Due to what the young nurse said yesterday, Qiao Dongliang had been thinking for the entire night.

He suddenly realized that he not only had to be hard-hearted to Ding Jiayi but also must change his attitude toward Qiao Zijin, this daughter.

Of course, he wished that his daughter was the most adorable and kind as well as the best daughter in the world. However, the truth was undeniable.

So many things had happened. Even if Qiao Dongliang still had the benevolence of a father, he could no longer treat Qiao Zijin as a simple and innocent child who had not stepped into society.

When he met with a car accident years ago, he could, in fact, already tell the realistic and selfish nature of Qiao Zijin. It was just that he was unwilling to admit it at that time.

\"Good day, may I ask if you are Comrade Qiao and Madam Ding?\"

\"Good day.\" Seeing that the other party was also a young nurse in the hospital, Qiao Dongliang stood up. His attitude was completely different from the tough demeanor that he had when he faced Ding Jiayi. Looking at this, Ding Jiayi felt her heart soured.

The young nurse smiled. \"These items are delivered to you by your daughter. Quickly eat them.\"

\"Thank you.\" Qiao Dongliang took over the lunch boxes from the hands of the young nurse.

The moment she heard this, Ding Jiayi, who was still listless a second earlier, suddenly seemed to have been injected with chicken blood. \"Did you see that? I've already said before that Zijin is the best child in this world. Yesterday's matter must have been a misunderstanding. That woman is definitely not Zijin. Isn't this… Zijin directly sent us food!\"

She was unlike Qiao Nan, that wretched girl, who only had the father in heart and treated her, the mother, like she was dead.

\"If the one who came to the hospital yesterday was not Zijin, how was she able to deliver food to your ward today? I think your brains are the organs that were hit that day.\" She could even say such contradictory things. Her brains had really been damaged.

After opening the lunch box, Qiao Dongliang smiled. \"Qiao Zijin has been raised by you such that she never does any household chores. Even if she has changed that habit, most of the food that she prepared is not nice. This culinary skills—only Nan Nan has it.\"

Qiao Nan delivered two kinds of lunch boxes. One of them contained plain white porridge that was as white as a sheet, whereas the other contained rice, meat, vegetables, and also an egg that was cooked sunny-side up.

Undoubtedly, the one with rice, vegetables, and meat was prepared for Qiao Dongliang. As for the plain and bland white porridge, it must be for Ding Jiayi.

\"Oh, this smells really fragrant. The two of you are so blessed. The young lady looks so obedient and sensible. She's also very polite when she speaks. I didn't expect her to be able to cook so well at such a young age.\" Smelling such fragrant food, the young lady was also feeling hungry.

However, she was embarrassed to share the patient's food. She thus quickly left and got her meal at the canteen.

Smelling the fragrance of the food, Ding Jiayi had to consider the capability of Qiao Zijin even if she had wanted to do something against her conscience such as helping Qiao Zijin redeem herself.

After taking a few deep breaths, Ding Jiayi was angry. \"Why did she have to trouble others with small matters such as delivering food? Are her limbs broken or she can't move as she's lying on the bed like me due to a car accident? You told me that Qiao Nan is good. In what way is she good? Why can't I tell?! She has no manners. Is that young nurse who came earlier blind? She described such an ill-mannered child polite. She has not seen Zijin before. After seeing Zijin, she will know who the best child in this world is.\"

\"Ha.\" Qiao Dongliang could not be bothered to argue with Ding Jiayi on this. Who was the blind one? One should know in their heart.

Qiao Dongliang placed the plain porridge in front of Ding Jiayi. Ding Jiayi's ribs and not hands were broken. Hence, Qiao Dongliang only set up the small table on the bed for Ding Jiayi and placed the porridge and spoon on it. Next, he completely ignored Ding Jiayi and let her take the food on her own.

After 'taking care' of Ding Jiayi, Qiao Dongliang returned to his seat. He then opened the lunch box and took a huge mouthful of rice, followed by another huge mouthful of vegetables. The food seemed so delicious.

During the first three days when Qiao Nan was taking the college entrance examination, Qiao Dongliang was not picky and he bought food from outside to satisfy his hunger.

Ding Jiayi was seriously injured and someone had to stay by her side. Qiao Dongliang was the only one from the Qiao family who could watch after Ding Jiayi. Hence, when Qiao Dongliang went to get food, he dared not go too far away. He headed directly to the hospital's canteen and ate poor and expensive food.

Qiao Dongliang had suffered much, both psychologically and physiologically, during the past few days.

While consuming the food with a familiar taste, Qiao Dongliang's spirit lifted. He had a feeling that he was reborn.

Qiao Dongliang was happily eating while Ding Jiayi's face turned blacker with every mouth of the porridge that she took.

It was undeniable that, although it was plain porridge, Qiao Nan had cooked it very well. It was fragrant and thick and completely incomparable to what was sold at the hospital canteen.

However, humans are always insatiable.

Clearly, she had been taking plain porridge that tasted like dog food for the past two days. As such, the quality of her food was considered to have improved today, but she was dissatisfied all the same.

She could smell the fragrance of the rice and dishes that Qiao Dongliang were having, especially the fragrance of that braised red meat. It smelled so good that Ding Jiayi was drooling. Her eyes were filled with greed.

Compared to that lunch box that smelled, tasted, and looked good, that plain and bland porridge of hers was thrash.

After taking only a few mouthfuls, Ding Jiayi flared up and slapped the bowl of porridge, causing it to spill onto the floor. \"What kind of thing is this? Does she want to starve me to death? Where's the promised chicken shredded porridge? She's using such cheap and insincere stuff to deal with me. True enough, she doesn't have me this mother in her heart. Old Qiao, tell Qiao Nan now that even if I can't take rice, I want to eat shredded chicken porridge. I suffered many serious injuries and bled so much. I want to nourish my body well. Ask her to prepare all these things one by one!\"

The treatment that Old Qiao received when he was previously hospitalized—she wanted all of them!

Qiao Dongliang did not utter a word. After finishing his food, he washed the empty lunch boxes.

Ding Jiayi was enduring her anger. She believed that Qiao Dongliang would definitely listen to her and instruct Qiao Nan after he finished washing the lunch boxes.

She was the injured one. She was hospitalized. Therefore, she was the one who had the biggest say in the Qiao family now!

Ding Jiayi quietly waited for Qiao Dongliang to come back. She would never have expected that, when the door was opened again, the doctor and nurses doing their rounds around noon were the ones who entered. It was not Qiao Dongliang.

When the doctor and nurses came in, they saw the porridge splattered by Ding Jiayi all over the floor. The few were dumbstruck. They blinked their eyes and did not understand what was happening.

It was only until this moment that Qiao Dongliang entered the ward. \"Sorry, please excuse us. Her temper is not very good. She also doesn't like our younger daughter. This porridge was prepared by our younger daughter. Don't be anxious. I'll clean them up immediately.\"



If there was a younger daughter, it meant that they had an elder daughter.

Oh, so it was the news that was spread in the hospital today. It was that lady who addressed her biological mother as auntie, saying she wanted to visit her mother but ran off half-way and even passed her biological mother's medicine to someone else to send over.

It was a true story!

She must have so much dislike for the younger daughter to be able to smash the bowl porridge that her younger daughter had painstakingly prepared to floor. What a huge temper.



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