Ding Jiayi was most reluctant to give Qiao Nan money to spend. She already could not bear to do so with the money that she had on hand. If she were to borrow money that was initially nonexistent for Qiao Nan to spend, wouldn't that be akin to digging a piece of flesh from Ding Jiayi's heart or liver?

\"Old Qiao, you know very well that… Are you doing this on purpose to anger me? I'm already so badly injured. Don't you feel the slightest heartache for me? After all, we're a married couple. Can you talk to me nicely? How are we going to live on like this?\" Ding Jiayi felt very sad. She nearly died, yet she did not receive any words of love and encouragement from her husband when she regained consciousness. Instead, he spoke in a cold and sarcastic manner to her all the time.

Having been hurt deeply, beads of tears akin to the rain in June rolled down one by one from Ding Jiayi's eyes.

\"Whether life goes on or not… we can take our time to discuss this after you recover from your injuries. There's no hurry,\" Qiao Dongliang said coldly. That simply made Ding Jiayi dumbstruck.

\"Old Qiao, you, what do you mean by this?\" Ding Jiayi was not stupid. She naturally understood the underlying meaning in Qiao Dongliang's words.

Ding Jiayi wanted to sit up. However, as she exerted pressure on her waist, she felt great pain in her chest. Ding Jiayi's forehead broke out in a cold sweat.

At the sight of this, Qiao Dongliang did not move at all. \"There's no hurry. We can talk again when your injuries are better.\"

\"Talk about what? When my injuries are slightly better, you're going to divorce me immediately?\" Ding Jiayi held on to her tummy and looked at Qiao Dongliang tearfully. \"When I married you in the past, I had nothing. I'm old and no longer good-looking now. After I have gone through tough times with you, you don't want me anymore? Qiao Dongliang, you still call yourself a soldier. Why are you abandoning your first wife in this way? Has your conscience been eaten by a dog? You don't want me anymore just because I'm hospitalized because of a car accident? You only have money in your mind now!\"

Qiao Dongliang laughed coldly. \"Of course, my conscience has been eaten by a dog. You should know very clearly who was the one who had taken away my ten years of hard-earned salary. When you married me, yes, I was poor and had nothing. Then, why don't you tell me? After being married to you for more than ten years, do I have anything more?\"


\"When others marry a wife, their family life improves as time goes by. I married a wife too. Is there a difference whether I married a wife or not? Although these are feudal mindsets and superstitious beliefs, you're different from other wives. You don't bring luck to your husband. Moreover, you also don't even have the capability to manage the household. If I only cared about money, do you think you would have the chance to spend my savings of more than ten years without sounding me out where I was keeping it? I only found out about it half a year after you spent the money.\"

Ding Jiayi's voice was too loud. Moreover, everyone had a tendency to join where the crowd was.

When they heard sounds of arguments from the ward next door, a few people had already crowded the entrance of Ding Jiayi's ward to eavesdrop on what was going on.

Initially, when everyone heard Ding Jiayi mention that that man was going to divorce her as he was unwilling to spend money due to her car accident and hospitalization, those people who were listening looked down on Qiao Dongliang and felt that he was not a good man.

As the saying goes, husband and wife might be living in the same forest, but when faced with adversity, they would fly away in different directions.

This saying reflected reality too well.

In comparison to Ding Jiayi's shouting, Qiao Dongliang's extraordinary calm words revealed more information.

Upon hearing that Ding Jiayi finished spending more than ten years of savings of the Qiao family without breathing a word and the head of the family, Qiao Dongliang, only found out half a year later, they felt that this woman was clearly the most daring prodigal wife.

With this kind of wife, if the man did not look after his own money, then they could forget about having any family savings.

As a man, who would dare to have such a wife? His own earnings would not be enough for her to squander away.

At the mention of this matter, Ding Jiayi did feel guilty. \"Don't say such words that can easily cause a misunderstanding. Yes, I spent the money but I didn't spend it on myself. I did that because I wanted our daughter to have a better future, to let her study in a better school. However, I didn't spend a single cent of it on myself.\"

Ding Jiayi expressed that she was not willing to be the scapegoat for this.

\"Yes, in our family of four, you dumped all our family savings for the sake and future of one person, Zijin. You don't care about the life and death of Nan Nan and me anymore, right? You gave birth to Nan Nan, yet you spent all my savings to pay for Zijin's tuition fees, and then, you wanted Nan Nan to discontinue her studies to work and earn money to support Zijin. Fine. Two years ago, when I met with a car accident, we didn't even have any money available for my hospitalization. If Nan Nan, who was just a child, had not been thick-skinned enough to borrow money for my surgery, I would have become ashes now. You? What did you do when Nan Nan went to borrow money? You were just sitting along the corridors of the hospital, slapping your thighs and crying. You lamented that you were penniless, the hospital was unkind, and that they were robbing lives and money if they refused to save me. Then, all the debtors whom you previously borrowed money from came looking for you at that moment.\"

\"Hahaha, fortunately, I still have Nan Nan, this daughter. If I relied on Zijin and you, I would have died eight or ten times. Yes, I don't have a conscience. I nearly died a few times in your hands because I didn't have a conscience. If I had conscience toward you, Nan Nan and I would have died long ago!\"

Ding Jiayi wanted to bring up old scores. Then, the old scores accumulated in Qiao Dongliang's tummy could be told until tomorrow or even the day after.

\"I…\" At the mention of that car accident from two years ago, Ding Jiayi really could not find any words to defend herself with. Well, what Qiao Dongliang said was the truth.

\"You're speechless now? You don't have anything to say but I do. After Nan Nan borrowed the money and saved my life, you even let Nan Nan repay that sum of money alone. You said it did not have anything to do with our family; who had asked Nan Nan to borrow the money to save me? So, I'm only Nan Nan's father. I'm not your husband and not Zijin's father? Fine. You've taken the initiative to separate our family of four into two households. What can I say? Aren't I granting you your wish now?\"

Qiao Dongliang's words made those who were eavesdropping outside dumbfounded. \"What kind of person is this? With this kind of wife, he may as well remain a bachelor for life.\"

\"Isn't that so? She has such an evil heart.\"

\"This man must have been down on luck for eighteen lifetimes to be involved with such a woman.\"

\"Qiao Dongliang, who do you mean when you said all these?\" Ding Jiayi could clearly hear the heated discussions among those people outside. She was thus very embarrassed. She was so angry that she could feel smoke rising from her head.

Qiao Dongliang was as calm as before. \"Nothing. I just hope that you will know your own limits. You're a patient who had a car accident, so don't be a nuisance and don't always treat Nan Nan and me as eyesores. If you scold Nan Nan again, don't blame me for being unruly. When I met with a car accident two years ago, Nan Nan was the one who borrowed money and saved me. Two years later, you met with a car accident, and Nan Nan was also the one who supported you. We have Nan Nan, such a good daughter. It's our blessing due to the good deeds that we did in our previous lives.\"



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