\"Taking into account our over ten years of relationship as a married couple, let me advise you. Even if this is your good fortune, you shouldn't go overboard in your doings. You have squandered away this good fortune!\"

He could already tell since long ago that besides addressing Ding Jiayi as 'mom', in her heart, Nan Nan was, in fact, no longer willing to treat Ding Jiayi as her mother.

Unfortunately, Ding Jiayi was still so full of herself and thought that Nan Nan was in her clutches and had to obey her words for life.

If she wanted to scold or hit Nan Nan, Nan Nan could only endure it obediently without resisting.

\"Nan Nan had just finished her college entrance examination. Given Nan Nan's grades, it's not difficult to be admitted even into a top tier key university in the capital. As a mother, you're of no help but you should refrain from causing harm to Nan Nan. Understand?\"

\"I, as a mother, will I harm her? I'm her biological mother!\" When had she caused real harm to Qiao Nan? If she had really wanted to harm her, would Qiao Nan have grown to this age?

\"You still don't believe it when I say that you're dumb. Rest well to recover from your injuries. Regardless of the situation of our relationship, it shouldn't affect our children. When you have recovered, we can talk about other matters again.\" Having finished his words, Qiao Dongliang shut his eyes and declined to have any further conversation with Ding Jiayi.

There was no longer any show to watch. All of a sudden, the crowd at the entrance of the ward was gone.

Ding Jiayi, who was lying on the bed, dug her fingers hard on the headboard of the bed. Her heart was filled with anger.

After saying so much, it was all because she had given that wretched girl a few scoldings earlier. Hence, Old Qiao deliberately made things difficult for her to take revenge on behalf of that wretched girl!

Just wait and see. Two years had passed. Did Old Qiao still think that she was that timid woman in the past who he could threaten with a divorce?

She was sick of this tactic.

Unless Qiao Nan did not appear, she would continue to torture Qiao Nan.

She wanted to see what else Old Qiao could do besides having all talk and no action toward her.

Divorce… This had been on the talks for two to three years. He had not even brought her to the Civil Affairs Bureau to settle the administration matters of a divorce. Was he bluffing her as if she was a three-year-old child?

Ding Jiayi, who had stayed separately from Qiao Dongliang for two years, was so certain that Qiao Dongliang's threat of divorce was just one of his means to threaten her, that it was not true that he wanted to divorce her. Hence, in Ding Jiayi's heart, she had nothing to fear even if she were to do anything to Qiao Nan.

She even complacently thought that Qiao Dongliang was not the only one who knew this tactic. She knew as well.

She could forget about this occasion where Qiao Dongliang badly defended Qiao Nan in front of her. However, if Qiao Dongliang dared to do that in front of Qiao Zijin, she would initiate talks about divorce without the need for Qiao Dongliang to do so.

At that time, she wanted to see if Qiao Dongliang would dare to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to settle the divorce administration matters with her.

If Qiao Dongliang dared not do so, then she would be the one calling the shots in this family in the future!

On the other hand, after Qiao Nan heard Qiao Dongliang's words, she left swiftly without any hesitation.

When she was downstairs and passing by the lobby, Qiao Nan knitted her brows.

\"What's wrong?\" Zhai Sheng looked at Qiao Nan.

\"Perhaps I've seen wrongly?\" Qiao Nan was not quite sure too. \"Forget it. Let's go home.\"


It was only when Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan left the lobby did Qiao Zijin, who was hiding, heave a sigh of relief. She then walked to the reception counter to inquire about Ding Jiayi's medical condition. \"Nurse, could you please help me check something? Three days ago, a woman surnamed Ding was admitted here due to a car accident. How is she now?\"

\"Are you referring to Ding Jiayi?\" The nurse flipped her records and asked.

\"Yes, it's her!\" Qiao Zijin let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the information that Chen Jun provided her was correct. Her mother was really staying in this hospital. \"May I ask how her condition is? Is it severe?\"

\"After going through the surgery, her life is no longer in danger. She broke two ribs and hurt the lobes of her lungs. Most likely, she will take a long time to recover. How are you related to the patient?\" Why was she asking so many questions?

\"Oh, I, I am her neighbor's child. My mom is on very good terms with her. My mom is worried about Auntie Ding but she doesn't have the spare time to come as she is tied up recently. Hence, she asked me to inquire about this. The good thing is that it's summer vacation now and I don't need to go to school. I, I'm running an errand for my mom.\" Of course, Qiao Zijin dared not say that she was Ding Jiayi's daughter.

Her biological mother had been hospitalized for three days and she only appeared now. This was abnormal.

She was not Qiao Nan and did not have a valid excuse for participating in the college entrance examination.

\"Oh, is that so? When did Mom become an auntie from your neighborhood? When did you have another mom? Is that your biological mother or godmother?\" That cold-sounding voice of Qiao Nan rang behind Qiao Zijin's back. \"Mom has been hospitalized for three days. I really can't visit her because of the college entrance examination. Qiao Zijin, where did you come from? You even said that you're a child of Mom's neighbor and you're here to inquire about Mom's condition?\"

True enough, her eyes were not playing tricks on her. Qiao Zijin really came to the hospital!

\"I…\" Upon hearing this voice, Qiao Zijin was shocked. She was so frightened that she nearly ran away like a rabbit immediately.

\"…\" The nurse who had been inquired by Qiao Zijin earlier was dumbfounded. She blinked her eyes. \"The both of you are…\"

\"The lady who was sent to the hospital due to a car accident the day before is our mother.\"

\"Ah?!\" The jaws of the nurse dropped in shock. \"But she clearly told me that her mom is good friends with your mom, that she's the daughter of your mom's good friend…\" At the end of the speech, the nurse nearly bit her own tongue.

She really took her hat off this girl. She had told so many lies earlier but did not seem to be having any difficulty doing that at all. \"How are the two of you related to each other exactly?\"

\"Sisters, biological sisters. She's older than me by two years.\" This was the first time that Qiao Nan did not shun away from her relationship with Qiao Zijin. Instead, she enthusiastically told others about the relationship between them.

\"Enough!\" Qiao Zijin's face was turning redder. She could not lift up her head as many passersby were casting strange looks at them.

\"Is it enough?\" Qiao Nan sneered. \"Mom dotes on you most. She gets angry whenever she sees me. You're so filial. Since you're here, aren't you going to visit Mom? Or do you intend to continue to address Mom as auntie?\"

Qiao Zijin gritted her teeth. \"I don't need you to be a busybody. I already came to the hospital. Of course, I'll definitely go and see Mom.\"

\"That's really your mom!\" The young nurse seemed to be holding a knife and adding another stab viciously at Qiao Zijin. \"That person is clearly your mother, then why did you address her as your auntie in front of me?\"

The voice of the young nurse was not soft and there were many people in the lobby. Hence, many became aware that a patient's biological daughter came to the hospital and addressed her own mother as her auntie. She seemed to have something to hide or was unwilling to acknowledge her biological mother.

What kind of daughter was this?!

Qiao Zijin's face was so flustered and red as if it was going to bleed anytime. She gritted her teeth and said, \"Aren't you going back? I can look for Mom myself.\"

\"Of course I'm going back.\" She could not be bothered to lead the way for Qiao Zijin anyway. She was purely here to catch Qiao Zijin red-handed and make the latter feel bad.

Qiao Zijin appeared at the hospital at this time. Obviously, Qiao Zijin must have been involved in their mother's car accident that happened three days ago during her college entrance examination.



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