Unlike Shi Qing and Nan Nan who were able to sleep well and eat well during the three days of exams, these three days were sheer torture to them.

\"This won't do. My parents are here to pick me up. Once I reach home, I will have a good rest before eating anything. Whoever dares to wake me up before noon tomorrow will get it from me!\" Tang Mengran barked and ran toward her parents like a tired dog. She got into the car and slumped in the seat.

\"My parents have arrived. I will get going. See all of you half a month later when we go back to school to get our report card.\" People like Fang Fang were tired from the exams as well.

Qiao Nan was surprised that it was her parents instead of her childhood sweetheart who picked her up.

Within five minutes' time, all of the roommates left with their parents.

Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were the only exceptions.

It was not their parents, but someone was here to pick them up, though the person was only here for Qiao Nan and Shi Qing was just tagging along.

\"Brother Zhai.\" Even though her parents were not here, Qiao Nan was just as happy to see Zhai Sheng. \"Won't you feel too hot from standing under the sun?\"

\"Do you think Brother Zhai is a fool? It's July and the weather is scorching. He will definitely wait in the shade.\" Shi Qing interrupted.

Zhai Sheng, who was about to answer, pursed his lips and shot a cold look at Shi Qing. Shi Qing caught his eye and shut up right away. Zhai Sheng took Qiao Nan's belongings from her and passed her a bottle of cold mineral water. \"Drink some water. The summer is too hot. Be mindful not to dehydrate and suffer from heatstroke.\"

Qiao Nan took the bottle of mineral water from Zhai Sheng after emptying her hands. It was cool to the touch but not too cold for her. She smiled and had a drink. \"This brand of mineral water is very tasty. It has a sweet taste to it.\"

Shi Qing pouted her lips and turned sideways. Since Brother Zhai had bought water, he should have bought one more bottle of water for her. He was so mean to care for his girlfriend but to disregard his sister.

What did she mean that the water tasted sweet? She might not have been in a relationship but she was not a fool. The water did not taste sweet. It was Qiao Nan who felt sweet inside.

Hey, they were without a conscience to show affection for each other in public!

After reaching home, Qiao Nan had intended to take a shower and change her clothes. After all, one would be sweaty in summer. It was very uncomfortable to wear clothes drenched in sweat. It was similar to those dried and crumpled preserved vegetables.

But Zhai Sheng stopped her. \"I bought dinner for you. After you have eaten, I will send you to the hospital.\"



Now that Zhai Sheng brought this up, Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were reminded of something that they had intentionally ignored these two days—Ding Jiayi was in a car accident and was hospitalized.

\"Okay.\" There was an indifferent look on Qiao Nan's face. She ate a few mouthfuls of the rice that Zhai Sheng bought for her. They were tasteless to her. She put them aside. \"Brother Zhai, let's go.\"

\"Qiao Nan, do you want me to accompany you?\" Shi Qing had an awkward look on her face.

\"It's okay.\" It was unsuitable.

\"What if your mom bullies you!\" If I am there, I could protect you.

Qiao Nan smiled bitterly. \"Three days have passed. My mom must have woken up. I cannot say for sure if she will bully me. But don't forget, my mother has suffered serious injuries. Even if she wants to bully me, she has no strength to do that. It will be best if she is asleep now. If she is awake, she will glare at me and scream at me at most, but she will not be able to come close to me.\"

\"Alright. Shi Qing, you should stay at home and rest. If you are bored, you can read books or watch television. I will send Nan Nan to the hospital.\" If they delayed any further, it would be late.

Zhai Sheng knew that there were people who were watching Qiao Nan. He would not allow them to get hold of the chink in Qiao Nan's armor.

\"Brother Zhai, let's go.\" Even if her mother was no longer in a critical condition, Qiao Nan knew that as a daughter, it would not be good if she did not visit her mother. It was still alright for her not to visit her during the three days of the college entrance examination. However, now that exams were over, she had to make a trip to the hospital.

\"Go ahead. I will watch the house for you.\" Shi Qing suppressed her anger. She had no wish to add to Qiao Nan's burden.

She waited until Zhai Sheng left with Qiao Nan to make a call to Shi Peng's office to complain. \"Dad, regarding the people who created a fuss the day before yesterday, how's the interrogation going?\"

During the college entrance examination, Qiao Nan and Shi Qing had never discussed that incident.

Now that exams were over and Shi Qing had lots of time, she had to get to the bottom of this matter. She had to find out who was the heartless person who almost caused Qiao Nan and her to miss their college entrance examination.

It must be done on purpose!

\"There are some clues.\" Shi Peng stopped writing and closed the file. He motioned for Secretary Feng to go out first. \"The majority of the people who appeared that day were hired by someone. But some of them were asked to join by their friends.\"

Among the people who were present, there were two groups of people. The first group had been in direct contact with the person who paid them to go.

The first group of people was only in contact with the pawns that were hired by the mastermind. The first group of people would be paid fifty yuan by the pawns. The mastermind would tell the pawns to look for people to join them.

He would pay the pawns according to the number of people they managed to get. It all depended on their abilities. He would give them fifty yuan for every single person that joined them.

He would not care how much money the pawns would give to the people that they asked to join them.

The fifty yuan that he gave would be a down payment. After everything was over, he would pay them money based on the total number of people.

The second group of people were those that were persuaded by the first group of people to sign up for the job. These people would only be paid forty yuan.

One could not get much information from the second group of people. But for those who cooperated with the police officers, the police would not give them too harsh a punishment. They had wanted to earn forty yuan from the job. Therefore, the police officers would give them a fine of forty yuan. It was tantamount to their pay for ten days.

These people did not earn any money. Instead, they were fined ten days' worth of pay. All of them were full of regrets.

As for the first batch of people, the police officers kept a tight watch on them and interrogated them for details.

\"What else? Have you found out who is the person who hired them?\" She only cared about important developments. She was not concerned about the investigation details. She would leave it to the police officers.

\"Not yet.\" Shi Peng tapped his pen against the table. \"If this matter could be solved so easily, we would have already got to the bottom of it. Do you think that the person behind all this is a fool? Do you think it is that easy to be a police officer and that the case could be cracked so easily?\"

Talk was cheap.

Shi Qing calmed herself down. \"Dad, don't be angry. I don't mean it that way. I am just anxious.\"

\"Even if you are anxious, you should be careful with your words. Have you forgotten how I used to teach you?\"

\"I still remember.\"

\"That's good. Remember, you must not commit this mistake again.\" Shi Peng was very strict in disciplining Shi Qing. \"Do not worry. I will handle this matter well.\"



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