they finally reunited with each other, she would not need to give in to Old Qiao. Instead, Old Qiao would be willing to let her be in control of the family's finances and he would no longer side with the wretched girl.

Ding Jiayi stopped herself from going back to Old Qiao. She had finally waited until the day that they would be reunited. However, it was unlike the reunion that she had imagined.

Ding Jiayi woke up yesterday. After she woke up, Qiao Dongliang took care of her and attended to her needs. However, he would only render his help when she needed. Apart from that, he was cold and reserved.

Ding Jiayi had no one to talk to despite waking up from her sleep in the hospital.

Now that Qiao Nan was here, Ding Jiayi directed all her anger and unhappiness at Qiao Nan!

Qiao Nan had expected her mother to lash out at her. She gritted her teeth and was about to rebut her.

Zhai Sheng pulled Qiao Nan to stand behind him. Qiao Dongliang, who had been sitting down by the side, broke his silence. \"Nan Nan, did you hear what your mother say? Your mother is hospitalized for three days and she has been through four hours of operation. Her medical bills amount to 2,357 yuan. You are without a conscience to borrow such a huge sum of money to pay for her medical bills. You are such a wretched girl. You should learn from your elder sister. She has not been in sight until now. She has not fork out a single cent as well. This is what we call being filial. She must have her reasons. Do you understand?\"



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