In her previous life, her mother wanted her kidney to save Qiao Zijin and caused her death in a car accident. In this life, to prevent her from taking the college entrance examination, Qiao Zijin nearly caused her mother to die under the wheels. At the thought of this, Qiao Nan suddenly felt that they were very ludicrous.

Heaven has justice and one will not be able to escape from their retribution.

When Qiao Zijin did this, she felt that her grievances had been redressed and her mother had received her retribution. \"Brother Zhai, let's go back?\"

\"Wait. You… How are the two of you related to each other?\" At the thought that Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng were holding hands as they walked out, and also Zhai Sheng's reputation and status, Qiao Zijin reached out her arms and blocked Qiao Nan's way, refusing to let her leave.

\"What do you think?!\" Qiao Nan raised her hand that was holding on to that of Zhai Sheng.

Qiao Zijin bit her lips so hard that it nearly bled. \"Qiao Nan, you are not doing the right thing. You're just a student and shouldn't be involved in a romantic relationship at such a young age. I'm your sister, your biological sister. I'm saying this for the sake of your own good.\"

Qiao Nan actually had connections with the Zhai family. She was together with Zhai Sheng, who was the most promising individual in the quad. How was that possible? How could she do that!

The term puppy love was sensitive in China. Previously, those people who were staring at Qiao Zijin now turned their glances toward Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan chuckled. \"Sister, you seem to have forgotten. I have just finished taking my college entrance examination today.\"

The completion of one's college entrance examination was considered a milestone in one's life. The things that could not be done before the college entrance examination were mostly allowed after the examination.

\"Sister, if you have nothing else to say, I'll go home first. Right, if you don't know which ward Mom is staying at, you can find someone to help you lead the way.\"

\"Coincidentally, I'm going to your mom's ward to send her medication. I can lead the way for you.\" At this juncture, another nurse who had been standing by the side and listening in on the conversation stood out with a 'friendly' smile.

\"Thank you.\" At this moment, Qiao Zijin was put in a spot. She could not leave even if she wanted to.

She had just addressed her biological mother as auntie and was immediately exposed by Qiao Nan. If she was to say that she had to leave as she was tied up now, how would others view her?

In short, after being exposed on the spot by Qiao Nan about her relationship with Ding Jiayi, Qiao Zijin felt so ashamed that she wanted to find a place to hide. She just wished to leave the lobby as soon as possible.

\"Then, let's go?\" The young nurse smiled and took the initiative to lead the way for Qiao Zijin.

\"Let's go too.\" During the whole process where Qiao Nan was dealing with Qiao Zijin, Zhai Sheng stood quietly beside Qiao Nan, giving her his support silently. \"You're letting her off so easily?\"

\"Otherwise?\" Qiao Nan sighed. \"She's my sister, my closest kin.\"

\"I can help you.\"

\"No need. You're a soldier!\" Qiao Nan rejected. She was very insistent on this. \"If you really help me with this, Chief Zhai won't be happy about it. Moreover, it's not necessary to teach them so many lessons. My sister and my mom share the same temperament. The fox may grow but never good. They're the best examples for this saying.\"

\"That's true.\" Zhai Sheng gave a laugh. \"You don't need to be too worried. You'll be released from all these soon.\"

Qiao Nan did not understand. \"Released from what?\" Her mother met with a car accident but her life was no longer in danger. She wished to be relieved?

Unless her mother had passed away naturally many decades later and Qiao Zijin died as she could not be saved in time after contracting uremia again, how could she be relieved?

\"There's no hurry. You'll understand after some time.\" Zhai Sheng was not telling Qiao Nan something yet. Qiao Nan had been shunned away after only taking a glance at Ding Jiayi in the hospital. That was something to be happy about. Of course, that excluded the verbal abuses that Ding Jiayi let out during the meeting.

Due to this, Zhai Sheng had a better understanding of how hard Qiao Nan's life had been in the past.

\"I hope so, Brother Zhai. I'm tired. I wish to go home to rest.\"

The college entrance examination had ended. Clearly, Qiao Nan and Shi Qing had rested well during the few days of the examination.

However, after meeting Ding Jiayi, Qiao Nan's state of mind became extremely exhausted. She just wished to have a good rest.

\"Uncle Qiao is still taking care of your mom in the hospital. You should continue to stay with the Shi family during these few days. Don't stay alone. Understand?\" Zhai Sheng still did not feel at ease to let Qiao Nan stay alone at home. No one could guarantee that those people who created the trouble during the day of the college entrance examination would give up on or postpone dealing with Qiao Nan after that failure.

Given his current identity, Zhai Sheng was unable to keep Qiao Nan company by her side.

Hence, Zhai Sheng could only endure it and let Qiao Nan stay at the Shi family. He would feel more at ease then.

Qiao Nan nodded. \"That's good too. However, Qiao Zijin bumped into the two of us directly today. We don't know when she may tell Auntie Miao about us directly.\"

After enduring for two years, Qiao Nan felt that perhaps it was time to explain to Miao Jing.

The two of them could not possibly keep the truth from Auntie Miao until the moment that they get engaged, right?

\"Okay.\" It was not easy for Qiao Nan to agree to reveal their relationship to his mother. Zhai Sheng smiled satisfactorily. \"Let's go. It's already very late.\"

When Zhai Sheng sent Qiao Nan to the house of the Shi family, Shi Qing happened to arrive home.

The two young ladies went marketing and then cooked together. After finishing their meals, they bathed and slept. They fell into a deep sleep at the same time.

Qiao Nan felt more comfortable and relaxed thereafter. On the other hand, Ding Jiayi was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

After having an argument with Qiao Dongliang, the injured Ding Jiayi felt weak and soft at this moment no matter how she consoled herself. As an ordinary woman, she hoped that she could receive the care and love of others, especially her husband, at this point in time.

Qiao Dongliang had been giving her cold shoulders. He even brought up old scores in front of outsiders and let people in the hospital misunderstand that she was a vicious and wastrel wife. Only Ding Jiayi herself knew how much humiliation and pain she felt in her heart.

\"Ah, has your other daughter, the elder one, gone back?\" The young nurse who was going to change the drip for Ding Jiayi came in. She felt strange when she saw that only Ding Jiayi and Qiao Dongliang were left in the ward. \"She left so quickly?\"

\"Which other daughter?\" Qiao Dongliang narrowed his eyes while Ding Jiayi perked up and straightened her ears to hear.

\"The one that came earlier. That's your family's younger daughter right?\"


\"Thereafter, a lady who's slightly older came to the hospital. She seems to be your elder daughter. I even led the way here for her. It's just that the senior nurse asked me to attend to some matters while we're on the way. Hence, I asked her to bring the medicine over to you. You have taken the medicine for tonight, right?\" The young nurse blinked. The daughter had left after just half an hour. Wasn't that a little too fast?

\"No.\" Ding Jiayi was dumbstruck.

Qiao Dongliang's chest lifted gradually. \"She had taken the medicine for the night but it was sent over by another nurse.\" And not the other daughter who was the elder one.

Zijin came to the hospital today. In that case, she was definitely aware that Ding Jiayi was hospitalized due to a car accident!



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